Have you ever been sitting around the house and then just got an incredible urge to go do something at the last minute, only to find everyone else already has plans or is otherwise unavailable? Of course you have, however if you are in a relationship or living with someone this predicament rarely occurs. If you are in a relationship there is always that special someone in your life who even if they are not thrilled with what you have in mind, will still accompany you. Friends may change plans and go along with you; it’s really not the same as rolling over in bed and elbowing another person awake to go for a midnight ice cream run with you.

disadvantages of being single

Remember that when you are part of a relationship that there is someone else who is affected by your decisions. However there is also someone else that is affected by changes in your financial status. If you lose your job and are alone it could be even worse. If you are part of a two-income family you may have some time to find a new job before panic sets in. However if you are on your own there is no one to lean on, ask for advice or help cover daily expenses until you are back on your feet. This can cause fear being single.

It’s not fun to always be alone. Even the most well-to-do person will find times when they wish there is was someone special to merely spend an evening of lounging in front of the television and being mellow with. Loneliness can strike at almost any time and having someone special in your life can help lessen or eliminate the effect, which can manifest itself in many non-productive ways.

There are many other single life disadvantages but one of the main reasons is that in the event of an illness or injury the single person is basically alone. Yes, there maybe family and friends who will come and care for you but no one that will be there 24/7 and give you the emotional support that one usually needs during times of poor health. There is not that someone special who just by their presence makes you feel a tad better and no children to bring you the remote control or a bowl of soup in that child-like manner.

We will not even go into the disadvantages of being a single parent as the responsibilities are overwhelming and although a great many people successfully raise children by themselves, it is not an easy task and it takes a special kind of person to accomplish this. To some, being single is not a challenge but something that their lifestyle or emotional composition allows them to do easily, quite simply those types of people enjoy the freedom that being single allows. There are also those that do not adjust well to a lifestyle void of a spouse or significant other and thrive better as part of a relationship. You just need to decide what type of person you are and whether being single brings limitations or is a better choice for you than being in a relationship.

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