Tips For Wealthy Successful Businessmen To Be Romantic

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The impression that businessmen such as bankers, lawyers and other successful business professionals are devoid of romantic notions is not only false, it can also be downright insulting. Today’s business executive has many tools at his disposal for creating wealth; he can also use his knowledge of such tools and ideas to create romance as well. A man who can effectively run a large corporation or firm can translate his abilities to advance his social life or relationship too. The following ideas are presented with the purpose of showing such men how to accomplish this.

As a business executive you should have impeccable time management skills, so use this ability to give yourself a bit of added time to spend with that special someone. Telling a woman you are currently too busy to go to dinner or a movie, or anything else that requires a bit of time is basically the same as saying she is not important enough, or she takes a back seat to something else. Not a great way to build a fun and lasting relationship.

If an employee consistently does a great job in your organization you find some way of rewarding them for a job well done, well, the same should go for your romantic partner as well. Just because we call something a raise or a bonus doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to call it that outside of the office. A bonus for making you happy and keeping things under control in your relationship can be something as simple as a surprise day at the spa, or a long weekend trip that you both can enjoy. If you want to take it a step further, give the equivalent of a raise, perhaps an upgrade in vehicles may be in order.  Whatever you decide to do to show your appreciation, it is merely the same as added compensation to a valued employee or partner. Obviously, you are not equating the special person in your life to an employee, but rewards make us all feel good and give us additional incentive to keep working towards a desired goal.

If you are a manufacturer of a product or have a high-end service related business, think about how you treat one of your most valued customers. You would never tell them that you have no time to talk to them on the phone or meet them for a drink to discuss business, so why would you tell your significant other that you do not have the time to meet? Again, this is just telegraphing the message that something else is more important than she. Find, or make the time, even its merely for 1 drink or a stolen kiss in the elevator, that little extra effort can pay huge dividends down the road.

So many Successful businessmen use the time excuse so often that it no longer holds much credibility. If you are willing to work overtime to close a deal why not work overtime for your relationship. Every year right around the holidays or my birthday, my mailbox is inundated with cards and letters from my insurance company, brokerage firm and the guys that detail my car.  They are showing me that I am a valued customer and want to keep my business. I know all their customer’s get the same card, but it still shows me they care enough to send it. It costs a heck of a lot less to keep a customer than to find a new one and the same goes for that special someone in your life. Think about the time and effort of going back into the dating game as opposed to doing the little things that make your current relationship a happy one for both of you. It doesn’t take an MBA to realize that one method is a heck of a lot easier and more cost effective than the other!

How to say I Love You in the age of technology

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i love you


Gone are the days of carving the initials of you and that special on a tree inside a heart, as the environmentalists will be tracking you down to throw you in jail. Painting your feelings on a bridge over a highway that your love passes through everyday will be called defacing public property and categorized as just another bit of graffiti that will cost the city money to clean. Gone also are the days in grade school when you could leave messages in chalk on the sidewalk to express your feelings while praying a sudden cloudburst doesn’t wash your words down the drain along with your heart. As beautiful as these expressions of love can be, they have been replaced by gizmos and gadgets as the age of technology has given those of all ages to profess their love..

The great thing about declaring your love for someone in the age of technology is that it need not be done publicly any longer. Where once your words and innermost feelings were subject to the eyes of the world, methods such as email and mobile phones have made those who want to scream their adoration from the top of a hill can now do it in the privacy of their home via the Internet and WiFi. Remember the movie “you’ve got mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? They carried on a friendship/affair for some time before even realizing whom they were conversing with. A quick text to that special someone’s cell phone with just the right phrase can go as far as send a bouquet of flowers, and be a whole lot cheaper. If you want to get a bit more involved and drag out the courtship a bit you can create a free yet discreet email address online and send a series of emails aimed at capturing the heart of a special someone. Its important to not that if you go a bit too far it can have a negative effect and seem like you are cyber stalking. For this reason, be intuitive enough to determine whether your actions are having the desired effect, and if not, cease this operation immediately and try something else.

