There are two questions that are as old as humanity itself: What is the meaning of life? and How to get women to chase you? If you ask us, these two crucial subjects intertwine quite a bit, and we are here to talk about the latter.  

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Contrary to what most men tend to believe, not all women fall for jerks. The ultimate truth is that women like challenges and are more attracted to men they have to win over, and less attracted to men who throw themselves at every beautiful girl who gives them even a smidge of attention. Women want to be able to earn a man’s affection. They want a man who is:

  • hard to tame
  • not desperate
  • not needy

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Charm is the art of having an attractive charismatic personality. Yes people, it is an art, an art that must be learned and developed. Some people have the special ability to charm others the instant they enter a room. Others earn a reputation for being a charmer over a period of time. Although most people are born with some natural charm in varying amounts, it can be mastered and sharpened through practice.

Being charismatic

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