There really are few things worse in the dating world than meeting your date for a long anticipated wonderful evening out and the seeing that person dressed completely inappropriate for that evening.  Suppose you are a woman expecting the gentleman to show up for a planned dinner at an elegant restaurant and he shows up in Sneakers and a tee shirt. It’s not going to make you giddy with anticipation. I once picked up a young woman for just such an evening.  All seemed great when I met her but after the door opened and what looked like the Queen of the Damned appeared in full Goth mode, I realized that even when you tell a person where you will be going for that date, you may want to politely mention attire for the date. This is done in a subtle way of course.

The key to pulling off a great evening in terms of how to dress for a date is not to be someone you’re not. If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, there will be a bit of an uneasy feeling throughout the date. You can dress elegant and still be comfortable, there is no law that states you need dress in a specific way, only that it fits the occasion.

If you are a woman or a man, you should dress properly for the evening but do something that stands out just a bit. Dressing for a date also means setting yourself apart from a crowd. This does not mean having a new hairstyle that looks as if it were done in the finest salon in Transylvania or wearing a tie with pictures of fish that begin to sing when you touch them. Looking special does not mean having taxicabs afraid to pick you up.

So far we have assumed that you are planning on going to nice restaurant, so nice shoes would definitely take precedence over running shoes, but lets say the date is not one in which you go out to dinner. Lets assume you have found someone with similar interests and you decide to do something you enjoy…together.

Where is this date going to take you, the beach, hiking or a long drive in the country? Even if this date is just to go see a movie, there is a proper way to dress. Do not dress in a way that demonstrates you don’t care very much how you look. It just stands to reason that if you don’t care how you look, how can you care much about the person you are with, of course you may not see it that way but they might.

I am not trying to dictate style to you, the colors and fashion you choose are and should be an extension of your personality.  What is important however is to dress for a date with a certain amount of taste. Wearing hiking shoes and a tee shirt for a day on a favorite walking trail is fine, where the problem arises is if that attire is something that your local Goodwill would turn down. Dressing for your date is about more than wardrobe. Heading to the local beach where everyone is wearing board shorts and you show up wearing a Speedo, two sizes too small will surely make your date want to open an artery and run screaming into the ocean hoping a Great White is swimming nearby.

Clean, tasteful and date appropriate are the buzzwords for understanding how to dress for a date. Even if you are not the most fashion conscious person, just understanding this will at least allow the person you are interested to stay interested, and perhaps another date might be a shopping trip to enhance your sense of style!

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