If you have a laptop and are often seen seated at a local Starbucks or some other bistro type area where others congregate to do a bit of work, read or merely socialize and listen to a little music, you have an opportunity to send messages via email by utilizing the Wireless Internet that these type of establishments offer in order to draw in tech savvy customers. What’s fun about texting or emailing from your laptop is that you can be in the general vicinity of the other person when you send it and there is a good chance you can gauge their reaction to your message. Its great fun to see the expression on their face when they read what you have sent. If your are not in a WiFi enabled area but still want to get a bit creative you can always purchase a cheap set of walkie-talkies and have a waiter or friend drop it off on their table. It should be a lot of fun watching as your voice comes over the airwaves and requests they pick up the device. With a pair of binoculars and depending on the range of the walkie-talkies you can drive someone mad as they try to figure out who is talking to them and from where!

Having the ability to make a woman laugh

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If you think about it, most people tend to move towards pleasure and away from pain.  What does this have to do with dating you might ask? Well if you can get a woman to associate feeling pleasure with being with you, then you have a good chance of winning her over. One of the best ways to make any woman feel pleasure is to make her laugh by having a good sense of humor.

Having the ability to make a woman laugh is a sure way to get her to want to be with you. Laughing has a way of making us not only feel good, but it’s actually healthy and can help with lowering blood pressure, boost the immune system and reduce stress.

Many females when asked what they find most attractive about men ranked humor as one of the top 3 qualities a man should have along with confidence and attitude. It’s plain and simple, make a woman laugh and you’re sure to have her falling for you.

You might be wondering if humor is so effective for attracting and dating single women, why doesn’t every guy use it to their advantage? Well for one reason many men are not aware of how powerful a sense of humor can really be. For those men who are aware, some find it difficult to be funny.  Developing the ability to get people to laugh is somewhat of an art because if not done correctly you can come off as sounding quite annoying and silly.

How does a person develop the ability to get people to laugh? Can it be taught or is it something that we are born with? Most likely it’s probably a combination of the two. Some people are just naturally funny but it is quite possible to develop a sense of humor. Learning to be funny can take some work but it will be well worth your time and effort. There are many books available on the subject which can be quite helpful in shaping your new sense of humor.

So the next time you are out on a date with the girl of your dreams, instead of trying to impress her with your knowledge or how important you are, try making her laugh and I’m sure you’ll find her smiling at you all evening long.

Similar Interests Can Mean Stronger Relationships

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man carrying girlfriend


I remember in college there was this girl I was crazy about, her name was Theresa and she was incredibly attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I was no slouch either, I was handsome and the starting Center fielder for the Varsity Baseball team, people knew me. Theresa was in demand and there was never a moment when I didn’t see her with an entourage of potential beaus and hot chick wannabes’. To make a long story short, I began dating this woman of my dreams and for almost a month we went to dinners, movies and the usual things you would imagine on a date. It was a month of having a great looking woman on my arm; it was also one of the most boring months of my life!

This woman and I had nothing in common, and we spoke about very little, this also made the physical part of the relationship quite under-whelming. It was about this point in my life that I realized something, if I dated those who had similar interests not only did I have a fun girlfriend that understood what makes me tick, but a great new friend as well. From past experience I can tell you that having someone that shares your passion for life and enjoys the same activities or tastes in music and the arts will without a doubt, strengthen the relationship. I would even say that it is much more important to have someone that is your best friend than someone whose only selling point is their looks. Now, don’t get me wrong, looks definitely do not hurt, but on the attractiveness scale of 1-10, similar interests are worth a point or two.

Lets look at it this way, say you are an avid fly fisherman and one of the things you enjoy most in life is flying off to a remote location to spend a few days in pursuit of the elusive rainbow trout.  Your significant other may not understand your need to leave her behind yet explaining that where you are going there are no day spas or fashionable bistros or possibly even no electricity. Even after explaining this, she may still not understand why she is not invited. Of course you can’t just come right out and say it’s because she will basically ruin the trip by whining and complaining. Now lets look at the same scenario but with a significant other who also enjoys outdoors adventure and is fully capable of handling herself.  Sharing a trip such as this can only bring a couple closer, of course there are plenty of other things you could argue about, but leaving the other at home is not going to be one of them. In this situation you are also building memories that could last a lifetime.

