Chances are if your idea of a date to impress your girlfriend is merely going to a fancy restaurant or going to the movies and dinner, well let’s face it, you are boring! If the girl you are taking out is attractive then you will be just one of the many guys that have asked her out, fed her and dropped her off at home, probably never to be seen again. The keys to dating an attractive woman is to be different than all the rest. It’s not hard and there are many quick date ideas to impress your girl, and believe it or not they don’t all require much effort or money!

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Coming up with some quick date ideas to impress your girl often depends on how well you know her. There are some really great date ideas that can be so unique and fun that it will definitely set you apart from the crowd and let her (or him) know that you really “get” them!

Being unique is one of the most important aspects when coming up with the perfect date. In college I finally had the opportunity to take out one of the most attractive women at my university. I dressed impressively, had my car detailed and then took her to one of the finest restaurants in town.

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Although the date was pleasant, it was not as magical as I had hoped for, she was boring and to an extent, so was the entire date. It was about that time that I decided that I needed to be different, not only for the date to be magical but for me to have fun as well. When I use the word ‘magical’ it is for the entire experience, not just where you go, so keep that in mind when you try to figure out some of the best dating ideas to impress your girl.

Some of the best quick date ideas do not have to be expensive either, they just need to be unique and fun. With everything being relative, you can budget yourself according to your income, but anything can be scaled up or down to make the date work.
I’ve noticed lately that many of the no-frills airlines have some incredibly low fares to many cities, remember they are low as long as you don’t carry any luggage with you. But what if you were just going from…let’s say Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta for a day at the aquarium, and then dinner and back to Florida.

Well, you may find a flight that would cost you less than what you would spend on dinner at a five star restaurant and it would be something both of you would definitely remember! If flying is not your thing, you could consider flying dinner in from a restaurant in her favorite place or home state, not the quickest date idea but definitely memorable.
Quick date ideas to impress your girl can be anything you can imagine, and just because they are quick does not mean they can’t be magical. Bring a picnic basket to a favorite spot and have a violinist or a friend who’s great on the keyboards play softly while you dine. Make the dinner a Mexican theme and hire a Mariachi band!

The key to this type of date is how far your imagination (and budget) is willing to take you, celebrating a well-known figure from history’s birthday is one of my spontaneous favorites. It’s crucial to know the person you are taking out as some may like the traditional more than the unique. You must then decide then if that person is really for you. Quick date ideas to impress your girl are all around you, just give it some thought and then just go for it!

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