A Common Sense Guide To Avoid Dating A Loser

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dating a loser

The pages of history are bursting with loves gone bad, and much of the time it was because one person was drawn like a moth to a flame to another, who was completely wrong for them.  Dating a loser is definitely nothing new, but with age comes wisdom and hopefully a better defense against the chemistry or sweet talk that causes us to self-destruct in the name of love. Without star-crossed lovers William Shakespeare may have been relegated to selling castle owners insurance in the low rent areas of old London or for more modern relevance where would the Jerry Seinfeld show have been without its cast constantly talking about dating losers. Now that we have so much history to look back upon as a reference, we should be able to guard against such mistakes ourselves.

First of all, before you invest too much time in a budding relationship, question everything! If this person is a bit older, why are they not currently involved with someone? Being unattached is not grounds for immediate dismissal but the answer should make sense. If you get the old “ I just haven’t found the right person yet” line hit them in the nose and run for the nearest exit. That’s just a load of crap. If you are currently a useful member of society, then you have had plenty of opportunities to meet someone, so make sure that the reasons fit the person. An answer such as “ I work long hours and when I get home I just want to relax” is a more honest answer but it brings up other red flags, such as do you really want to enter into a relationship with someone you may rarely get to spend quality time with? Somewhere there is a happy medium, you merely have to figure out what is for you.

The converse of the workaholic is the “Slacker”.  Have you ever noticed that someone you may be considering dating is always either at home, or never seems to have the funds to go out on a real date, a just the two of you kind of date? If your potential partner seems to have too good a grasp on what is going on the most recent sitcoms or invites you over frequently for video games with his buddies, all of whom seem to be rejects from a Jack Black movie beware. Chances are that his or her lifestyle is unlikely to change unless acted upon by some powerful external source, such as being struck by lightning, or forced to serve community service. Avoid this type of person if you have any ambition or hopes of a better than average lifestyle.

The main key to avoid dating a loser is self-worth.  You know what kind of person you are so don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Don’t make excuses for a potential partner because you are afraid of being alone, and don’t hope that they will change in time.  You are gambling with your happiness. The right person is out there, just be patient and above all, smart.

Reading Body Language To Meet People

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Reading Body Language

One very effective technique which can be of great help when looking to meet people for dating purposes is the proper use of body language. Many individuals seem to underestimate how important body language can be so let’s take a look at how our bodily movements can impact how people perceive us.

We may not be aware of it, but many of us are sending and receiving signals all the time based solely on our physical gestures. Common everyday movements such as the way we walk can send a message to others about our confidence and our mood.  How we read people is about taking these visual cues and decoding them. If you walk with poor posture or sit slouched over at your desk, you are sending a message of low self esteem and laziness. If your goal is to meet people and make a good impression, it is important to walk with your back straight and your head held up and not down.  High heels became a factor in enhancing the body language of women in just this way. Looking downward will send a message that you are either lost or insecure. You might also try walking at a slightly faster pace which will communicate to others that you are important and have places to go.

Whenever you have the opportunity to meet people, it is extremely important to make good eye contact with them. If you’re the type of person who can’t look another individual in the eye, you unknowingly will be sending out a strong message of low self esteem and little confidence.  This can easily be remedied by making sure that you look people directly in the eye but not to the point where it appears you are trying to stare them down.

Something as simple as a smile can make all the difference in the world. In addition to the smile being a key disarming component of the body language of men, Smiling can actually make you more physically attractive and sends a message of warmth, friendliness and happiness.  Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are about to meet people, be sure to greet them with a genuine smile. A smile costs nothing but its value is priceless!

One thing to avoid doing when in the company of others is to not cross your arms or legs. Doing so will send a message that you are feeling somewhat defensive and distant which can cause people to think you are not interested in them. By not crossing your arms and legs, you will be sending a vibe of openness and friendliness which is like an invitation for people to get to know you better, and done right can be an effective tool for flirting.

A great way to build rapport when meeting is to mimic a person’s movements and postures. Let’s face it we tend to get along better with people who are similar to us. By subtly matching what another person does in terms of postures and gestures, we can create a bond with an individual on a subconscious level. For example if a person is very animated when they express themselves, you should express yourself in a similar fashion. If an individual talks at a fast pace, you might want to talk just as fast or at least avoid speaking slowly. The key for making this effective is to mimic a person’s gestures in a very subtle way that isn’t obvious and you’ll be surprised how quickly an individual will warm up to you.

