Ways To Guarantee A Successful Date With A Woman

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A quick guide to the do’s and don’t s for men when taking a women out on a date.

Benjamin Franklin claimed that the only certainty in life is death and taxes. While it’s true there are no guarantees in life, there are things that do seem easier to control than others. Take personal relationships for example. You can choose to spend your life alone, as some people prefer, or you can make the decision to spend time with friends and possibly even meet someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. The ways and means by which you find a potential life partner are totally up to you; you may choose to actively seek a date through mutual acquaintances, through family, by hanging out at a local hotspot or by searching for someone online.guaranteed a date with a woman

Once you find this ‘mystery woman’ that interests you and set up your date, keep your feet on the ground and remember Ben’s wise words… there are no guarantees. There are things you can do, however, to give you the best possible chance at having a successful date. While some of these tips may seem logical, don’t underestimate the power of The First Date… it can catch you unawares and send your mind in all different directions! Keep your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds and you’ll be fine, but following some of these other reminders may help too… First and foremost, don’t be late! Women hate to wait, but then again, use common sense and don’t show up a full hour early either. Allow for traffic and make sure you have her phone number with you in the event you are held up unexpectedly. If you are picking her up, wait to be asked inside if she is not ready upon your arrival. Women like their personal space and unless invited inside, it is best to suggest that you will wait outside or in the car, depending on the situation. When you are ready to leave, be sure to open her car door. This can be a deal breaker with some women; showing you have some sense of chivalry will be viewed as a very respectful gesture.

Hopefully you have arranged your date to take place at a venue that is conducive to talking and getting to know one another. While going to a movie can sound like a good idea, it’s hard to have a meaningful conversation over the movie trivia quiz before the show. Whatever the setting, be a good listener; women typically love to talk and therefore want to know you are paying attention. Believe it or not, they will actually seemingly ‘test you’ later on to see if you were listening or not. If not, don’t expect there will be a second date! Lastly, just be yourself and have fun. Just as you would not want to walk into your local home improvement store to purchase a new power tool that was expertly demonstrated by the in-store professional, only to get it home and find it was not what you thought, your date doesn’t want to feel you were less than what you represented either. Some people click and some don’t. One thing is certain… there are plenty of other people out there… THAT is a guarantee.


Successful Sugar daddy profile examples

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Sugar daddy profile examples That get results
I sit at a computer all day answering questions from members who are not getting the results they had been hoping for, of course they always have an excuse for the lack of quality responses and those excuses never seem to lay any of the blame on them. Well, here’s the news flash kids, if you put any thought into what you are trying to say and take your time in writing it you will dramatically increase your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for! Creating the perfect profile is not easy, but it’s not that difficult either. Let the real you shine through, and stick to some of the recommendations I’m about to give you and you’ll do just fine.How to write your sugar daddy dating profile
Let’s start right off with listing your interests, after-all, everyone enjoys something, right? So let people know about it in your profile! The key to this is being specific. If I had a dollar for each time I heard “ I like wining and dining” or “ long walks on the beach” I wouldn’t be taking the time writing this for you, I’d be wining and dining on some tropic beach myself! If you like to travel, mention some of your favorite destinations, if you enjoy International foods, what are they and what is your favorite restaurant? This is the first step in setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.
Next, let people know why you are here and what you expect to get out of meeting someone on this dating site? has two choices for relationship status, the “strictly Sugardaddie relationship” and the “Not limited.” These are pretty much self-explanatory and if you are not sure which is which, this may not be the site for you. Let’s just say the not limited choice is open to more traditional types of relationships and the Strictly Sugardaddie takes on more of a mutually beneficial tone with the possibility of allowances and assistance with an upscale lifestyle. Let those who you are trying to attract know what you are all about so they can determine if there are any compatibility issues.

