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Rich Men Dating Younger Women Is known As Sugar Daddy Dating

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Dating is not a spectator sport so it is correct to presume that an individual will get out of his or her experiences what they put into it. Those middle class individuals may not have the same goals or abilities as rich men dating another well to do individual, who also has above average means, and therefore may be looking for someone who currently shares a comparable lifestyle. The interesting combination occurs with the rich dating a person of significantly lesser means, who is then exposed to standard of living much greater then they have been accustomed to. Once a woman experiences this change in lifestyle it is extremely difficult to go back to a middle class existence.

For a wealthy gentleman dating very attractive younger women has been given the terminology of Sugar daddy dating, this implies somewhat more mature men interested in beginning a mutually beneficial relationship with younger attractive ladies for the purpose of showing them a more affluent lifestyle.  The affluent dating beneath their socio-economic position does not mean that more of a traditional type of relationship would be not be acceptable, and this quite regularly can lead to a long term relationship and perhaps even marriage.

When a young woman enters into a relationship with a upscale gentleman it can become an educational experience. This schooling is not in the traditional sense, but more in the way of enhanced life lessons.  In the Sugar daddy dating experience, the young woman will be exposed to a level of affluence that she may have only dreamed of, or seen on television, but will now get actual exposure to this lifestyle. It is how she reacts to this new and fascinating way of life that could very well determine her future.

It especially needs to be understood that with the middle class, lower class or the rich, dating is based on respect and understanding, combined with shared visions. If these elements are not present it does not matter whether it is the rich dating the poor, or the middle class dating the middle class, a relationship without these basics is doomed to failure.

Women date wealthy men to gain better life experiences

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sugar daddy with Young Women on Yacht


Ask typical single girls what they look for most often in a potential date and they will likely answer with one of the following things, “he has to be handsome and he should have a nice smile.” Other women will respond with something to the affect of “he should like animals and children”, while still others will resound “he should have money”. ‘Money’, what does money have to do with how attracted a woman may be to a man? Well in this day in age, a lot.  Beautiful, single girls are attracted to wealthy men not only for the material things he may be able to offer, but also because wealthy men tend to be more confident and generally more outgoing.  Wealthy men can give a single girl the option of staying in and watching a movie at home or traveling to a tropical getaway for the weekend. Unless she is specifically looking for wealthy men in her search, this is not something single girls are accustomed to stumbling across in the mainstream dating scene.

Wealthy men offer gorgeous single women a different view of the world; one in which they are catered to, and made to feel special.  Unless she has dated wealthy men before, this could all be very overwhelming for a beautiful single woman, particularly a younger one.  In the wealthy dating scenario, many things change from the average relationship. When a young woman begins dating, it is more than likely, someone from her own peer group and also more than likely someone close to her own age. Unless this young woman comes from an affluent family, her dating pool will more likely consist of friends or others from within her socio-economic group, and therefore she is probably going to have experiences that are both inexpensive and geographically closer to home.

When a young and attractive woman begins to date wealthy men her exposure to the world broadens and she begins to gain experiences that are not possible without the substantial resources that wealthy men possess. Her physical boundaries are now greatly enhanced as it may be just as possible to fly to a city to see the opening of a new play as it was for her to have driven several hours to go hiking or to the beach.  This is not to say, that wealthy men would not want to take a trip to the beach or go camping, as these activities are loved by most people. The major difference would be in the comfort level experienced by the young woman dating a prosperous man.  Someone in her own peer group may be happy just to own a car, whereas wealthy men would more typically drive the finest in luxury automobiles. Needless to say there is a huge difference between flying economy and those enjoying cocktails in the first class section of a major airline.

While it may be true that it is just as easy to fall in love with wealthy men as poor men, it is also true, that the journey to eternal bliss need not have to be down a long, hard and bumpy road, when a Ferrari can get you there in half the time!

How To Impress And Date Classy Single Women

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classy woman

There are many reasons as to what makes a female beautiful but there’s nothing more attractive than a well cultured classy woman. What exactly is it about these women that men find so attractive? Well for one thing these ladies tend to be well spoken, cultured and classy.