The most important thing to remember when reading body language is to not underestimate the power of this very meaningful yet silent language. Although there is no app for our phones such as a body language decoder, by being aware of our physical gestures and the gestures and signals of others, we will find that our relationships will suddenly improve and when that happens so does our life!

How To Approach A Woman And Get Noticed

How To Impress And Date Classy Single Women

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classy woman

There are many reasons as to what makes a female beautiful but there’s nothing more attractive than a well cultured classy woman. What exactly is it about these women that men find so attractive? Well for one thing these ladies tend to be well spoken, cultured and classy.

Dating sophisticated classy single women can be difficult for some men due to the fact that they’re not going to find such individuals at their local bar or club. If you want to meet refined women, then you have to go to the places that classy well educated women frequent. 

One popular place where you’re likely to find such individuals would be art galleries and museums.  Many times you can spot cultured sophisticated women browsing through various art exhibits, displays and auctions.

Charity events are a likely place where these classy females can be seen as many of these individuals tend to be involved in various causes with the intention of making a difference in the lives of people. Upper class social events, fine restaurants and upscale department stores are a few more likely places where you can spot these elegant, debonair women.

Many sophisticated ladies enjoy visiting other countries and exotic places which means if you intend on dating such a person, be prepared to do some traveling.  For some men this might be an inconvenience but if you have the means to travel, why not enjoy it in the company of a cultured woman.

If you really want to impress these elegant females you can learn to become a wine connoisseur which is a great way of showing these ladies that you too have culture and class. Taking her to wine testing events is another activity that the two of you can share together and can be quite enjoyable.

Other places you might try taking these women to might be the opera, ballet, theater, famous architectural sites and anything else that is related to the arts. Some men might find visiting such places intimidating due to the fact that they are not familiar with such sites but this can easily be remedied by educating yourself and taking some classes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dating these well cultured women is to be honest and have a good time. So many of us get caught up with trying to make a good impression that we forget to relax and enjoy the moment. It is only when we are totally comfortable with who we are that we shine and that is when magic happens!

Dating: Why it is a numbers game

How To Approach A Woman And Get Noticed

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How To Approach A Woman And Get Noticed

I was sitting with a few friends at my favorite South Beach watering hole the other evening and I watched with amazement the line of guys that approached this small group of women in hopes of catching their attention. Each and every attempt was eerily similar and each ended with the same result, the guy walking away dejected and the ladies barely even remembering his existence. I thought about this for a bit and wondered why these reasonably decent looking guys were failing miserably. Didn’t any of these guys know how to approach a woman at a bar? I watched a few more guys crash and burn and then it hit me when an average looking guy stepped up for his turn, and in a miracle almost as impressive as Moses parting the Red Sea, they invited him to stay for a drink. He did something that none of those before him did, he actually introduced himself and smiled a friendly smile.

So many men waste opportunities by not knowing how to approach women.  They think that merely walking by with a silly grin and muttering something like “Wassup” is all it takes, relying on what they think is their overwhelming good looks to open the door. Having the confidence to approach them is the first part of the equation but not the only part. Confident is good, cocky is not, that is why having something worthwhile or witty to say can make all the difference. Your normal run of the mill or generic pick up lines have been heard many times by an attractive woman, so you need to original and sincere. What always seems to work the best is just saying something like “Hello, I’m <insert your name here>, I hope you’re having a great evening.” Simple, unassuming and combined with a bit of confidence one of the best opening lines ever used. This is time tested whether you are trying to figure out how to approach a woman in the gym, bar or anywhere else.

Of course if you do have a certain charm or wit about you, then you can use that to your advantage by consistently coming up with original opening lines that make people smile. The thing I have noticed most is that very few men actually have the combined skills of confidence and witty dialogue. This can easily be overcome merely by a little practice. This is not rocket science and you really only need a mirror to practice in front of. Another method of practicing the sweet science of dialogue is to just start conversations with those you meet along your day. Mention what a pretty scarf a woman is wearing in the elevator, joke with the elderly man feeding pigeons in the park. Whatever the situation, just start a conversation and in no time at all it will become second nature to you and you will have all the skills needed to talk to approach women with confidence.

Remember that when you do approach a woman you don’t have to recite a novel, sometimes shorter is better. Once the conversation drifts into long pauses it may be time to hasten a strategic retreat. You don’t always need to come away with a phone number or a motel key. You will most likely find that when you do encounter someone you have a comfortable dialogue with, it will more than likely take on a life of it’s own. When that occurs just go with the flow and don’t force anything. Learn how to approach a woman at work to rehearse without getting fired. Just practice and you will find it all gets easier the more time you do it. The butterflies in your stomach may or may not disappear in time, and you will undoubtedly crash and burn a few times. But keep at it, this will not only help you in the dating arena but it’s an important skill for career networking as well.