If you love going out and drinking on a Saturday, someone who is in Alcoholics anonymous might appreciate the heads up and avoid contacting you. Of course you can’t (shouldn’t) disclose all there is about you, but give the person reading your profile something to go on and always remember that the other person is looking for something to. If it’s a guy you are trying to attract, tailor the profile in some way to what they like, generally sex and sports, with women it’s often travel and financial security.
Pictures are an extremely important part of your Sugardaddie profile and the one part where honesty truly pays great dividends. Eventually, the person you are interacting with is going to meet you, so why waste all that time if the real life product is significantly misrepresented or way past its expired date. Also, post a variety of pictures, many members feel that if there is only one picture it could be a scammer and not someone truly interested in meeting. Keep the pictures clear and only of yourself, make sure your face isn’t obscured by your cell phone or large sunglasses. It’s also okay to get a bit sensual or suggestive but not to the point where subtlety goes out the window and you are basically just going through the motions until you meet at a hotel.
Finally keep your profile upbeat and a bit funny if possible, make sure it doesn’t have the same appeal as a high school text book. Make the person reading it want to know more about you, causing them to respond. Nobody wants to hear how you last 3 marriages ended because your spouse didn’t truly understand you, or that you are desperate for one reason or another. Accentuate the positives in such a way that others will want to join you.
Sometimes it is simply a matter of changing a few words or photos in your profile to attract the right person. By changing things in your profile and logging on more frequently you are then listed higher in the search results, as it usually displays in chronological order of most recent to log on listed higher. Online dating sites can be a heck of a roller coaster ride, but when the responses fall off it may be time to change things up in the profile a bit. After all, anticipation is half the fun!


How To Pick Up Women With Best Dating Site In Miami

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Over the last 10 years the growth of Internet dating has been phenomenal as more and more people seek love and romance women

With so many dating sites available to us, it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to find a quality site in Miami so here are a few tips on what some of the best dating sites have in common.
We all have different desires and different tastes so the first thing you want to do is determine what type of person you would like to meet as Miami is very multi-cultural so make sure you know that some cultures are very different. Some of the best dating sites in Miami will cater to a specific category which can really help us find exactly what we are looking for.

Some of the categories you’ll encounter range from ethnic backgrounds to wealthy dating. Wealthy dating is a type of millionaire dating site that caters to successful affluent men who are looking for relationships and there are plenty of successful men in Miami.
The next thing to look for is the size of the web-site’s data base. Some of the best dating sites will have a very large data base of members for you to interact with. Obviously the more members in Miami a website has for you to contact, the better your odds will be of meeting someone who is right for you. A quality dating site will have members from not only the country you live in but from other major countries as well.
We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for” and in the world of online dating that saying couldn’t be more accurate. There are two kinds of websites to choose from, there are the free and the paid subscription. Some of the best dating sites will require a small fee to become a member while the free sites cost nothing which is why these free sites tend to attract people who are either just curious or looking to play games. If you are really serious about meeting someone, your best option would be to join a quality paid subscription dating site like
What separates the best Miami dating sites from the rest is the quality of its members. It is important to view some of the member’s profiles before joining so that you can get an idea of what type of people you can expect to meet. What you are looking for are profiles that contain well written descriptions about themselves as well as what they are looking for and what they are interested in. If you come across a dating site that allows bad language, one sentence profiles and cartoon photos, you should turn the other way because this is a poor quality dating site.
So as you can see with a little common sense and some time spent at the computer, your chances of finding that special someone are greater than ever. The door has been opened, now it’s up to you to walk through it.

Places To Meet And Have Success With Sexy Women

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You’re at home watching television when all of a sudden you see several sexy women appear on your TV screen. The first thing that comes to mind is how does a man go about meeting such beautiful women? In this article we will cover several of the most popular ways for you to seek out the girl of your women
The first thing to do is to get into the habit of visiting places that sexy women tend to visit. The more time you spend at these places, the better your odds will be that you will see and hopefully attract what you are looking for.
The most obvious place to meet people would have to be the night clubs and singles bars. Selecting the right club or bar may take some time as the people who frequent a particular bar can vary greatly depending on the night and location of the club. Once you find a club to your liking, you’ll want to try to visit this place as often as possible so that your chances of meeting someone are more likely.
Another popular way to meet people would be to join a gym or fitness center. There are many attractive women who love going to the gym and showing off their bodies as many of these women are single. If you are into fitness, you will most likely have something in common to talk about with some of the people there which makes breaking the ice with your dream girl that much easier.
It’s been said that walking your dog is a way of meeting sexy women but if you’re not in a well populated area, the chances of meeting someone are slim especially if your dog is not one of those cute little dogs with a ribbon around his head.
Parties, social events, shopping malls and colleges are all great places where you might encounter women for you to interact with so you may want to visit such places.
Supermarkets can be a way of meeting people but trying to look attractive while standing in front of a large display of mayonnaise hoping for a sexy woman to walk by and notice you can be a bit awkward.
The most popular way in recent years for men and women to meet people would have to be online dating which has taking the dating scene by storm.

