This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages, are women more attracted to men with rippling, toned physiques, or those with brains? To answer this question we need to look deeper and begin a modest investigation of the differences between both types of men, but from the female perspective.

It seems that although most women appear to like a man with muscles, it’s the total package that most females desire. The totally ripped gym rat looks great, but if he has the intellect of an eggplant the window dressing is wasted. A man does not have to be perfect, but simply to be well groomed, reasonably fit and have an air of confidence about him, as this will elevate this person well above the man who merely has a muscular body going for him.

To most women, your occupation does not give you license not to put in any effort into your physical and mental well-being. A plumber can get to the gym and dress neatly just as easily as a stockbroker. It’s more of a mental state that separates those that can from those that can’t. This is why the perfect combination of Brainiac and Muscleman is in such high demand.

When we talk about brainacs, we are not necessarily speaking of someone with a genius IQ, what we are saying is someone who has the intelligence along with the discipline and desire to achieve and succeed. Many women can’t accurately put their finger on those things that create sexual attraction, but it is almost universally accepted that it is a combination of several things that generates interest. Women can sense passion, not only in regards to the chemistry between two people, but in the way a person approaches life as well.

There are of course those women who do not care in the slightest about a man’s character, intellect or the way in which he presents himself, for them its only about one thing, ‘is he hot or not!’ Some women, much like some men, look at a member of the opposite sex merely as a conquest, and the thought of any long-term relationship never enters the thought process. For these women it’s all about short-term and instant gratification.

But the question still needs to be addressed, do women prefer men with great bodies or men with great minds, and because the human race is imperfect and subject to a variety of opinions, this question can never be truly answered one way or the other. What can be stated is that each person has a particular set of experiences as they grow up.

These experiences shape who that person is today and what makes them happy and what does not. Finding someone who shares many of your experiences or at least the way in which you view the world can change the way in which you perceive that person. In high school it was the geeks versus the jocks, but as we got older the lines became a bit less clear as each of us has that sense of the perfect combination that they connect with, that one person who’s body drives you crazy and who’s mind takes you to a whole other level.

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