SugarDaddie Of Energy Drinks

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A cup of coffee to jump start the morning, a Redbull to get you through the afternoon are all energy drinks used to give the consumer that little bit extra to get them through the day.  Now those wonderful folks at who have raised the bar when it comes to upscale dating have done it again, an energy drink to help raise more than the bar when it comes to helping sugardaddies use their experience during what Marines would call “night maneuvers.”

Packed with enough caffeine and special herbs and spices to cause speculation that this drink is soon to be banned in Amsterdam and Thailand, the Sugardaddie energy drink is a must for those affluent gentleman who want to show what experience when combined with energy can really do.  You won’t find it in your grocery in a little blue bottle, but you will see it soon on




How To Get Free Plastic Surgery

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breast implants

People are always in search of the bigger and better deal. Whether this is in regards to career, possessions or physical characteristics, change for the better is always highly sought after. The problem is that change usually comes at a cost, especially with the competition for the most desirable of significant other’s at an all time high it seems young women are doing everything within their power to enhance their beauty and magnetism.

The Sugarbabe’s of are no different than most attractive women in the world, as many are constantly trying to make themselves more attractive and desirable, not only for their own self esteem but also due to the fierce rivalries created to attract and hold on to the most affluent and desirable Sugardaddies. Plastic surgery seems to be the quickest and most direct route to gain a significant advantage.

Quite often they find themselves in a “Catch-22” situation, in that they cannot attract the ultimate Sugar daddy without having physical attributes far and above those of the average woman. But most cannot afford to enhance their beauty without an affluent Sugar daddy paying the bill. For many this is no problem at all as there seems to be countless Sugardaddies willing to assist, even if their time and finances are merely a stepping stone to a bigger and better deal for the Sugarbabe. Just like you may see a sign for free alterations at your local tailor, the Sugardaddie is offering to make you look better as well.

Many Sugardaddies are considering this a cost of doing business as having an attractive and sought-after Sugarbabe on his arm is in reality a display of power and confidence that he can demonstrate to others that he may be considering doing business with. Whether the Sugarbabe is a long-term or short-term arrangement the benefits can be quite significant for both.

Scottsdale Ranked No. 1 City for Free Plastic Surgery

South Florida, where sugar daddies get asked for plastic surgery

Survey says ladies looking for men to pay for plastic surgery



Dating: Why It Is A Numbers Game?

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Have you ever noticed that in every bar in every part of the world, there is always one guy who seems to have the most incredible stories about all the women he has dated and the incredible adventures he has had?  You may look at this man, give him the once over and slap yourself in the head and say “how the heck can he have a date, when I can barely get arrested?”  The answer to this question might be much, much simpler than you could have ever dreamed, to this chap, it’s a numbers game!

What is meant by a numbers game when referring to dating? Well, think about how many times a day a tele-marketer calls your phone and tries to sell you something, or get you to subscribe to a magazine, or even offer you free tickets to a vacation resort, where all you have to do is listen to a slide show presentation touting the great Costa Rican land deal you may be missing? Obviously, they do not expect every phone call to result in a sale, but it may only take one out of every 500 calls to make this venture successful. So it is with the numbers game dater as well.

The numbers game dater may not be the crème of the crop amongst the dating population, but he has something most of the other gentleman looking to date attractive women do not…confidence and a nothing to lose by trying attitude. He knows that if he is persistent, eventually he will come across that one person that will be receptive to his approach or conversation and may actually agree to go out on a date with this person. He may only have a very long string of first dates, but to the numbers game dater, this is all well and good. The attractive, successful man may be fearful of rejection and therefore will only approach those women that he is reasonably sure will be responsive to his offers and therefore his success rate will be very high compared to the numbers method which has a extremely high failure rate.

No matter which technique is used to pursue a date, the ultimate goal must be clearly defined in order to decide, not only the method, but the quarry as well. If all you are looking for is short term companionship, either method may serve you well, however if a long term relationship or potential mate is the essential motive behind this search, than a well thought out plan, including knowing where to look and how to dress and exactly what kind of person you are looking for is in order. The days of singles mingling in the Borsht Belt hotels of the Catskill Mountains are long gone and the era of targeted dating and online dating is well underway!

