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Big loaded pickup truck

If ever there was a direct correlation between the size of a man’s manhood, and the vehicle he drives, history has shown us that there most definitely is! We’ve always heard that the smaller the male endowment, the larger the vehicle size or horsepower.

Remember the adage…The bigger the car the smaller the manhood.

Clearly a case of male overcompensation? Well, yes and no.


Take the Chevy Corvette for instance, an American muscle car. When driven by a male in his 20’s-30’s it is a status symbol, a symbol of affluence, virility, and adequate manhood. But put a male in his 40’s-50’s in the driver’s seat, and it becomes seen as a man with a small pecker trying to act larger than life. In this case the rules change due to age.


Harley-Davidson motorcycles have always been viewed as vehicles for the manly man, the well-endowed man. That’s a lot of power between your legs, and whether you are young or older, these bad ass cycles are proof that big motorcycles are ridden by men of adequate manhood. Just the look and the awesome sound of them exudes virility and a big organ!

Aston Martin

Next vehicle suggesting adequate manhood, in my opinion would be an Aston Martin. While these vehicles are not your typical family car, they do represent elegance, and affluence. And when an older man is at the wheel of one of these stylish beauties, even if he is a bit short in the crotch, he feels much “bigger” than he is.


Finally, we have a big, fully loaded pickup truck (with lift kit and extra lighting). While this kind of rig is not suited for everyone, it’s raw awesome height, and power reeks of strength, virility and a man with a big ….!

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Whether it is boys and their toys, or it is the car that makes the man, certain vehicles show a profound correlation between the size of a male penis and what vehicle they choose to drive. Typically, men are visual creatures, so it is imperative that they see themselves as “larger” than life. And what better way to see themselves, then through the windshield of their vehicle.

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