Life works out more than fine for certain people, especially for the wealthy men (read: billionaires) of 2017. They seem to have it all – great friends, mansions, boats, surefire investments… However, money doesn’t really buy everything, does it?

We have a list of the 9 most successful single men who are still waiting to meet that special someone.

And who knows, maybe that special someone could be you.

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Ladies, have you ever gone on a date dressed in your best chic, yet casual attire with hopes of looking like someone who is a cut above the rest without trying to be? You look the part of the Hollywood “A-lister”, making whatever you are wearing a fashion statement for all to admire but they are not really sure why? You put in the work to look like you haven’t tried hard at all while still looking fabulous, but then your date picks you up wearing Jeans, tennis shoes and a button down shirt from the GAP that looks like it hasn‘t seen an iron in years. Well, the problem isn’t his wardrobe, but more in the fact that you said yes to dinner.

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couple upset in the bedroom

Men are idiots! No, I really mean it, there is scientific evidence to back this up… I think. They are all for casual sex but the second any great conversations turn to anything even remotely resembling an exclusive relationship the guy will panic and run for the hills. This doesn’t always mean the guy is a jerk or a bad person, but the fact is that the world is full of Commitment phobic men.

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“That which does not kill us makes us Stronger.” Sometimes when I hear this phrase I want to slap that German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche upside his head! He obviously had never suffered the desperation and feeling of rejection that men endure when women decide the man is unworthy of her attentions. There are many reasons why women reject men, and it is definitely within their right to do so, however it is often the method or delivery of that rejection that can completely destroy the little bit of self-esteem that men possess when it comes to courting the fairer sex.

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woman who likes shy guys

Women are finally starting to recognize that quiet guy at the end of the bar or the shy guy who sits in the corner and doesn’t really say much. The man who makes eye contact yet never actually steps up to initiate a conversation. Do girls like shy guys who don’t make a bold move? Well, a lot of the answer to this question has to do with the setting and the guy’s body language.

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                      Truth or Dare Questions To Ask a Guy

woman texting questions

Have you ever been on a date and were confused about what kinds of questions you should ask the guy you are with? These questions are a great way to not only break the ice, but also help a lot in getting to know someone quicker, and perhaps even more intimately. There are some questions that are appropriate for a first date while others should wait until you get to know them just a bit better, but only you will know how comfortable you are at that point in the dating process. Technology has also helped by allowing you to ask truth questions for guys you like over text to give them time to think it over.

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pretty shy girl

Men Love Shy Women.

You’re sitting at the end of the bar and there are many attractive women giving you that alluring stare, but for some strange reason you just can’t take your eyes of that girl sitting in the corner trying to look as though she isn’t even there. She has a certain hold on you that the others can’t match, and she is doing nothing to bring attention to herself. It’s just one more curious thing that men tend to think about as to why men love shy women.

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classy-man-with woman

Where does a single woman go in order to meet men? Not just men, but good, classy men that will potentially be future boyfriends and perhaps turn out to be husbands. Although nowadays, finding these types of eligible men are becoming a rare commodity. So what do those single ladies do? Well, they can wish they could meet Prince Charming, or wait and wait until the right gentleman appears, or be proactive, go out and find one yourself! You can check out the best places to meet these eligible men to see if they might be there. But, where do you go, what do you do, how do you do it?

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The idea of dating women who make more money than men creates a rift in the traditional role of man to woman, as seen through the eyes of man.

Throughout history, man’s role was to be the provider, the breadwinner as it may in the relationship. It was, and still is an important role, for the male’s ego which bruises quite easily. Making money is still of the utmost importance to the male who identify that with success. A female that equals or surpasses a man in terms of salary may very well threaten his ego and manifest itself through anger and frustration (brought on, no doubt, by jealousy).

Why Would Women Date Men Who Earn Less

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Since time began men and women have been desperately trying to figure out the best ways to get noticed by one another, and have always come away with mixed results. Men may seem too aggressive if they make the first move yet a woman may seem almost desperate if she initiates contact. It always seems that the more attractive the woman, the less chance of her initiating the process of getting to know each other. But here are 5 reasons why a woman should make the first move on a man, in no specific order:

Why Women Can Make The First Move

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