If you stop to think about it, dating is really kind of easy once you get through the initial fear or nervousness of actually asking someone out.  It’s quite often just sitting at a restaurant or some other venue talking and getting to know one another better. However, this whole concept of talking is lost on many people as words do come out of their mouths but what is said can often do more harm than good for any budding relationship. We are going to offer you some great advice on what topics should never be talked about on a date.

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  1. Any discussions about your ex should be completely and totally off limits, nothing good can come of it. Even if the person you are with asks you about your past relationship the best response is usually something like “sorry, but it’s something I just don’t like talking about.” Even the slightest hints about past relationships usually snowball into something more which usually ends up hurting a currently potential relationship.


  1. In today’s politically charged climate, discussions of politics are not meant to be part of the dating ritual. You should pretty well already know a bit about the person you are out with and if you are on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum than you may as well pay the check and bid a hasty retreat from wherever you are. It seems nobody can keep a civil tongue about politics lately so unless you thrive on arguing, let this topic pass.


  1. Talking about religion on a first or second date is usually not a great idea. If you had met at a church or temple function than you already know the depth of the other person’s beliefs and are probably on the same page as they are, however religion as a dating topic can turn ugly fast and you may not know how deep the other person’s faith runs or what their actual beliefs are. Steer clear of this topic unless it becomes necessary.


  1. Discussions of sex and sexual experience are another poor choice of topics for dating small talk as they often can portray you as something you are not, they can also make you seem a bit pervy or slutty. This can either turn your date off very quickly or make them think that the relationship can only exist on a physical level.


  1. Money or wealth are bad dating talk topics too. Talking about how much money you make makes you seem like you are an egotist and may come off as how you can buy whatever you need but may have no worthy personality to back it up. Talking about how little you earn may cause the other person to think that you can’t even pay your bills which could cause a great deal of stress in any pending romance.


Of course there are many other topics that should be off limits in the early stages of dating, which is why you need to take your time and get a good read on the other person. In just a short time you should be able to determine what topics are fair game and which should be off limits. Sometimes you both may be on the same page on some of these discussion topics in which case go for it! But in general, take your time and get to know the person slowly and save things for future dates. These dating and relationship topics for dates are not set in stone, just good ideas to make sure that you get to someone better before throwing caution to the wind.

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