Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand just what a man sees in a woman. I mean I have seen some extremely handsome men dating, or married to some very strange choice of women. I mean come on! Whoever said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder has obviously never seen an ugly person naked. But since the world has become a haven for binge eaters and disciples of chemically altered individuals we really should look at more than surface appearance when deciding what we really are looking for when searching for that girl of our dreams to avoid waking up with an ongoing nightmare.

When guys gather around to talk about sports, vacations and women, very rarely does the conversation discuss the things that actually attracted them to their girlfriend. Obviously guys talk about looks (and by looks we mean breasts and tushy), but when most of the conversation is stripped away and you are left to really understand what attracted a guy to a girl, we find quite a few similarities in what guys actually find important in a girlfriend once we get past the initial attractiveness.

Femininity is an important factor, however it is often misconstrued as you are just as likely to find a feminine woman running a mud race as you will taking part in a cooking class, there are exceptions such as women’s softball and field hockey. The point is now how she looks but how she carries herself. Guys do not really enjoy spending time with a woman who can make a truck driver blush. The do however love a woman who can take part and compete with them at their favorite pastimes. Having a best friend rolled up in the woman you want to sleep with is every guy’s fantasy!

If you are lucky enough to find a woman such as mentioned above you will discover that she is quite often quick witted with a bit of a cute edge to her. She can take your amusing or gentle digs at her and shoot a few right back at you. This displays her sense of humor and intelligence to some extent as the majority of guys want their girlfriend to be a bit independent and on a more equal footing with them. A funny, intelligent and independent woman is also usually very comfortable with her sexuality, which could mean for some interesting times behind the bedroom door.

Finding a woman that is physically attractive is always a good thing but beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. If two women are standing side by side and one is slightly more attractive than the other, most men would go after the one they deem most attractive. However, let’s take the time to get to know them. One loves the same things as you, is supportive and full of those qualities that make you feel good, but the other although marginally more attractive, has the personality of an eggplant and would never be caught dead with you and your friends at a favorite sporting event. Who would you rather have a relationship with?

Most men find that they are very lucky when they can find a woman who is not only physically attractive but can be a best friend as well.  By of all the things we have previously stated, we find that this comfort level with one another can not only make for a long and happy relationship but for some wonderfully exciting moments in the bedroom as well!

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