Texting To A Potential Date Is Emotionless

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For good or bad, texting has become a way of life and it’s probably not going to go away anytime soon. How many times have we been at a restaurant, on a bus, the gym or unfortunately even driving along a freeway or stopped at a traffic light only to see someone hard at work punching the keys of their smart phone to send a message? Texting is a convenient method of interacting with another person without actually having to speak with them.  It’s especially effective if you want to convey a thought without getting into a lengthy discussion on a subject. But, the problem with texting is that the reader will only see words, they really can’t feel the emotional inflections the person texting is projecting.  This can be especially troublesome if this text is of a personal nature and quite often, even with the use of what is called emoticons (little bits of text such as smiley faces) can be misconstrued. For this reason, there are several things that are best left to the voice.

At sleep away camp we used to play a game around the campfire where one person would whisper something into another person’s ear and that person would to the same to another and so on. By the time the message makes it’s way full circle the message has been changed, misinterpreted and convoluted to such a degree that the original message is no longer truly understandable. It’s the same way with texts, the original meaning is never quite as clear as when conveyed by the spoken word and therefore can easily be misconstrued.

So now we know that the written word is subject to interpretation just like when reading a book. If you sit down and read the book you get to put your own spin on things and interpret the book as you see fit.  However, if you are listening to a book on tape you are guided completely by the voice and inflections of the narrator. Its also important to understand that most people texting are going more for speed than accuracy and take many shortcuts that are also not always easily understood. The point is that voice inflections and facial cues play a large part in how we convey information to others. If you want accuracy, speak the words.

Also, depending on how you are texting, you are leaving a word trail as to your feelings at any given point in time. These texts can be used against you later on. It’s a simple thing to cut and paste words from a private means of communication to a blog or face book page which depending on the juiciness of the text can spread like wildfire and make your life uncomfortable for a while. Keep private things private!

I prefer to only text short snippets of information to others, such as a phone number, where I am or when I plan to arrive somewhere. Of course that’s not the only type of information people should text, but you get the idea. Peoples emotions tend to usually get the better of them and if it is an emotionally charged text, don’t count on the recipient comprehending the message that you sent.

How To Show Affection In Unexpected Ways

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couple showing affection

Okay, so you’ve been dating for a short while and things seem to be going fairly well; you have dinner a few times a week or go shopping together and it seems that you are actually on the verge of a real honest to God relationship, so what’s next? At this point the two of you should be communicating well and have a good idea of each other’s likes and dislikes yet still have a lot to learn about one another. Many relationships fall apart at this point because those involved get a bit complacent and may even begin to take each other for granted. One way to avoid such problems is to keep things fresh and exciting. There are many ways to accomplish this such as short vacations, special dinners, trips to museums, but although these are great displays of affection, they are not spontaneous and planning needs to go into it to make it successful. It’s amazing how a well thought out small, yet targeted gift can have a greater impact than a dinner or Broadway show.

The fact that it is small and unexpected is only half the importance of giving such a gift, timing and targeting is also important. By timing we are referring to surprise of the gift, not what it is. Let’s assume you are at dinner and have just ordered your appetizers and are discussing a tropical vacation that you’d both like to someday take when you reach into your jacket pocket and display a CD of favorite Island songs that you know he or she will enjoy. This will undoubtedly start a conversation about places the two of you might go together and thereby solidify your relationship even further. A bottle of suntan lotion may even have the same effect! You surprised your partner with not only the unexpectedness of the gift but during a conversation about vacations was perfect timing.

It does take some degree of thought when choosing the right gift or else anyone could just pick up something at the checkout isle of the grocery store and be done with it. This could work on occasion as I have had tremendous results with a mere bag of raisonettes when perfectly timed at a specific few day period of the month. If you know your partner has decided to begin a new fitness regime, a magazine subscription that magically shows up in their mailbox is a great gift. A small stuffed animal left on a desk at work shows not only thoughtfulness but willingness as well since you had to go the extra effort to place it there when he or she wasn’t. If your partner is a candy connoisseur a subscription to a candy of the month club would be a great idea, as would a wine of the month, cheese of the month or anything else of the month, but you get the idea.

Okay, so you are getting the picture now, it does not have to big as long as there is thought put into it and there is a purpose behind it. Flowers, colognes and perfumes are always good ideas but they have lost some of the oomph that they once held, as they are not really all that imaginative. Think about those things that mean a lot to your partner and tie the gift to that. If your partner has a child you can always buy a load of Girl Scout or Cub Scout cookies and have cookie party. The gift need not be directly given to them, lets say your partner is head over heals in love with their dog; showing up at their home with a brand new dog bed or a large meaty bone will surely score huge points with not only them but their beloved pooch as well. Imagination and timing will certainly lead to a much more exiting and hopefully lasting relationship