OK, so if you think the previous example may have been a bit extreme, lets try an easier one. Suppose you are a big fan of raunchy comedies such as Borat and Jackass, but your girlfriend is a big fan of classic chick flicks and any movies made from the novels of Nora Roberts.  There is a very good likelihood that the two of you will not be able to agree on what movie to go see, or perhaps even what television shows to watch.  This often leads to spending even more time apart as one of you will be watching one show in the living room and the other will be watching in the bedroom.

I’m not saying that similar interests are the end all be all to a relationship, but they are certainly very important to long-term bliss. So the next time you are getting all nuts about some very attractive woman you need to decide on two key factors, is this person a long term possibility or are you just looking for some no strings attached fun. If its long term, then make certain that that you and she are compatible and share various interests and goals. For the short term, well, just have fun and make sure both of you know where it stands and are both on the same page to avoid someone getting too hurt. Aside from that, life is good, go out and enjoy!

Power of women over men, but do they know it?

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I was walking around Whole Foods the other day looking for my favorite overpriced epicurean delights when I noticed a very attractive woman standing by the produce section. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but when a gentleman approached to the side of her and began to talk about vegetables, it hit me like a ton of bricks. He had just been caught; hook, line and sinker, this woman just needed to decide whether he was a keeper or to throw him back. I had just been privy to one of womankind’s long held secrets, the art of personal advertising!

For some reason, evolution has played a cruel trick on men, it has compelled men to be the ones who overtly seek out the female of the species,  all the while it is the female who calls all the shots when it comes to choosing a mate. Just look at this woman in the produce aisle of Whole Foods, she is just waiting for her “actions” to draw in an unsuspecting victim. Wait, let me correct that, he is not unsuspecting, but there must be some chemical blocking agent in his brain that either makes him oblivious to the manipulation or perhaps causes him to not care.  In any event he is drawn in like a moth to a flame. The attractive woman knows at this point she has all the power and the only thing she needs do is decide whether to entice and torment him any longer, or to set him free and search for a better prospect.

Quite often setting him free from her snare of womanly wiles is the most humane act she displays, as once she decides on a suitable male, she will invariably bend him to her will. She holds the power at this point but once the choice is made to keep him, the scales begin to balance out just a bit. Everything taking place after the initial contact begins to balance out and the man starts to regain some manner of control and maybe a bit of dignity if he’s lucky. This occurs as the woman begins to desire the man, and what he may offer in the manner of physical intimacy, protection and possible stability. The longer she keeps him wanting her at this stage while teasing him, the more desires she has that are going unfulfilled.

An attractive woman has power and she knows it, but average women have the same kind of clout though many more men tend to avoid falling into their ambush. The more attractive a man is, the more likely it is that he can shield himself from her manipulations. The reason is that an attractive man may have the same affect on a woman as the attractive woman has on men. Average women and average men are in the majority so there will be many more opportunities for them initiate interactions. Knowing that the next possibility may be just around the corner gives an individual the strength to walk away from a potential relationship very early on, and avoid too much psychological harm. Women seem to realize this much quicker than men and therefore maintain control longer.

So in conclusion, some feel women control the initial interactions, giving up some of that power as the relationship grows. The scales begin to balance out as both parties begin to realize they desire something from the other. But no matter which way you look at it, in the end its not about control or power, its about relationships and how one person ultimately makes the other feel.

Top Reasons Not To Take Dating Advice From Your Friends.

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couple talking

Friends are wonderful, they are usually there when you need them, and they can help you with chores such as landscaping, cleaning out the garage or being a sounding board for career decisions when you are considering a new job. Occasionally they will even loan you money, well, that is if they are exceptionally well-off or just stupid, but the one thing you should never do is take advice from a good friend about affairs of the heart! Don’t do it!