Dating sophisticated classy single women can be difficult for some men due to the fact that they’re not going to find such individuals at their local bar or club. If you want to meet refined women, then you have to go to the places that classy well educated women frequent. 

One popular place where you’re likely to find such individuals would be art galleries and museums.  Many times you can spot cultured sophisticated women browsing through various art exhibits, displays and auctions.

Charity events are a likely place where these classy females can be seen as many of these individuals tend to be involved in various causes with the intention of making a difference in the lives of people. Upper class social events, fine restaurants and upscale department stores are a few more likely places where you can spot these elegant, debonair women.

Many sophisticated ladies enjoy visiting other countries and exotic places which means if you intend on dating such a person, be prepared to do some traveling.  For some men this might be an inconvenience but if you have the means to travel, why not enjoy it in the company of a cultured woman.

If you really want to impress these elegant females you can learn to become a wine connoisseur which is a great way of showing these ladies that you too have culture and class. Taking her to wine testing events is another activity that the two of you can share together and can be quite enjoyable.

Other places you might try taking these women to might be the opera, ballet, theater, famous architectural sites and anything else that is related to the arts. Some men might find visiting such places intimidating due to the fact that they are not familiar with such sites but this can easily be remedied by educating yourself and taking some classes.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dating these well cultured women is to be honest and have a good time. So many of us get caught up with trying to make a good impression that we forget to relax and enjoy the moment. It is only when we are totally comfortable with who we are that we shine and that is when magic happens!

Dating: Why it is a numbers game

Dating: Why It Is A Numbers Game?

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Have you ever noticed that in every bar in every part of the world, there is always one guy who seems to have the most incredible stories about all the women he has dated and the incredible adventures he has had?  You may look at this man, give him the once over and slap yourself in the head and say “how the heck can he have a date, when I can barely get arrested?”  The answer to this question might be much, much simpler than you could have ever dreamed, to this chap, it’s a numbers game!

What is meant by a numbers game when referring to dating? Well, think about how many times a day a tele-marketer calls your phone and tries to sell you something, or get you to subscribe to a magazine, or even offer you free tickets to a vacation resort, where all you have to do is listen to a slide show presentation touting the great Costa Rican land deal you may be missing? Obviously, they do not expect every phone call to result in a sale, but it may only take one out of every 500 calls to make this venture successful. So it is with the numbers game dater as well.

The numbers game dater may not be the crème of the crop amongst the dating population, but he has something most of the other gentleman looking to date attractive women do not…confidence and a nothing to lose by trying attitude. He knows that if he is persistent, eventually he will come across that one person that will be receptive to his approach or conversation and may actually agree to go out on a date with this person. He may only have a very long string of first dates, but to the numbers game dater, this is all well and good. The attractive, successful man may be fearful of rejection and therefore will only approach those women that he is reasonably sure will be responsive to his offers and therefore his success rate will be very high compared to the numbers method which has a extremely high failure rate.

No matter which technique is used to pursue a date, the ultimate goal must be clearly defined in order to decide, not only the method, but the quarry as well. If all you are looking for is short term companionship, either method may serve you well, however if a long term relationship or potential mate is the essential motive behind this search, than a well thought out plan, including knowing where to look and how to dress and exactly what kind of person you are looking for is in order. The days of singles mingling in the Borsht Belt hotels of the Catskill Mountains are long gone and the era of targeted dating and online dating is well underway!

Texting To A Potential Date Is Emotionless

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For good or bad, texting has become a way of life and it’s probably not going to go away anytime soon. How many times have we been at a restaurant, on a bus, the gym or unfortunately even driving along a freeway or stopped at a traffic light only to see someone hard at work punching the keys of their smart phone to send a message? Texting is a convenient method of interacting with another person without actually having to speak with them.  It’s especially effective if you want to convey a thought without getting into a lengthy discussion on a subject. But, the problem with texting is that the reader will only see words, they really can’t feel the emotional inflections the person texting is projecting.  This can be especially troublesome if this text is of a personal nature and quite often, even with the use of what is called emoticons (little bits of text such as smiley faces) can be misconstrued. For this reason, there are several things that are best left to the voice.

