How many times have you been out on a date and you start to wonder if it may lead to a sexual encounter?

The girl may wonder would a man lose interest if he gets to the Promised Land too soon. While the man may wonder is the girl easy if she gives in on the first date? These are just a few of the things that may rush through a person’s mind as the first date awkward stages fade and familiarity and comfort take hold. But you still wonder if you have sex on the first date, is the relationship doomed?

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In the past decades, and the ongoing women’s liberation from preconceived roles in society, along with precautionary methods of birth control and curtailing the spread of STD’s, first date sex in today’s society is not as taboo as it may have been in decades past. But questions are still raised as to whether it is a secret to a better relationship long term, or should a man even consider pushing for sex on the first date?

So, if wondering if there is sex on the first date, is the relationship doomed, you must also look at what actually led to sex; a genuine connection or merely raging hormones. Sometimes the needs of men and women just take over. It doesn’t matter whether they are looking towards a lifetime together or merely an hour or two (less than this might not be worth the effort!), hormones and environment may take over and one thing leads to another and before you know it there are clothes strewn about and lots of heavy breathing!

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Great sex is indeed a secret to a better relationship, but it is not the only important aspect. Sometimes a very strong and real connection is made and sex on the first date only intensifies and solidifies that bond. It no longer becomes a question of “is the girl easy” or “would a man lose interest” but more of a “can I live without this person in my life?”

Some people wonder if a man should actually consider pushing for sex on the first date, but this is really a silly question as it is usually quite obvious early on if there is potential for an intimate encounter and there should be no need to push as nature will provide all the pushing necessary. Quite often the woman will provide all the subtle hints necessary and again nature should take-over. This of course does not mean that all common sense should go out the window, especially in regards to religious beliefs and any other reasons for not being intimate.

The issues we spoke about are strictly based on a person’s personal code of conduct and may have varying degrees of obedience as all situations are vastly unique. It still always comes down to two reasons when deciding to have sex on the first date, a special connection or giving in to hormones. But when asking if having sex on the first date, is the relationship doomed, the answer is usually a resounding ‘maybe’!

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