How many times have you thought you have found the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend only to find out a short time later that they are completely or at the least mildly insane! Well, you should have picked up on a few signs that all was not right with this person sooner as those that are wrong for us usually display some types of signs that you should be running away as fast as you can. The clues that someone is wrong for us are usually pretty obvious but those signs that someone is a keeper are much less apparent and take more time to realize. Here are several key indicators that person might be a keeper or at least worthy of a further commitment of your time.

1. Response Time: Response to a text or phone call is a great indicator of where you stand in that person’s life. If they are always too busy to respond reasonably quickly to a text or return a call, then you may not be as important in their life as you may have thought. It might be better to find someone who puts you closer to the top of their list.

2. You are certain of their feelings: Sometimes you just know how someone feels. They may not say it, but their actions always let you know that you are important to them. The unspoken word often screams louder than all the compliments and flattery that comes out of someone’s mouth. Let’s put it this way, would you prefer someone who tells you what they want out of a relationship and often fails to come through, or the person that just does it because they want to, and they know you well enough to always make sure you are happy? This person has taken the time to know you and wants to stick around.

3. Social Media Addiction: Does the person you are involved with constantly post to your Facebook or Twitter account about how much they love you or always post a running record of where the two of you are and what you are doing? Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you? This is usually more than just letting the world know about your relationship, this is more often than not someone who is very insecure trying to not only tell your friends that you are taken, but strengthen the bond between you in their own mind. If the relationship is a good one this is unnecessary, and quite frankly a bit creepy. Not a keeper.

4. Family and Friends Approval: There are people you date that those closest to you will tolerate because these folks truly love you, and then there are those that they genuinely like and think would be good for you. You need to understand and see the difference. Does your mom ask if that person is coming to a holiday dinner and if so what foods do they like, this is a sure sign of her approval. This is quite different than you mom asking if you are bringing anyone when she knows quite well who you are dating. Your friends asking if you and <insert name here> are coming out tonight or going to a party with the group is a great sign that they approve of this person and already consider them a part of the inner circle. When family and friends speak of this person by name and automatically assume you are couple, chances are you have found a keeper!

5. Naked at Noon: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and you have both just come back from a run in the park, have showered and are getting ready to meet some people for lunch. Do you take turns dressing in the bathroom or other room or are you walking around the house naked and not even thinking about it? If being nude in front of the person you are with in the light of day doesn’t concern you in the slightest, you may have reached a special comfort level. If being naked in front of each other is as comfortable as walking down the street holding hands, you may have found a keeper! Leaving the bathroom door open may take a bit longer however.

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