The Pros and Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

dating your best friend

People in really great relationships always say how they have found their soulmate, but what exactly is a soulmate and do they really exist? Or, could they have been around the whole time in a particular person’s company and never realized any romantic intentions where available to them. Quite often falling for someone that you have some type of relationship history with outside the realm of dating can leave you in some dangerous waters, but quite often the biggest risks can also bring about the greatest rewards. Provided that you can navigate through the initial awkwardness.

Quite often dating your best friend can lead to a rewarding relationship as you already have a great friendship and are very comfortable in that person’s company. You’ve probably already done many of those things that people who are dating by this time do and can move forward ahead of the curve. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any awkward moments, but you already have some good communication going on to make those moments less intimidating.

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The Pros and cons of dating your best friend are not many, but depending on how you look at it the potential conflicts can cause unnecessary pressure on a great friendship as well. If someone can be a potentially genuine boyfriend or girlfriend relationship expectations should be on high side as the biggest pro would be the best of all possible scenarios, dating your best friend. However on the con side you do have the possibility of blowing up that friendship should the new relationship take a bad turn.

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The expert advice on dating your best friend would be to require that the new relationship comes with a warning label, as you do run risk of not only a broken relationship but the potential if not probable loss of a great friendship as well. You need to decide if the risk is truly worth the reward. The answer to that question is pretty simple, if you can’t bear the thought of not having this person for the rest of your life, both emotionally and physically, then it’s a moral imperative you go for it!

Sometimes it might be wise to ask some friends who are close to the both of you their opinions on the chances of you and your best friend dating. If the person who you want to date is truly one of your best friends, then all in your circle of friends will probably have a good idea on the situation. Be careful about this however as others often may have their own romantic intentions towards that person as well, so just be sure that those you confide in can be objective and trusted.


Dating your best friend should be something that we all can wish for and that wish can often come true. Sometimes overthinking the situation can lead to more potential conflicts and unnecessary pressure that actually exists. You already probably know their relationship history and why past relationships failed, this can be a blessing as you now both know what it would take to make the jump from great friends into a rewarding relationship. Still on the fence? Take a shot and make your romantic intentions known! You only live once, but if you do it right, once can be enough!

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