There are many best kept secrets as to creating an online username but to be actually successful you must understand and adhere to these statements…

hotgirlFirst impressions really do count
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
It’s just as easy to have a good username as it is to make a rotten one.

Cliche, perhaps, but nonetheless true!
A good online dating username should say something uniquely about you, so put a little effort into choosing that username, as it’s your first shot and the only one you will get!

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So, how important is it to create an online dating username depends on how successful you want to be on that dating site. Remember, yours will be one profile out of tens of thousands or more people competing to get attention, and before anything else is seen on your profile, it is your online dating username which will be viewed first.

That alone can cause a gut reaction which will determine whether they will further pursue you or just move on to the next individual, so make it good. It is reported that, on the average, females only take about 2-3 seconds in which they decide whether to check you out further through your photos and description, or to move on, and not look back.

The best kept secrets to creating a successful online dating username are ones that:

Women who see that username find appealing and not appalling
Are easy to remember
Uniquely say something about you
Puts a smile on her lips when she sees it

Guys, on the other hand, are more visual, so a female’s username should say something to catch his eye (without going overboard). The average male will spend less than a second to peruse the username, then immediately look at the profile photographs provided.

Then, and only then, will he read the profile! That is why the username must catch his eye, and that is especially so if no photo is presented. These are some of the most important best kept secrets to creating a successful online dating username.

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