At sleep away camp we used to play a game around the campfire where one person would whisper something into another person’s ear and that person would to the same to another and so on. By the time the message makes it’s way full circle the message has been changed, misinterpreted and convoluted to such a degree that the original message is no longer truly understandable. It’s the same way with texts, the original meaning is never quite as clear as when conveyed by the spoken word and therefore can easily be misconstrued.

So now we know that the written word is subject to interpretation just like when reading a book. If you sit down and read the book you get to put your own spin on things and interpret the book as you see fit.  However, if you are listening to a book on tape you are guided completely by the voice and inflections of the narrator. Its also important to understand that most people texting are going more for speed than accuracy and take many shortcuts that are also not always easily understood. The point is that voice inflections and facial cues play a large part in how we convey information to others. If you want accuracy, speak the words.

Also, depending on how you are texting, you are leaving a word trail as to your feelings at any given point in time. These texts can be used against you later on. It’s a simple thing to cut and paste words from a private means of communication to a blog or face book page which depending on the juiciness of the text can spread like wildfire and make your life uncomfortable for a while. Keep private things private!

I prefer to only text short snippets of information to others, such as a phone number, where I am or when I plan to arrive somewhere. Of course that’s not the only type of information people should text, but you get the idea. Peoples emotions tend to usually get the better of them and if it is an emotionally charged text, don’t count on the recipient comprehending the message that you sent.

How Do Men Feel About Dating Overweight Women?

Published on 10 Dec 2012 with 1 Comment

Not everyone is supermodel thin, and the truth is that when the layers of fine clothing and lingerie are peeled away and the make-up is removed, many men are turned off by what is left. Don’t get me wrong, these women are still attractive and enjoy flawless features, but most men seem to prefer dating a woman with a bit more substance. In other words, being a bit overweight is not necessarily a bad thing, but where does average end and obese begin? For the most part, men prefer non-overweight women, but a bit more substance does not mean wearing a belt size that reads “equator”. Just ask any male to tell you about the girl he dreams about and there is a good chance she will not be overweight. When most men are asked to rate a woman, those getting the highest scores are not those that are model thin, but those that fill out their clothes best or have an air of sexual suggestiveness to them.

How a man looks at a woman is very subjective. Most people, when they pass each other on the street or at a favorite nightspot do not first think, “Hey, I bet she has a really nice personality”. It’s much more probable that the first thing that comes to mind is “Holy crap! Look at that ass!” But let’s assume the woman is just about average or a few lbs over that perception. It may take longer to get into a meaningful conversation with that woman, but once and interaction starts, it becomes more about personality and compatibility. At this point men’s perception of a woman’s weight is more about personal taste in regards to the extent of excess body fat.

Peer Pressure actually plays more of a role in a man’s sensitivity of whether or not a woman is overweight than the bathroom scale, as many men do not want to be called a ‘chubby chaser’ by their friends. The overweight prejudice is a relatively recent trend as in centuries past an overweight woman was perceived as more suitable for child bearing. It is only since the media has grown so powerful that such an impact on public perception of weight, that ultra thin models have unfairly become the standard against what all women are measured. It is like saying a man is less of a man because he is short, unfortunately a person cannot get taller, but they can lose weight. Taller and thinner have become what we outwardly notice about others first.

Overweight women do not suffer from a lack of physical intimacy because of their weight; they are just as likely to have as much sex as their thinner counterparts, perhaps even more. Men seem to also truly enjoy the aspects of a relationship that don’t involve sex, such as spending time with someone who has common interests and is easy to talk to. Thin women can have these characteristics as well, but as studies show, thin is usually in the minority!

In all relationships, very rarely is everything perfect and there are always compromises that need to be made. But if you are the kind of person who is always looking for a bigger and better deal, then you may not feel comfortable with a slightly overweight woman. If you are physically not attracted to the woman then you should think twice about getting involved as it is not only going to keep you wondering if you could have done better, but it is certainly not fair to her as well. Remember, there are far more significant factors in life than weight.


Choosing The Right Username For A Dating Site.