Taking dating advice from a friend is tantamount to going shopping for a puppy with any member of the cast of “Survivor”! You may think it’s a fun idea at first but you know as soon as your back is turned that little mut will probable bite you in the ass! You may as well call Charlie Sheen and ask for his relationship opinions while you’re at it. Friends quite often, but not always, have hidden agendas when it comes to dating and relationships, especially when it’s someone else’s relationship. Here are some types of red flags to be on the alert for:

The friend who tells you to “dump him” or her is the one that really gets under my skin, as not only is this person quick to give their advice, but usually does not take the time to ask the pertinent questions about the situation.  Have you ever noticed that this person always seems to be what you felt, was uncomfortably close to your other half, and perhaps always more than willing to be the third wheel when you go out? Do not be surprised that if you break up your ex gives you a ring telling you that “your friend” still calls them or has even asked him or her out!

We now move onto that friend that listens to the entire situation and tells you that everything is going to be fine and you should be happy no matter what, because you are so special and deserve the best. This is also the same person who believes in puppy heaven and the tooth fairy. Dating and relationships are not easy! They require work and people who are too quick to move away from difficult times merely do not care enough to fight for them, or truly understand the situation. This type of friend may not care as much as they claim, they are simply telling you want they think you want to hear in order to stay in your good graces, while also staying within grasp of free entertainment and an occasional free meal.

The next friend is a bit harder to understand. They are the one that wants no part of the current state of affairs; he or she says they do not want to tell you what to do for the simple reason that if you get back together, anything he or she says will be held against them. OK, so they have a point there, if I tell my friend that his girlfriend is a manipulative tramp or has the intellect of an eggplant, I am treading on thin ice. If they get back together, your observations or comments, (even if they were meant only to bolster a friends spirits) will come back to haunt you. This type of friend has a point, you can’t actually blame them, as you are the one putting them in a difficult situation, but as a friend they should take the risk and stand by your side.

Finally we get to what I like to call the “Better with Beer Goggles Friend” this is the friend who follows you like a Remora fish follows a Shark hoping to pick up the table scraps. Its not that they are the second coming of “Medusa” as people do not turn to stone when they go out in public, its just that they would not be your first choice (second or third for that matter) to flirt with in a well lit environment. This type of friend also has ulterior motives due to the fact that your being single gives them a much better chance of finding someone themselves, even if for just that evening!

In conclusion, I am not saying that all friends offering advice have hidden agendas, but you need to take any advice offered with a grain of salt. Remember you are the one that is having the crisis, not them. It all comes down to what you feel is best for you. There are those friends that would jump in front of bus for you, and there are those that secretly would like to be driving that bus. Ultimately, you make the decisions, some of them will be right while others will be painfully wrong. Only time will tell you if the choice was right, but life is what happens while you’re making other plans!

Successful men can find sex anywhere but to find a woman who stands by him is rare.

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woman standing by her man

The term Sugadaddie has been used to describe a relationship that implies a slightly older gentlemen willing to enter into an ongoing relationship with younger attractive ladies in which the man may assist the woman financially.. Of course we all know that there is more often than not a physical element to this plot, but the emotional component has come to mean much more, yet it is quite often overlooked. Wealthy and powerful men can quite easily find a younger, attractive woman to be there so-called “arm candy”, the tenure of most of these girls is usually quite short and there is always a newer and more intriguing product always coming along. So what is it that makes one woman a Sugarbabe and another a true relationship? The answer is all in what she gives back.

Attractive women are a dime a dozen to the affluent male, but one who understands his needs outside of the bedroom and assists in lessening his burden is worth her weight in gold. Most of the very attractive women who are searching for a Sugardaddie are just asking the question “what can he do me?” There is little support for what this gentleman goes through or how she can assist in a variety of ways especially by being supportive. For a real relationship to develop both parties must understand and believe the other person is supportive of their decisions and goals. Successful men can find sex anywhere but to find a woman who stands by him is rare. We as men understand that you can pretend to be supportive, and that manipulation is merely part of the game most Sugarbabes play in order to get what they want. But we are not always that stupid and do not only think with something other than our brains. Whether it is our career or hobbies or anything else, support of, and motivation to continue those pursuits and possibly even sharing in them, quite frequently turns the short term into the long.

