why men seek a trophy girlfriend

Men are competitive by nature. Whether it is in sports or earning a living and enjoying an upscale lifestyle or anything else, the only variable is how they keep score. This is no different when trying to understand why men seek a trophy girlfriend. It is simply a way to show the world that they are successful. Having a beautiful woman on his arm is like a billboard saying that he has arrived. The Trophy Girlfriend meaning is not about a long term commitment or relationships (though it could be), it is about tell the world he is a winner.

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The man who only dates a beautiful woman may not be looking for relationships or to become part of a couple, his requirements are mostly based on attractiveness and what she can do to project his power while increasing his own confidence and self-esteem. Rarely is there any sense of equality when a man takes a trophy wife or girlfriend.

He sees himself as more of an owner than a boyfriend and a long term commitment only works until he sees that the grass is greener in someone else’s yard, and then he either looks for an upgrade or better yet for his confidence, acquire that other person’s girlfriend. There are many reasons why men seek a trophy girlfriend or trophy wife, unfortunately more often than not it has less to do with similar goals and values than attractiveness. Quite often this is what the beautiful woman wants as well, at least until her requirements are met or she can upgrade.

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Relationships with trophy girlfriends are simple because the give the couple an easy way out of any relationships because they are not usually built on any substantial foundation. It is more of a mutually beneficial arrangement than a long term commitment. This however may have been a model of the past as the times are now changing and there may be more equality in such arrangements.

Young and attractive women that could be designated as trophy girlfriends were usually sought after by older men as status symbols of their wealth and power, but now women are closing the gap in income and control and are no longer the so-called needy females that sugar daddy’s once preyed upon.

Men who truly are powerful in terms of influence and power understand that in today’s society a beautiful woman can be much more than merely a trophy wife, she can be a partner. It’s not hard to understand why men seek a trophy girlfriend as attractiveness is a commodity to be reckoned with, but to find an attractive woman who can share your goals and may have similar values is priceless.

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