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First Thing Men Notice About A Woman

Published on 20 Feb 2015 with 0 Comments

men notice in women
Have you ever tried to understand what you notice first about women?
So you walk into a cafe or nightclub and there are a crowd of girls sauntering around, what is the first thing you notice about them? Many men find it difficult to recognize the important things or have a misguided view of what is the first thing men notice about women. This article will help you understand not only what is natural to notice first but what you need to observe to decide if you should ask a woman out.

If you are looking just to hook up then after determining how to approach an attractive woman you don’t really need to pay much attention to what is written.
After-all, if you only have one thing on your mind, anything beyond that doesn’t really matter. So for those who want to date or have a relationship with an attractive woman you must journey past the first thing men notice about women, attractiveness, and move to those things of substance.

If you are hoping for a relationship then you really want to know if the woman you are interested in is actually available to date.
Guys do this in many ways and of course the easiest is by paying attention to their jewelry. A woman in a committed relationship usually wears something that indicates a spouse or boyfriend. The wedding ring is the obvious indicator but a necklace, bracelet or even an article of clothing can tell if a woman is available. You just need to be observant without being a stalker.

If you are close enough and can overhear her conversation with her friends you can kill two birds with one stone, her personality and intelligence will become quite evident. Personality and intelligence are two factors that can easily turn casual dating into a relationship. Dating intelligent women or dating women with great personalities is what chemistry is built on.

Another important trait in the first thing that men notice about women is how adventurous a woman is without being dangerous or stupid.
Leaving with you from a club after only meeting you a short time earlier is both dangerous and stupid and most men will consider this a red flag for future dating possibilities. But heading down to the beach with a group of people you know and doing some midnight skinny dipping is a bit different. Women that enjoy rock climbing, scuba diving or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes show that they are open to excitement and if you feel the same way about life this could be a great match.

Age Difference in Relationships| Who really cares?

Published on 18 Feb 2015 with 0 Comments

age difference coupleYou are walking down an upscale boulevard minding your own business and notice a beautiful young woman happily window shopping with her dad, you then notice them embrace and kiss in a manner that was anything but fatherly.

The normal response in mixed company when talking about the age difference in relationships is who really cares? But the truth is that any relationship with a big age difference is going to discreetly be talked about or at least quietly questioned.

Many older successful men like to keep what is commonly referred to as Sugar babies or the Trophy Wife as a significant other. These men, often called Sugar daddies, when seeking a relationship with a significant age difference love the fact that it gives them the illusion of power in the eyes of their peers. Woman who enjoy the same feelings of control over younger men are often identified as Cougars.


What is the maximum age difference?

There are limits to how far a couple can stretch the age difference in a relationship, and many seem to accept the half your age plus seven rule. This would mean that a man 50 years old could date a woman as young as 32, 50/2 + 7 = 32. This formula is just a loose approximation as the age difference dating older men can vary greatly with wealth and the ability to bestow the sugar babies with gifts. This calculation seems to work better with a big age difference when dating younger women or searching for the trophy wife, it seems to be a bit less accepted in regards to Cougars.

Significant age gaps are merely a picture and are subject to individual interpretation, there is no science behind what the proper age limits are for dating or falling in love. The important thing to remember about relationships is they must be treated exclusively on that particular relationship.

Why date someone much older or younger?

One thing that those who enter into relationships with big age differences fail to understand are the actual reasons that someone gets involved in such relationships. It is interesting to note that generally the larger the age gap between two people the greater the likelihood of that union failing. Many say that love has no reason, but quite often in relationships with a big age difference love is not the motivating factor.

There are many reasons for dating a man who is much older such as; the need for a father figure is greater than the need for someone to share intimate moments with. Dating a younger woman may be an attempt to hold onto fading youth, and either gender may look toward an older individual as an effort to acquire some form of financial stability with someone already stable and established.

Dealing with the crowd

Love is not reasonable and it can take you in some very strange directions but the one constant in a true relationship is that are there are genuine feelings involved as well. This is very important as those involved in relationships with big age differences will undoubtedly come into contact with those who have no problems condemning such relationships. True feelings will assist in allowing a couple to disregard or counter any criticism.

How big an age difference is too much?

When dating an older man or woman just realize that there is a point when the age difference is a bit much and should be carefully evaluated, but for the most part if it feels right, go for it, as you are the only one that has to pay the price for a mistake, or will enjoy the benefits of a good relationship. Remember that in different places the age of consent is not the same and you should be aware of this to make sure you have done nothing illegal. Sometimes a big age difference means nothing, but when it transcends generations and the way people look at the world around them it can make a real relationship either difficult or unrealistic

Single Women Enjoy Dating Secure Men

Published on 17 Feb 2015 with 0 Comments

woman with secure manWhen it comes to a single woman envisioning a secure man, one of two things comes to her mind: he is financially secure and stable or he is secure and confident in whom he is. If she really lucks out, a woman could hypothetically find a man that is secure in both senses of the word. But what is the big attraction about dating a secure man? Well, if you are a single girl, there are plenty of reasons to seek a man like this out.

With all the day to day chaos of life in general, there is something very reassuring for a single woman to know that her man is financially solid. Financial stability provides for a sense of predictability and routine; something a lot of women thrive on. The idea of being with a man that can provide for not only her, but a future family is a very desirable notion. Given the choice between a man that is secure financially and one that is struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, single women will undoubtedly choose the successful man time and time again. Building a relationship takes work and having the strain of financial instability can detract from establishing that close connection.

There is something sexy and alluring about a man who is very secure in who he is and what he wants out of life. When a single woman encounters such a man, she is quick to strike up a conversation and learn more about his goals and his dreams for the future. A lot of women are born planners and meeting a man who has a plan and direction in his life is a desirable trait. A man that is secure in who he is one that carries himself confidently and this confidence shines through in all he does. Single women are drawn to men that are charismatic and being confident plays a critical role in charisma