It is a very important fact to remember, that all Sugardaddies are not created equal. This does not mean only that some may have more financial wealth than others, but more in how they present themselves and how they treat a Sugar babe. The Perfect traits of a successful Sugar daddy are not all that different from what one would expect from a true gentleman, with the added benefit of generosity towards a particular young woman.

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Do Suardaddies have the upper hand in these types of relationships? Although the answer is almost always a definite yes, it may not be as much of an imbalance as one might think. Yes, most Sugar daddy relationships are based on the ability to deliver an upscale lifestyle, but an attractive and educated young woman can usually have her pick of wealthy men who would be happy to support her in exchange for her companionship. So what might help that woman avoid a bad Sugar daddy and find a great one? One of the perfect traits of a successful Sugar daddy is respect.

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Early on in a Sugar daddy type relationship, the Sugar babe will notice if the man is rude or ill-mannered towards her. This is usually indicative of a man who enjoys the control of the relationship more than the companionship found in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Consider not continuing with this person as it is actually you who wears the pants in a Sugar daddy / Sugar babe relationship. Although he may have the money, it is you that is desirable and deserve respect. Try not to put a price tag on good manners.

In a sugar daddy relationship it is very important to rely on your instincts as these are your best defenses in learning how to avoid a bad sugar daddy. If you are not comfortable around a person you should immediately begin your search for a better option. Do Sugardaddies have the upper hand? Well, only to the point that you are willing to give it them. This is not slavery, it is a mutually beneficial relationship, meaning it must work for both parties for it to succeed.

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