Sometimes a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet. Lets just reverse this a bit and decide how we would feel if rotten eggs were called roses. Ok, a bit confusing but look at it this way, if you are the nicest person in the world and your online username is BabySealClubber you may not get the opportunity to make a first impression. So why is it that when creating a username for online dating sites, so many people try to come up with a name that is either very inappropriate or does nothing to project the kind of person they are, or their interests. It important to realize that your username is your calling card and this along with your picture will be analyzed, scrutinized and examined considerably to determine if you are worth the time and effort of being sent a message. You will in fact, be judged by the name you choose so make the name work for you, not against you.

It is always a good idea to place something identifiable in a username, such as a hobby or interest. If someone browsing through profiles sees a username that is expressive of something they too enjoy, it is far more likely that they will take the time to give that profile an extra bit of examination. That extra second or two make be all you need to quite possibly change your life. Take a look at the following usernames; BobSkisVT and HotGuy4u, one is very descriptive and tells you a lot about the person, such as the user’s name, interests and a location he frequents. The other username can be any of a million other guys trolling the Internet. A first name and hobby in a profile name also gives some sense familiarity.

The username is great door opener, but if you write a poor profile that shows you to be shallow or a jerk, the name is not going to help. It only assists if everything after the name is quality as well. You need to understand that you are in competition with thousands of others and if your profile and picture are similar to someone else’s, the username could be a deciding factor. Lets be honest, if you merely have a so-so username but you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, you are still going to beat out the guy or girl with the good username and profile, unless of course you are so over the top obnoxious that a puppy wouldn’t even sniff you.

Humor is always a great ice-breaker and if you can incorporate it into your username you are showing a sense of humor, and that may be enough to get someone to pause long enough to read your profile. That is what a good username does; it gets people to stop long enough to read your profile. Combine a sense of humor with an interest or hobby and you have a great username. It also gives the other person a great conversation starter, a s with our earlier name BobSkisVT a girl can break the ice easily merely by saying “hi Bob! I love to ski Vermont too, what mountain do you like?” It’s really just that simple.

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