Another lonely night at home, watching your goldfish laugh at you when he knows he may get some later from that fancy tail hanging out on the other side of the water filter? Well, whose fault is that? Just give it a little bit of thought and dig up a bit of courage and you too can be out on the town saying, “lord please step in and find me a date tonight.”

One of the first things you need to decide upon when trying to find a date is what you actually want to get out that date. Are you just looking for some pleasant company for the evening and perhaps getting to know someone a bit better or are you looking for a hot passionate night with little or no regard for the future. The answer to this question and the ultimate goal of successful dating will determine what approach you may use to find a date tonight.

No matter what you are looking for, you will still need to be appealing to the person that you may want to ask out. So when you do begin looking for your date, keep in mind that you want to entice them into getting to know you better, not chase them off screaming.

One of the best methods for successful dating is to just go about your normal daily routine, but with a keen eye open for any potential dating material. I have actually found that merely walking up to someone in a casual but friendly manner is a great method. Of course you still need to have some conversation starter that doesn’t make you seem like a stalker is vital to your success and can really help if you eventually need to go to court.

The grocery and outdoor cafes are great for this approach. The vast array of online dating sites is a tried and true method of finding a date for tonight in the most efficient way possible. Not only can you search thousands of profiles but you can also pick a specifically themed website to look for someone that you already know has similar interests. It’s also a much quicker way of finding a date as you already know the people you meet via an online dating site are also looking to date.

This is the foundation for everything that comes after, whether it’s an ongoing relationship or a visit to a motel that charges by the hour. If you are on a favorite dating site or at the corner grocery store you still need to approach someone if you have hopes of finding a date tonight.

Successful dating is not rocket science, just realize that other people want to go out on a date too, so it is just a question of getting those two people in close proximity either in person or at the other end of the Internet and hoping one of them is confident enough, or desperate enough to make that inspiring and well known…first move!

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