Sugar daddy – Sugar Baby arrangement is a type of relationship in which sugar daddy (typically an older gentleman positioned fairly high on a social ladder) offers money, gifts and/or financial security to a younger (usually very attractive) female person, in return for physical relationship and companionship.

This type of arrangement has been losing its stigmatic status over the last couple of decades and the pop culture has done its fair share of demystifying and glamorizing what was once a serious taboo. Today we even have TV series and reality shows that portray this type of relationship (along with the sugar daddy syndrome) as a normal, socially appropriate occurrence within which both sides get what they want and there are ultimately no losers. A sugar baby gets the wealthy and extravagant life she always wanted: cars, jewelry, trips, homes, tuition; while the sugar daddy gets his end of the bargain. It is indeed a win-win scenario.

Now, although this type of relationship was once frowned upon, today it is the ladies who are usually initiating this kind of arrangement in the first place. They have cultivated this way of living and their sugar daddy taste so much that it is slowly but surely ceasing to be all about the money. The notion that men are those who always seek young and attractive girls has turned into a common misconception. Nowadays, it is the sugar babies who are usually initiating this hunt for successful older men.

So, let’s see what are the possible causes for  the sugar daddy syndrome:

Having An Older Boyfriend Makes You Cool

Most parents think that older men are to blame and people tend to accuse these men of manipulating and deceiving future sugar babies with their money and their power. But this is never the whole picture. The truth is girls and women have always been attracted to older men who have their lives figured out and know their way around money.

Girls mature faster than boys, and being able to “score” an older boyfriend has been perceived as a status symbol, especially among teenagers and older adolescents. A girl who has an older boyfriend appears more mature and more powerful in the eyes of her peers. They start seeing her as someone who managed to enter the grown-up world before them, which is always the coolest thing a young person can do.

The “Peter Pan Syndrome” As The Cause

Another huge reason why modern girls are drawn to older men is because most guys their age have what is called The “Peter Pan Syndrome.” The men with this syndrome are those who refuse to grow up and are stuck (for whatever reason) in a form of adolescent limbo from which they can’t seem to get out. These men are usually in their 20s and are typically foolish persons who:

  • don’t know what they want to do with their lives,
  • can’t seem to find or hold a job,
  • live with their parents or roommates,
  • don’t do anything other than the things THEY want to do, like playing video games, going to the gym, watching sports…

This, you’ll agree, is not exactly too attractive in the eyes of young, attractive and aspiring women, which is why they are forced to find maturity and financial stability elsewhere.

All in all, our point is – being a sugar baby isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with being able to become successful and climb the social ladder, one way or the other.

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