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SugarDaddie Of Energy Drinks

Published on 09 May 2013 with 1 Comment



A cup of coffee to jump start the morning, a Redbull to get you through the afternoon are all energy drinks used to give the consumer that little bit extra to get them through the day.  Now those wonderful folks at who have raised the bar when it comes to upscale dating have done it again, an energy drink to help raise more than the bar when it comes to helping sugardaddies use their experience during what Marines would call “night maneuvers.”

Packed with enough caffeine and special herbs and spices to cause speculation that this drink is soon to be banned in Amsterdam and Thailand, the Sugardaddie energy drink is a must for those affluent gentleman who want to show what experience when combined with energy can really do.  You won’t find it in your grocery in a little blue bottle, but you will see it soon on




One Comment

  1. Richa

    posted @ 05.10.2013

    I do drink red bull sometimes.. Also, one should mix vodka with red bull..

    This is an amazing mixture :)

    Do try it


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