Have you ever noticed that in every bar in every part of the world, there is always one guy who seems to have the most incredible stories about all the women he has dated and the incredible adventures he has had?  You may look at this man, give him the once over and slap yourself in the head and say “how the heck can he have a date, when I can barely get arrested?”  The answer to this question might be much, much simpler than you could have ever dreamed, to this chap, it’s a numbers game!

What is meant by a numbers game when referring to dating? Well, think about how many times a day a tele-marketer calls your phone and tries to sell you something, or get you to subscribe to a magazine, or even offer you free tickets to a vacation resort, where all you have to do is listen to a slide show presentation touting the great Costa Rican land deal you may be missing? Obviously, they do not expect every phone call to result in a sale, but it may only take one out of every 500 calls to make this venture successful. So it is with the numbers game dater as well.

The numbers game dater may not be the crème of the crop amongst the dating population, but he has something most of the other gentleman looking to date attractive women do not…confidence and a nothing to lose by trying attitude. He knows that if he is persistent, eventually he will come across that one person that will be receptive to his approach or conversation and may actually agree to go out on a date with this person. He may only have a very long string of first dates, but to the numbers game dater, this is all well and good. The attractive, successful man may be fearful of rejection and therefore will only approach those women that he is reasonably sure will be responsive to his offers and therefore his success rate will be very high compared to the numbers method which has a extremely high failure rate.

No matter which technique is used to pursue a date, the ultimate goal must be clearly defined in order to decide, not only the method, but the quarry as well. If all you are looking for is short term companionship, either method may serve you well, however if a long term relationship or potential mate is the essential motive behind this search, than a well thought out plan, including knowing where to look and how to dress and exactly what kind of person you are looking for is in order. The days of singles mingling in the Borsht Belt hotels of the Catskill Mountains are long gone and the era of targeted dating and online dating is well underway!

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