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Sometimes a rose by any other name does not smell as sweet. Lets just reverse this a bit and decide how we would feel if rotten eggs were called roses. Ok, a bit confusing but look at it this way, if you are the nicest person in the world and your online username is BabySealClubber you may not get the opportunity to make a first impression. So why is it that when creating a username for online dating sites, so many people try to come up with a name that is either very inappropriate or does nothing to project the kind of person they are, or their interests. It important to realize that your username is your calling card and this along with your picture will be analyzed, scrutinized and examined considerably to determine if you are worth the time and effort of being sent a message. You will in fact, be judged by the name you choose so make the name work for you, not against you.

It is always a good idea to place something identifiable in a username, such as a hobby or interest. If someone browsing through profiles sees a username that is expressive of something they too enjoy, it is far more likely that they will take the time to give that profile an extra bit of examination. That extra second or two make be all you need to quite possibly change your life. Take a look at the following usernames; BobSkisVT and HotGuy4u, one is very descriptive and tells you a lot about the person, such as the user’s name, interests and a location he frequents. The other username can be any of a million other guys trolling the Internet. A first name and hobby in a profile name also gives some sense familiarity.

The username is great door opener, but if you write a poor profile that shows you to be shallow or a jerk, the name is not going to help. It only assists if everything after the name is quality as well. You need to understand that you are in competition with thousands of others and if your profile and picture are similar to someone else’s, the username could be a deciding factor. Lets be honest, if you merely have a so-so username but you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, you are still going to beat out the guy or girl with the good username and profile, unless of course you are so over the top obnoxious that a puppy wouldn’t even sniff you.

Humor is always a great ice-breaker and if you can incorporate it into your username you are showing a sense of humor, and that may be enough to get someone to pause long enough to read your profile. That is what a good username does; it gets people to stop long enough to read your profile. Combine a sense of humor with an interest or hobby and you have a great username. It also gives the other person a great conversation starter, a s with our earlier name BobSkisVT a girl can break the ice easily merely by saying “hi Bob! I love to ski Vermont too, what mountain do you like?” It’s really just that simple.

How to start dating again for beginners

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Returning to the dating scene after a divorce or separation?…..


After being married for many years is not an easy thing for a woman to do but what’s even harder than that is dating such a woman. Dating newly single women requires a man to have patience as well as the ability to be understanding.

Many newly single women have been out of the dating scene for quite a bit of time which means they may be somewhat nervous about dating.  It is important to make her feel relaxed and comfortable when she is with you. You might try using a little humor on her as laughter is always an effective way to make a person feel relaxed and at ease.

It is important to move slowly with her in the relationship by not putting pressure on her about getting more intimate. It is quite possible that a newly single woman has been with the same man for a very long period of time which may make her either apprehensive or eager to get more intimate with you. Let her move at a pace that she is most comfortable with which will require understanding and patience on your part.

When dating a newly single woman it is quite possible that she will have children that live with her which means she has a responsibility to her kids. You might find it necessary to work around her schedule so that she will have time for you as well as her children. If you really want to score points with her, you might try planning a weekend with her and her children so that you may all get to know each other in an enjoyable atmosphere such as an amusement park for example.

One very important point to keep in mind is that you don’t want to be “the next guy” who happens to come along at a time when a newly single woman is looking to fill a void. A man should be cautious that he may be entering a woman’s life at a time when she desperately needs help emotionally so be prepared that you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s never easy learning how to start dating again.

The last thing I’d like to say about dating newly single women is to have a good time and to just be yourself. Honesty and communication are probably two of the most important things in a relationship if you plan on having long term success. Be truthful and understanding but remember to also proceed with caution and I’m sure your dating experience will be one to remember.

Great places to meet women besides bars and clubs

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How to pick up women on your commute to work:


I was in a dry spell when it comes to meeting women, all my usual hot spots had not been paying off and I was giving some serious thought as to where to meet women besides bars and clubs.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks while on my way to work. Commuting to work on the subway sucks. I wish there were a better way to phrase this but when you just come right down to it, commuting really does suck. Endless lines of people silently staring into space and trying not to be noticed as they continue through their daily existence. Well, I thought it was time to shake it up a bit. It was bad enough that I had to go through this just to get to a job I really wasn’t all that fond of, but I’m a people person and here I had the ultimate captive audience!

