Any search engines will list several suggestions when being provided with the word arrangement, with 3 out of 8 suggestions linked to dating, the others: flowers or edible arrangements and a court arrangement, all of which, coincidentally relating to one another and most certainly used in a mutual arrangement.

A “two – way street”, somewhat reminding of a regular relationship, however with a sort of “verbal contract” at the basis, minus the “clutter” that a traditional relationship might entitle. Give-Take or Take-Give and no losses, perhaps, in a weird way, a perfect relationship.

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You keep your emotions locked and I’ll keep mine stowed away, you keep your freedom and I’ll keep my nights or days, you keep your secret and I’ll make sure to avoid “spoiling” it all by spilling my own.

In a way a very attractive way of protecting the emotional and personal integrity, some sort of a wall.

In this fast paced world, emotions tend to become a blur and lost along the way, so why not just use this opportunity to build a mutual arrangement that obviously suits everyone’s needs.

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Morally correct?
But what would be considered morally correct or incorrect when talking, relationships, mutual beneficial, NSA ones, regular ones.

Women that seek mutual arrangements are most of the time: aware of what that type of relationship entitles, the Do’s and the Don’ts the Yes’s and No’s, the type of women that have experienced the emotional aspect of life on at least one occasion, women that have glimpsed into the future and have laid down a path, heading that way, a path that is not “laid” with emotions. Confident, strong, assertive women.
The type of women that, simply put, seek a mutual arrangement.

Cold. Uncomfortable. Formal.
A type of relationship that isn’t for everyone!
Just a mutual arrangement, that works for both of “US”.

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