The main reason for its popularity is that online dating is extremely convenient and the selection of men and sexy women to choose from can be quite large. Joining a dating site is quick and simple and gives us the ability to view an abundance of profiles from the comfort and privacy of our very own home. There are many different kinds of online dating sites that cater to specific categories so there is something for everyone.
As you can see, there are several good ways to go about meeting sexy women but it’s up to you make a move. Whether you choose to seek love online or in a bar, your chances are better now than ever before so take some action and start living the life you know you deserve!

The Ultimate Guide To Meet People Locally

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For those interested trying to meet people locally, how to proceed in ones’ search for a potential partner can be overwhelming. While available singles once scoured personals ads in the newspapers and hung out at local bars in hopes of meeting someone interesting, singles now take to the Internet to supplement their local dating search and increase their odds of connecting with someone.


Men looking for partners closer to home are in search of beautifully vivacious women, while women are out looking to meet wealthy men. While the men may have an easier time of finding a multitude of gorgeous young women locally, women may be challenged if they want meet people nearby, especially wealthy men without the need to travel. Unless they know where to look, women may find themselves limited in the scope of their search, thus the Internet can be a valuable search tool for them.

Going online and typing in ‘local intimate dating’ to the search engine of ones’ choice will bring up an astounding number of hits; it will also provide you links on typical dating websites and bulletin boards and it will also direct you to websites that cater to specific search criteria such as same sex dating, sugar daddy dating, and even how to connect with someone for a short-term physical relationship. To meet people locally is generally for someone that wants to build a relationship, whereas they are specifying their search to the immediate geographical area, looking to spend time with someone on what could be a regular basis.

What constitutes meeting people locally? Well, the term local may mean different things to different people. Someone located within a 10 mile radius of their residence may be considered close to home for some, while a short plane ride of an hour or two may be thought of as local to another. Local dating is in reality, anything or any distance you want it to be and depends solely on what you and your partner decide is a comfortable quantity of travel to be in one another’s company.

Some people refuse to date anyone that in their terms is geographically undesirable as they feel it is too difficult to become intimate when arrangements must be made in advance to see each other. Others feel that any distance is fine; to be with the one you want. So, if meeting people locally, in your mind means hoping in the car and picking up take out on the way over that is a wonderful thing! But if planes, trains and automobiles are alright too, then just think of all frequent flyer miles you can gain while rushing off to see your significant other!

Dating According to Astrological signs

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                                                                    Dating right with astrology signs


How much criteria is really necessary when deciding if you should put in the time and effort needed to determine whether there is indeed some probability that the person you are dating is actually a good fit for you? With all the search criteria used on most online dating sites, one that keeps many people entertained is that of Horoscope Compatibility. It may be difficult for many people to think of birth signs as a determining factor when entering the dating scene but there are those who will not make a move without their stars being properly aligned. The question they are actually asking is if the horoscope dates in which a person is born is accurate in determining not just a person’s personality characteristics but also romantic compatibility.

The practice of depending on birth signs to guide one’s actions is nothing new. Even before the invention of the Internet with online dating sites using horoscope dates to match members, newspapers and other forms of media have regularly put forth predictions based on astrological signs.  The most common forecasts are those involving finances and relationships based on these horoscope signs. You just have to sit back and think about this for a bit to really understand why people put so much faith in birth signs. It comes down to faith. People who believe in horoscope compatibility are really no different than those who follow a particular religion.  There really is no empirical data confirming either one, although pundits of each would argue differently. The point of the matter is that there are those who steadfastly follow that religion or will only date those with compatible zodiac signs.

“Luscious Libra looking for Laughing Leo” is a possible opening line that someone using the theory of compatible zodiac signs to find a partner might use. Okay, I have no idea if there is any cosmic or zodiac compatibility associated with those birth signs or if those two types of individuals will end up applying for restraining orders or marriage licenses, but it’s at least fun to think about.

You can have a lot of fun by going to one of the many sites on the Internet that mix and match horoscope signs to determine their potential zodiac compatibility. Then log onto your favorite dating site and tactfully get into a conversation about birth signs. By doing this you can look up what the various combinations of you and another might be, in just a few seconds!

Birth signs and horoscope compatibility are not the defining factor in determining whether a relationship will work out or not, but it is very entertaining and you never really know what the stars may have in store for you. Having mutual goals and ideals seems to me to be just as important as compatible zodiac signs, but then again, maybe the reason for these mutual goals is actually written in the stars!

California’s Explosion Of Female Owned Businesses Linked To

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Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About California’s Explosion Of Female Owned Businesses Linked To Popular Dating Site.



