Ahhh, the perfect breast! What is it about these female attributes that can drive a man insane with desire and cause him to try and move heaven and earth to embrace them? Throughout history many great works of art have portrayed women with a variety of breast sizes and shapes for each period of time in which the so-called perfect breast was displayed, it appears the perception of the ideal volume and shape had changed with the times.

perfect breast size
Breast sizes can now fluctuate like the tides and women who may have been overly endowed by the creator with large breasts can now have them reduced if small breasts seem to fit their body and lifestyle better, as well as perhaps being a healthier choice for them. There really seems to be no perfect breast size as it all depends on the how the individual carries what they currently have.               

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Small Breasts may fit certain designers and styles of clothes better than others, and the same would hold true for large breasts. Making certain you choose the correct type of apparel for your breast size is actually quite important, as too youthful looking a garment might make you seem like an adolescent girl while too revealing a dress may have men looking at you like a playboy wannabe. The perfect breast may be neither large nor small but just the right size for you and how you want to portray yourself, health concerns aside.

In today’s copycat society celebrity breast implants are given almost as much, if not more press coverage than political and world events. Perfect shape and volume on a starlet seems to be almost as important as a lasting peace in the Middle East. Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, a decade or so ago might have been responsible for a fair share of young women enhancing their breast sizes in search of the perfect breast.

So, getting back to the root of the question, the perfect breast is really not created by the Hollywood Plastic Surgery Coalition ( I made that up), although they certainly do give plenty of examples through the reporting of most celebrity breast implants. The perfect breast size is created in the mind of the individual who wants to enhance their look and gain self-esteem. Small breasts, large breasts or celebrity breasts, it makes no difference even regarding your height and weight the perfect breast is the one that makes you happy and one may only need to look as far as the nearest mirror to find them.

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