It is a common misconception to think that a Sugar Baby and Gold Digger are similar or even the same. This ever-so-present “Sugar Baby vs Gold Digger” battle has been raging for decades now, which is why we at would like to go ahead and address this annoying issue from an objective point of view.

So, let’s delve into some of the most prominent differences between a sugar baby and a gold digger, and settle this unnecessary comparison once and for all.

Main Characteristics of a Gold Digger

The expression Gold Digger dates all the way back to mid-1800’s when it was used to describe women who would stalk actual gold diggers during the famous California Gold Rush so they could date or marry them in order to get their money.

Here are some of the main traits a typical gold digger today usually has:

She Shows Up Out Of The Blue

This type of women will enter a wealthy man’s life as if by fate and will, at first, pretend that she’s unaware of his monetary situation, or will act as if she doesn’t care about it at all. She won’t ask for money or gifts directly, but will instead constantly be finding herself in “tricky situations” and will be a victim of “circumstance” from which only her newfound man (i.e. his money) can save her.

She’s Nothing But A Selfish Con Artist

A typical gold digger will use all the Machiavellian ways to get what she wants. She doesn’t care if she hurts other people in the process, even if these people are her friends and family. She’s all about empty promises, deception, and she is in it only for herself.

She Has No Actual Life Goals

She won’t be able to discuss her life goals and her true aspirations because she usually has none. She only wants to support herself with his money, she is selfish, uncreative and unproductive.

She Only Values The Money

At the end of the day, it always turns out that she doesn’t really care about you or your relationship. She only sees your money and/or a possible divorce settlement.

Main Characteristics of a Sugar Baby

Unlike sheer gold diggers, a sugar baby respects her man, his hard work, his career, and genuinely enjoys the company, mentorship, and guidance provided by her sugar daddy. She will be open about her plans and desires right from the start, and she will do anything to make their meetups, dates and their entire relationship fun, exciting, and meaningful.

Here are some of the main sugar baby traits:

She Is Determined And Brave

Although she knows what society thinks about her way of life (or should we say: love), she bravely and courageously follows her path and doesn’t look back. But, she is unlikely to hurt her loved ones during the process.  

She Has Goals, Dreams, And Aspirations

A Sugar Baby is a gal with a plan. She knows what she wants, but she also respects her sugar daddy and understands he’s not to be reduced to mere net worth. She enjoys talking about his endeavors and accomplishments and doesn’t hesitate to discuss her own goals.

Honesty Is Her Policy

She has nothing to hide. Their sugar daddy – sugar baby arrangement is typically as transparent as possible, right from the start. There are no secrets in their relationship, and she is always open about her intentions and upfront about her lifestyle.  

She’s All About Reciprocity

She’s aware that their relationship is a two-way street, so while she enjoys receiving the money and the gifts, she is eager to give something back in return as well.

She’s Classy

A genuine sugar baby will do the following:

  • Aspire to move up the social scale, but will always have in mind that sugar daddies have a certain image to uphold.
  • Hold fast to her morals.
  • Steer clear of blackmailing.
  • Won’t sell herself for some quick cash.
  • Demand the same amount of respect from her sugar daddy.

So, there you have it folks. Who do you think is a better person, an average gold digger who doesn’t respect anyone and is only looking for quick cash, or a respectful and morally superior sugar baby who sees her sugar daddy as a true companion? We think the answer is quite obvious…

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