A 2013 study of data taken from a recent US Census shows the states with the most women-owned firms:


  • California (1.1 million)
  • Texas (737,000)
  • New York (669,000)
  • Florida (573,000)
  • Illinois (383,000)



The men of did not get where they are today by just throwing away money but by actually investing it where they feel it will do the most good. Noah Van Hochman a former Wall Street executive now a respected business consultant for suggests that “quite often young women (as well as men), don’t fully grasp what it takes to open a successful business in terms of obtaining funding and going through the process of incorporating and marketing their fledgling entity.”

In 2002, California had approximately 871,000 women-owned businesses and now boasts an estimated 1.1 million. It is interesting to note that originated in the year 2002. Coincidence?

California clearly surpasses most every other state in transitioning Sugar babes into successful businesswomen due not only to the availability of venture capital but the variety of business opportunities throughout the state. From Technology to Aerospace and of course the motion picture industry, California girls can mingle with the movers and shakers and be able to make a pitch in ways men cannot.

Van Hochman goes on to say that “by taking business classes and understanding what resources are available to women entering the business arena such as the Small Business Administration, their chances of success are significantly better.” The Sugar daddy dating process, although not for everyone can be a great source of information, networking and even funding for those that want more than just a short-lived upscale lifestyle.
A recent study of California’s growth in female owned businesses suggests that many Sugar babes may not only date wealthy men to live an upscale lifestyle, but also to have access to alternative sources of capital and networking, while perhaps even finding a special someone in their life. But very much like the television show “Shark Tank” there is a lot of competition for that limited capital.  Sugar babes must be prepared and knowledgeable as the cost required by investors may be a bit more than they bargained for.


Data Shows that Sugardaddy’s are less likely to die of heart disease

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sugar daddy

Steven Pasternack, the founder and CEO of the popular online dating site thought his longtime friend and Business Consultant had finally lost it when he suggested that men actively involved in the Sugardaddie dating lifestyle were probably much less likely to die of Heart disease than those average guys with families or in traditional committed relationships.

Former Wall Street Executive Noah Van Hochman has been consulting for since it’s inception and is never afraid to give his opinion on any given subject. Hochman says that “conventional theory has suggested that over the last century, men who have a stable family life with a wife and children have inherently been healthier than those who are single, but if you break down the reasons for any health gains, it is apparent that those involved Sugar daddy relationships enjoy those same benefits, with perhaps a few more perks than his married counterpart.”

500 men who where Sugardaddy’s responded to the question of why they chose this type of relationship over a traditional one.

78% suggested the freedom of the relationship was the main factor
15% would like to be married but don’t want the pressure
07% said they are unhappily married and use this as an outlet for stress

In 2009 the National vital statistics reports showed that the leading cause of death for men was Heart Disease. Hochman suggests “certain factors and lifestyle choices that cause undue stress in a man and are alleviated by married life are also present and lessened in Successful Sugar daddy relationships, perhaps with substantially more perks.” Affluent and attractive men will tend to have less of the day to day issues most average married men or men of average wealth would have and are more likely to be run over by a jealous girlfriend than die by heart disease.

A major factor of stress in unmarried middle-aged men is loneliness and while being in a stable married relationship can significantly lower the stress factor caused by this issue the same can be said about Stable Sugar daddy relationships as well. Pasternack is quick to point out that “the main purpose of is to introduce Affluent men to attractive women. There are no expectations in this type of relationship other than those expectations the individuals involved have agreed upon.”

The men who responded also answered a query about whether or not they are lonely in this lifestyle.

69% said they are never lonely
21% said they felt lonely on occasion
10% said they never really thought about it

Just like any relationship, unhappiness breeds stress and a potentially unhealthy lifestyle, however a bad marriage is more difficult to get out of than a Sugar daddy Relationship. Sugardaddies can extricate themselves simply and easily and a replacement is usually not a difficult thing to find for an affluent and attractive gentleman.

While Mr. Van Hochman is will not get into the specifics of these types of relationships he did mention some very key facts concerning dealing with stress as his years as a Wall Street Executive have taught him. “Psychological stress can very quickly manifest itself into physical ailments such as poor eating habits as well as a lack of beneficial exercise, these in turn can lead to variety of health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.” Happily married men are more likely to take better care of themselves and have regular check-ups, but with a divorce rate astonishingly high, a large percentage of married men are also at risk for heart disease beyond those that are happily married or genetically predisposed towards heart disease.

