First dates can be quite stressful. Even second and third ones can turn into ordeals if you don’t really know whether your date is actually into you or not. This is where reading your date’s body language comes in. Thanks to our sub-consciousness, there are numerous little signs and signals we emit through body language without even knowing it, and if you learn how to read these intricate tell-tale signs, you will be able to read your date as well.

This is why we at decided to provide you with some of the most useful first date body language tips that you can use to your advantage in order to determine if your date is really into you.

Eye Contact Is Always a Good Thing

We all know that the eyes are the windows to the soul, which means eye contact can be crucial during the first date. If you notice that your date is avoiding eye contact throughout the evening, that means there’s a good chance they are not all that into you. If, however, he/she is maintaining eye contact and is always constantly on the verge of a smile (you can see that in their eyes), then you can be sure your date is very much interested in you.

NOTE: Some people may have trouble maintaining eye contact for other reasons like being shy or thinking it is awkward to look someone in the eye for longer periods of time. Nonetheless, if your date can’t take their eyes off of you, that is always a good sign.

Pay Attention to the Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are extremely hard to fake, which is why checking your date’s face is among the first things to pay attention to when it comes to first date body language signs. Here are some of the most obvious positive facial expression to look for:  

  • genuine smile (eyes have to smile as well)
  • flushed cheeks
  • playful eye contact
  • hair play
  • lifted eyebrows (as opposed to eyebrows facing downward, which is a bad sign)

Should you notice that your date is bored and that he/she is trying to fake facial expressions, maybe going on a second date isn’t exactly a good idea.

Smile is King

While we are in the facial expression area, let’s talk about the most important facial expression of them all – a genuine smile. Some people managed to perfect that notorious courtesy smile that says “I’m just being polite, but I don’t really find you interesting,” but the good thing is that this fake smile is very easy to recognize. What you ARE looking for is that genuine smile accompanied with a twinkle in the eye. That one is a good sign and can rarely be faked.

The Subtle Touch

Nothing says “I’m into you and I find you attractive” like a simple and subtle touch. If your date isn’t hesitating to touch your arm, shoulder, knee, or hand, that means the two of you are hitting it off!

Feet Can Do More than Just Walk

It appears that our feet can talk. Many researchers claim that if you point your feet toward a person you are talking to, you feel comfortable with that person, and vice versa. The psychologists say that our feet are actually controlled by our subconscious mind and that they tend to point toward people you like and feel close to.  

Crossed Arms Is A Bad Sign

Although people cross their arms for various reasons, when it comes to first date body language this is usually a bad thing. According to psychology, crossed arms are typically a sign of anger, disappointment, or the feeling of discomfort.

What is your experience with first dates and body language? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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