Most successful men are juggling many things at one time, whereas the Sugarbabe may consider scheduling lunch appointments and pedicures to be most overwhelming.  The Sugarbabe can lose sight of the fact that what the wealthy man juggles can have major effects on the future, and a continued affluent lifestyle. It is for these reasons that she not only be supportive in his endeavors, but takes on some of the burden. This can take the form of merely assisting in organizing his down time, which in turn can be used to strengthen their relationship. Countless women fail to remember that building relationships requires both parties to pitch in, and if not providing the wealth she must become part of the foundation that the relationship is built upon.

Being supportive does come with its own perils. First you must determine if the support you offer is genuine or you are just going along with him to avoid rocking the boat. False votes of confidence usually lead to arguments and ultimately to separation. You also must be strong enough to speak your mind honestly, offer support to someone when you sincerely feel the project or endeavor is wrong or unwise is not doing anyone justice. You are there to provide not only support but an honest opinion as well. Again, rich and powerful men really don’t have much trouble finding suitable sexual liaisons, but finding someone who they can trust and open up to while enhancing stability can make a Sugarbaby into a wife

How Do Men Feel About Dating Overweight Women?

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Not everyone is supermodel thin, and the truth is that when the layers of fine clothing and lingerie are peeled away and the make-up is removed, many men are turned off by what is left. Don’t get me wrong, these women are still attractive and enjoy flawless features, but most men seem to prefer dating a woman with a bit more substance. In other words, being a bit overweight is not necessarily a bad thing, but where does average end and obese begin? For the most part, men prefer non-overweight women, but a bit more substance does not mean wearing a belt size that reads “equator”. Just ask any male to tell you about the girl he dreams about and there is a good chance she will not be overweight. When most men are asked to rate a woman, those getting the highest scores are not those that are model thin, but those that fill out their clothes best or have an air of sexual suggestiveness to them.

How a man looks at a woman is very subjective. Most people, when they pass each other on the street or at a favorite nightspot do not first think, “Hey, I bet she has a really nice personality”. It’s much more probable that the first thing that comes to mind is “Holy crap! Look at that ass!” But let’s assume the woman is just about average or a few lbs over that perception. It may take longer to get into a meaningful conversation with that woman, but once and interaction starts, it becomes more about personality and compatibility. At this point men’s perception of a woman’s weight is more about personal taste in regards to the extent of excess body fat.

Peer Pressure actually plays more of a role in a man’s sensitivity of whether or not a woman is overweight than the bathroom scale, as many men do not want to be called a ‘chubby chaser’ by their friends. The overweight prejudice is a relatively recent trend as in centuries past an overweight woman was perceived as more suitable for child bearing. It is only since the media has grown so powerful that such an impact on public perception of weight, that ultra thin models have unfairly become the standard against what all women are measured. It is like saying a man is less of a man because he is short, unfortunately a person cannot get taller, but they can lose weight. Taller and thinner have become what we outwardly notice about others first.

Overweight women do not suffer from a lack of physical intimacy because of their weight; they are just as likely to have as much sex as their thinner counterparts, perhaps even more. Men seem to also truly enjoy the aspects of a relationship that don’t involve sex, such as spending time with someone who has common interests and is easy to talk to. Thin women can have these characteristics as well, but as studies show, thin is usually in the minority!

In all relationships, very rarely is everything perfect and there are always compromises that need to be made. But if you are the kind of person who is always looking for a bigger and better deal, then you may not feel comfortable with a slightly overweight woman. If you are physically not attracted to the woman then you should think twice about getting involved as it is not only going to keep you wondering if you could have done better, but it is certainly not fair to her as well. Remember, there are far more significant factors in life than weight.


What Do Women Really Want For Christmas

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The Holiday season is here and time is running out to find the perfect gift for your significant other. We’ve always wondered what gifts women want most for Christmas, so we decided to find out. We surveyed over one thousand women to help uncover what they really want for Christmas!

What Women Want For Christmas

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