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Steven Pasternack, the founder and CEO of the popular online dating site thought his longtime friend and Business Consultant had finally lost it when he suggested that men actively involved in the Sugardaddie dating lifestyle were probably much less likely to die of Heart disease than those average guys with families or in traditional committed relationships.

Former Wall Street Executive Noah Van Hochman has been consulting for since it’s inception and is never afraid to give his opinion on any given subject. Hochman says that “conventional theory has suggested that over the last century, men who have a stable family life with a wife and children have inherently been healthier than those who are single, but if you break down the reasons for any health gains, it is apparent that those involved Sugar daddy relationships enjoy those same benefits, with perhaps a few more perks than his married counterpart.”

500 men who where Sugardaddy’s responded to the question of why they chose this type of relationship over a traditional one.

78% suggested the freedom of the relationship was the main factor
15% would like to be married but don’t want the pressure
07% said they are unhappily married and use this as an outlet for stress

In 2009 the National vital statistics reports showed that the leading cause of death for men was Heart Disease. Hochman suggests “certain factors and lifestyle choices that cause undue stress in a man and are alleviated by married life are also present and lessened in Successful Sugar daddy relationships, perhaps with substantially more perks.” Affluent and attractive men will tend to have less of the day to day issues most average married men or men of average wealth would have and are more likely to be run over by a jealous girlfriend than die by heart disease.

A major factor of stress in unmarried middle-aged men is loneliness and while being in a stable married relationship can significantly lower the stress factor caused by this issue the same can be said about Stable Sugar daddy relationships as well. Pasternack is quick to point out that “the main purpose of is to introduce Affluent men to attractive women. There are no expectations in this type of relationship other than those expectations the individuals involved have agreed upon.”

The men who responded also answered a query about whether or not they are lonely in this lifestyle.

69% said they are never lonely
21% said they felt lonely on occasion
10% said they never really thought about it

Just like any relationship, unhappiness breeds stress and a potentially unhealthy lifestyle, however a bad marriage is more difficult to get out of than a Sugar daddy Relationship. Sugardaddies can extricate themselves simply and easily and a replacement is usually not a difficult thing to find for an affluent and attractive gentleman.

While Mr. Van Hochman is will not get into the specifics of these types of relationships he did mention some very key facts concerning dealing with stress as his years as a Wall Street Executive have taught him. “Psychological stress can very quickly manifest itself into physical ailments such as poor eating habits as well as a lack of beneficial exercise, these in turn can lead to variety of health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.” Happily married men are more likely to take better care of themselves and have regular check-ups, but with a divorce rate astonishingly high, a large percentage of married men are also at risk for heart disease beyond those that are happily married or genetically predisposed towards heart disease.

A Harvard Health Publication article on “Marriage and Men’s health” dated July 1, 2010 with over 127,545 adults showed that married men are healthier than those who were never married or divorced, however Sugardaddy’s have the benefits of that type of relationship with more freedoms and a significant amount of disposable income. In the words of one Sugar daddy “If money is not a constraint, isn’t renting a car far simpler than the day to day problems of owning one?”

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