Have you ever been hard at work during the day just wishing you were anywhere but at the office, when all of a sudden your phone makes that little sound or vibration that tells you someone, somewhere was thinking about you? That fun cute text message finds you just at the moment when you needed it most, but of course it could also be the phone company texting you to remind you that your bill is overdue, still for an instant you hope for the best. Text messaging has become the most widely used form of communication in the last decade or so, and a good portion of those text messages are called, strangely enough “sexting.” Sexting is when a person uses the digital capabilities of their smart phone to send sexy messages and pictures with the sole purpose of generating a warm and fuzzy feeling in the recipient.

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Sexting is not the only fun or cute text messages to send across the cellular universe, but they are among the more provocative methods of distance communication. With many of the top cellular carriers offering unlimited bandwidth text messages have even evolved into the realm of people sending several minute long videos to one another, and some of them can get really creative! For those who enjoy sending sexy texts, pictures or videos, remember that once you press the send button anything you sent is out of your control and could potentially show up in the most embarrassing of circumstances. Many a relationship or job has been lost due to not paying attention to the recipient list when pressing send!


Now that we have the erotic uses for sending text messages to your partner let’s get back to the ideas of fun text messages to send in order to brighten someone’s day and get them thinking about you. One of the best uses of text messages is the message you send or receive a day or two after a first date. The one that is the ice breaker to determine if there will be any follow-up dates. This is a great way to determine how the other person thought the date went without the awkwardness incurred by actually speaking to the person you went out with and have no intention of going out with again. A carefully worded text message can draw and answer from the person you sent it to that will disclose much more than just the words on your text screen. Although texting is susceptible to many more misinterpretations of a message than speaking directly to a person, it can give you an idea of the direction of a relationship. After all, no response to a text message is all the response you need.

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The best use of a fun cute text message to send is the one in which you have already been going out for a bit and just want the other person to know that you are thinking about them. Something, short, personal and perhaps a bit humorous should do the trick. Keep in mind that sending too many text messages in a day can be considered very rude if the person is in a stressful job and, well it is also kind of creepy. Something short and sweet such as “Hope your day is going well, I was thinking about you” always seems to convey the right message. Sending your boyfriend, girlfriend or relationship partner a text during the day is always a good idea, sexting, or send pornographic images or sexy text messages is something that should be reserved for couples that already are into such things. But whatever you decide is the best text message to send to your partner during the day, just mean it, and send something that would surely make them smile and think about you too!


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