Black suit, white shirt, a tie, black shoes, and accessories, each and every item relaying a perfect and subtle message: I am a sugar daddy!

In the perfect world that might be the case, however since this perfect world only exists in dreams or sci-fi the clothing that a sugar daddy would wear is not, shall not and will not be following any set of guidelines.

well dressed sugar daddy

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Well, let’s start from the very beginning, if there were a guideline on what a sugar daddy should and shouldn’t wear then it would’ve certainly eased the process of “spotting” sugardaddies among the crowds.

Even the wealthiest of the sugardaddies would wear a t-shirt and shorts on occasion or perhaps even on a daily basis.

Wealthy men and Sugardaddies.

How many of the wealthy men out there own 7 pairs of the same regular looking shirts or shoes but I bet among the collection he owns a pink shirt as they show class. Just because the image can’t be one of the factors that should hold any weight as the decisive factor in creating a general image about one’s personality, but here comes the tricky part, what about a sugar daddy, in whose case the image does weigh a certain percentage in representing his wealth, especially when he is “hunting” for the “perfect sugar baby”.

Every attire should correspond to a certain event, time of the day, place, people.
How does a society see a sugar daddy? Neat, tasteful, simple, not too dull, classic looking attire, at all occasions, colors that match, all enhanced by a tasteful mix of accessories as well as a nice cologne.

It’s always about the shoes… Isn’t it though?

Women have a “thing” for shoes, most likely that addiction being derived from their love for shoes. A sugar daddy would try to match the shoes color with the belt’s, perhaps some lace up oxfords or black dress shoes or suede shoes, not screaming colors.

Accessories, let’s talk watches.

He will certainly know the difference between a Rolex, a Tag Heuer or a Mont Blanc and wear it with pride.

As far as the outfit goes, as it’s been previously mentioned, a nice suit or just well matched pants and shirt will go a long way with a Sugar baby, as long as it shows, a little thought or care being put into it and of course different events call for different looks.

The clothing is what makes the look, the Sugar daddy look, or is it just an enhancement to the already present confident air that a established man echoes?!

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