There comes a point in every single person’s life that they must take a deep breath and recognize the depth of their singleness.  Sometimes this is not an easy process as many will have deep concerns in accepting the single status when everyone else is a couple. This can often put immense pressure on a boyfriend whose girlfriend is hearing the tic toc of her biological clock, or on a girl who may have many married friends pushing her for romantic success. This is all well and good but there are also many reasons to stop obsessing about single status.

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The REAL Reason You’re Still Single.


Despite what people tell you about the real reason you’re still single, it actually has very little to do with the fact that your body odor can make an onion cry or that you’ve gained so much weight that your new belt size is “equator.” A single woman in today’s society is usually single because she either hasn’t found the right man for her yet, or she prefers it this way. Contrary to what our grandmothers have told us all our lives, we can actually have an amazing life without being a married woman!

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It seems like in the world of dating, professional singles are having a difficult time finding others who not only enjoy a slightly more upscale lifestyle but can also afford it. Let’s be honest, it’s rare for a corporate lawyer to be dating the waitress at the local greasy spoon, just as it is equally unusual for a woman who has struggled to reach the pinnacle of her profession to be dating her car mechanic. These things do happen, but in general, Professional singles tend to gravitate towards those individuals near their own socio-economic level. Here are a few proven ways to meet professional singles.

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1. Executive dating sites are a great way to meet people that have displayed a certain drive that has taken them beyond the lifestyle of the average person. These types of exclusive dating sites are a great way for professional individuals to meet one another and perhaps even do a little networking.

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Have you ever been sitting around the house and then just got an incredible urge to go do something at the last minute, only to find everyone else already has plans or is otherwise unavailable? Of course you have, however if you are in a relationship or living with someone this predicament rarely occurs. If you are in a relationship there is always that special someone in your life who even if they are not thrilled with what you have in mind, will still accompany you. Friends may change plans and go along with you; it’s really not the same as rolling over in bed and elbowing another person awake to go for a midnight ice cream run with you.

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Remember that when you are part of a relationship that there is someone else who is affected by your decisions. However there is also someone else that is affected by changes in your financial status. If you lose your job and are alone it could be even worse. If you are part of a two-income family you may have some time to find a new job before panic sets in. However if you are on your own there is no one to lean on, ask for advice or help cover daily expenses until you are back on your feet. This can cause fear being single.

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