Charm is the art of having an attractive charismatic personality. Yes people, it is an art, an art that must be learned and developed. Some people have the special ability to charm others the instant they enter a room. Others earn a reputation for being a charmer over a period of time. Although most people are born with some natural charm in varying amounts, it can be mastered and sharpened through practice.

Being charismatic

Being charming or having charisma is something that one learns over time, but is not something that you are born with!
Although it may seem like a few people are born quite naturally likable, everyone is capable of being charming and charismatic. Although it takes time and practice, regardless as to what kind of persona you possess, there are certain “attributes” you can apply to your own basic behavior that possibly can make one appear more influential, likable, and have a certain magnetism to the people they meet. Charisma is a learned and rehearsed set of behaviors. But these behaviors have nothing to do with actual physical beauty. Remember that not everyone is born attractive or they get that way from having plastic surgery, nor is everyone runway models!

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Have you ever met someone you found very likable, yet you can not fathom why it is so? It is because they have charisma! Charisma, or being charismatic, has to do with what you say, and do, This is opposed to whom you really are as an individual. Developing your own charisma includes expression cues or body language, the way you treat others, and your subconscious.

Self confidence goes hand in hand with being charming and charismatic, and is definitely an asset. But, what exactly is self confidence? Simply stated, self confidence refers to confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities. This is confidence and assuredness in one’s own worth, their abilities and power.

This is regardless of whatever situation you face. An individual, who is self confident has a strong sense of belief and certainty in himself or herself by exuding a calmness, having composure and being self-aware. Self confident people quite often possess having certain knowledge, or have skill sets or abilities. This may be acquired or innate by nature. Although having an aptitude in a particular area can increase your feeling of self-worth, it is not a necessarily requirement for self confidence. To be fully self confident, you must have a good amount of faith and belief in yourself. This will aid in motivating oneself thus bolstering your self confidence level.

being confident

While you are working on your charisma, and increasing your self confidence levels, there are also numerous ways to make yourself appear more attractive, and many of them have scientific research to back their statements. There are things you can do that can completely change the way people look at you. It’s human nature!

Here are some potential ways to appear more attractive than you really are. A great smile, a particular perfume or cologne, and good eye contact will go a long way in appearing attractive to others. It is about perception. It’s a proven fact that both men and women appear to be more attractive to the opposite sex when they have a good, genuine smile. When someone smiles, they appear to be a lot friendlier and approachable.

A good smile sends out positive energy. If you have a certain scent, be it a perfume or cologne that you consistently wear, regardless of what it may be, it will mix with your own natural “odor” and make it personal to you. Having a slight scent will make you more attractive, just Don’t Overdo It! Make it subtlety at its finest! When a person looks you in the eyes. Good eye contact suggests that they are giving you their full attention. Men and women are always more attracted to those that do this, as opposed to those individuals who avert their gaze from you, making it seem you are just “talking to the wall”.

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