A Harvard Health Publication article on “Marriage and Men’s health” dated July 1, 2010 with over 127,545 adults showed that married men are healthier than those who were never married or divorced, however Sugardaddy’s have the benefits of that type of relationship with more freedoms and a significant amount of disposable income. In the words of one Sugar daddy “If money is not a constraint, isn’t renting a car far simpler than the day to day problems of owning one?”

what is or isn’t a committed or casual relationship

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In today’s society there seems to be a lot of debate over what is or isn’t a committed or casual relationship. The definitions can be completely different depending upon whom you ask and what their understanding of his or her current relationship is. Just a few decades ago committed relationships were thought of as those with long-term potential possibly leading to marriage, but today it seems more people are considering themselves in casual relationships than committed.

It’s also important to realize that we are talking about relationships, not just hooking up with a person you met at a club for a one-night stand. Friends with benefits would be closer to what we are speaking about than just hooking up. To have some manner of a relationship usually involves a certain physical or emotional connection but doesn’t necessarily carry with it any pledge of commitment or exclusivity.

We have just used the word “exclusivity” in a discussion about relationships, but does a committed relationship automatically denote an exclusive relationship? In today’s society many people consider exclusive to mean just having the physical end of the relationship with one person. If that is so, does committed mean that the emotional part of the relationship is exclusive but the physical may not be?  Sex, or actually what happens after sex seems to be what really changes the classifications between casual and committed relationships.

Casual relationships are not platonic relationships either, as an intimacy without a deeper emotional bond is basically sex for the sake of sex with little regard for anything beyond that aspect of being together. There is no demand on time or emotions and any expectations are kept to a minimum. Just a reminder that casual sex can be thought of as no expectations of any kind and a repeat performance is neither required nor expected. We are talking about relationships. Casual relationships or “Friends With Benefits” are in fact relationships and there is some expectation of mutual support beyond the bedroom for some period of time, but one can be in several of these types of relationships simultaneously.

A committed relationship brings with it some mutually agreed upon code of conduct. It may involve physical or emotional exclusivity, as it’s a commitment between two people to be equally restricted in some fashion for the foreseeable future.  Stability is a key concept in this type of relationship along with mutual respect.

It may seem that in the modern world the fear of commitment seems to push more people towards the casual relationship allowing them to leave their options open to other possibilities. Sometimes people are hoping for the bigger and better deal such as the richer man or the better looking woman, but what it really comes down to is overcoming the fear of missing out on something. Most who are in casual relationships are committed to one another in some fashion. Imagine that you claim you are in such a relationship and your partner is out on a date with someone else, how would that make you feel? Casual relationships aren’t really beating out committed ones; it’s more like those involved are too fearful to admit they are in one.

Wealthy Dating Sites

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wealthy dating

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Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave you should well be aware that Internet dating is one of the most popular ways for individuals to come together.
One area in particular which has been of great interest as far as meeting people is concerned has been the wealthy dating sites. In this article we’ll take a look at why men and women have turned to online dating sites which cater specifically to successful affluent individuals.

If you’re a rich successful man, chances are you’ve spent a great deal of time on your business or career which means your social life has most likely been neglected due to lack of time. With such a busy schedule and no time to meet women, what’s a guy to do? Well no reason to panic because wealthy dating sites are here to the rescue! This type of website is perfect for a successful gentlemen with a hectic schedule because Internet dating is very convenient and can be done from the comfort of your own home. What more can a busy individual ask for.

Privacy is also a great concern for many WEALTHY MEN and that is why you most likely will not see this kind of person at your average bar or night club. These successful gentlemen would rather keep to themselves and stay within their own circle of friends which makes meeting new people very difficult for them. Once again an option for these affluent men would be to seek out wealthy dating sites and join. The sign up process is quick and simple and requires creating a profile which will describe who you are, what you are looking for and what you are interested in.
Now lets take a look at why women have turned their attention to wealthy dating sites.

Many women have always wanted to experience the finer things that life has to offer but have been unable to obtain such luxuries for whatever reason. Maybe life has been a struggle for them or maybe they just have never been exposed to things such as fine dining, exotic vacations and fashionable clothing. So what is a woman to do? Once again wealthy dating sites is the answer for women seeking a better lifestyle. By joining such an online website a female can meet a successful male who is looking for a relationship and together they can both experience all that life has to offer.

One other reason why women are interested in wealthy dating sites is because they feel that the men on there tend to be educated, classy and well spoken which is something that you’ll be hard to find on many of the lesser quality sites.
So as you can see the Internet has made it possible for both men and women to find exactly what they are looking but it’s up to you to take that first step