I’m not the most suave guy in the world, or probably the room either, but I do have a habit of talking to pretty much anyone I meet. I mean its fun to get into conversations with people for no apparent reason and you never know whom you might meet, and you may even make a new friend. I was scanning the subway car I was riding in just to see what the regulars were up to when I saw a young woman in her late 20’s struggling with a package, while trying to hang onto the pole that kept her from falling over. It kind of bothered me that a young guy that was seated right in front of her and made no attempt to be chivalrous and give up his seat. I decided that this was as good a time as any to make my move.

The subway can be somewhat of a challenge for picking up women. It may take some special skills to accomplish this, as there are both  positives and negatives for this type of action. Remember, your on a moving train, people are being jostled around and noise could be a factor if you actually make it to the point where you have a conversation. Your advantage comes in the fact that she really has nowhere to go once you make your move. You are in an enclosed subway car careening down the tracks, so you basically have her cornered till at least the next stop, longer if she is late for work.

Now for the important stuff, depending upon your approach you will be thought of either as a normal guy also on his way somewhere, just engaging in some pleasant conversation to pass the time, or you will be though of as a stalker. If you are perceived as the stalker remember she has nowhere to run and a cornered animal can be very dangerous. Assess the situation quickly and make a hasty retreat if its obvious your are mere seconds away from a swift kick to the groin.

I sauntered up to the hanging strap just to the left of this woman and looked off in the opposite direction for a short while, waiting for my opportunity. It came just a minute or so later when a sharp curve in the tracks caused everyone in the train lose balance. Did I mention from riding this train everyday I new that this was inevitable and positioned myself perfectly to stop her fall and play the hero.

Once a woman falls into your arms, its very hard for her to not talk to you once you start the conversation. The initial opening line here is very important, too harsh and you’re  a weirdo, too soft and it goes unnoticed or perhaps she just smiles.  “If had a dollar for every time a woman throws herself into my arms on this train I’d have well…. A dollar” was my opening remark; it may not sound like much but it was all that was needed, she smiled back and thanked me and the conversation began.

I always say the key to meeting people during the commute to, or from work, is properly reading peoples reactions, not only to your approach but to the entire environment as well. Someone who has had a really bad day at work may react very differently than someone who may have just gotten a raise or promotion. With practice you can readily spot  who is approachable and who should be given a wide birth. Make sure to have a pen or your smart phone handy as you need to be able to jot down a number quickly as you never know which station she exits. It would be a shame to get through all this only to lose her when the doors open.

Writing A Good Headline For Your Dating Profile.

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By creating an effective online dating profile headline, a person can literally change their life. Read about several writing tips to help point you in the right direction.

Meeting your potential mate online is very common these days as internet dating has made it easy and convenient for people to get together. Just like anything else, there are some things to know in order to improve your online dating experience.

Creating a meaningful profile can make all the difference in the world in terms of your success in meeting someone online so here are some guidelines. Your profile is going to need a name or title. Try to think of a headline for a dating profile that somehow identifies who you are or what you’re interested in. Stay away from names that might send the wrong message to someone who will be reading your profile.

The next thing to do is to write about yourself. This section is very important because it’s like making a first impression on someone. The goal in writing about yourself is to let people know what your interests are and what you’re looking for. Be sure to list any hobbies that you may have so that you can attract someone who has similar interests.

Stay away from sounding negative, angry and apologetic for being on a dating site as this will make you appear to be a bitter person. Instead focus on writing about positive things and try including a little humor in your profile which can really make all the difference in the world. You can even incorporate this into the dating profile headlines.

Checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors is also very important. A person can be extremely intelligent but if their writing is filled with spelling mistakes and typos, they’re are going to appear uneducated and readers will get easily annoyed and turned off.

After you’ve finished writing about yourself you will need to post a photo. Including several pictures of yourself will greatly increase your odds of having your profile noticed. When it comes to dating advice, I can’t think of anything more important then including several photos of yourself in your profile as a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you are easily viewable in the photos and stay away from posting pictures of you and your friends.

By taking the time to create meaningful dating profiles with catchy dating profile headlines, using the above dating tips as a writing guide, you’ll increase your chances of finding what it is you’ve been searching for and that is when your life can literally change!




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