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Ah, the excitement before the first date, weird butterfly sensations, just like the emotions preceding that of an opening of a present, and just like that present, a date is unpredictable. The first date, lays the path to a new relation, be it a friendship or perhaps something deeper or nothing at all. Different types of first dates lead to different beginnings, and it all starts with the expectations. First date questionnaires are obviously out of the question, or even a copy of their profile in case you’ve met online, perhaps a thing of the future, maybe not.


First date preparations, are obviously focused on the looks, dress to impress, the 3 second rule, and what not. How awkward would it be to show up wearing slacks for testing purposes, have you ever done that?! The looks matter, and they matter the most on the first date, however I believe that looks are overrated.

Places of choice: obviously restaurants, lounges, cafes, picnics for a change, a definite NO-NO clubs, movies or any other noisy place, unless there is nothing to talk about, I can’t see how that might happen on a first date since curiosity dwells in each of us.

Going on a first date with a set mindset, why?! Be flexible, let the conversation take its own course, let it flow, unless of course there is no connection, in that case not even the flashcards will be of any use, it’s a date not a meeting, it should be fun and simple. Shy, who said it was a bad thing, well, obviously to a certain extent.


In time, on time or late, one of the controversial topics, or even worse no show. Women do take their time when getting ready for a first date, every minute detail needs to be taken into consideration, so it happens, showing up late. Is letting him pick you up such a bad idea for a first date?! Not this day and age, a definite thing of the past, future dates perhaps.

First date comes with expectations, Is sex one of them? Of course, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be pursued, wanting the person you’re on a date with proves there is passion and attractiveness. Just think about a date as a game of chess, make one move and the game is going one way, make a different one and the course will differ so will the outcome, be a little bit of a spy or a psychologist or a little bit of both. The first date will either have a continuation or none at all and it all depends on the chemistry.

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The usual questions cover the background, work, school, traveling, hobbies, multiple “strands” are being pulled, in the hopes that one will lead somewhere, it does sound boring but with the right person it never is. So ask away, and perhaps the received answer will satisfy the curiosity and will help build a bond between the two parties involved and will blossom into a beautiful long term relationship.

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