Dating By Email – Messages That Get Responses

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Many men using online dating sites have had a problem figuring out how to get a woman’s attention and how to get more women messaging them back. It’s really not that difficult once you understand how to create a dating profile that makes a difference, or to be more precise, how to get a woman’s attention and keep it. Decades ago in the back of magazines there were ads on how to pick up women, well guess what, they are back, but this time they teach you how create messages to make you successful in online dating.

Before you even get to the response and messaging part of online dating you really need to have a profile that can grab and hold a woman’s attention. The first part of this usually is the introduction. If you insist upon using this opening line to state how wealthy you are or what type of car you drive then you fall into the same category as the majority of people who think they can get quality women to talk to them based solely on this fact. You need to separate yourself from the crowd and scream “Hey! I am different!” Of course this isn’t what you actually say but by being amusing and different you may get a woman to read on to your actual profile to see what you are all about.  A sample online introduction could be something more like “Responsible by day, irresponsible by night” rather than “Millionaire seeking Arm Candy”.

Now that you have an introduction it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts of your profile. First decide who you are, funny? Serious? A bit of both perhaps?  Sample dating profiles are a dime a dozen on the Internet but you need to know how to continue once the messaging starts. It only works if you write about who you really are and present it in a way that not only makes sense but draws additional questions. The key to writing a great online dating profile is to show your personality by how you write as well as what you write. Pretty much anyone can spout off a laundry list of attributes and key facts but presenting it in a way that makes you seem like a friend instead of just a guy writing a profile is a difference-maker.

The average guy may write “I like fine dining and the beach” whereas the above average guy says “ a picnic basket filled with cheeses and foods from around the world while listening to the waves crash against the shore” conjures up a picture that is much more appealing to the woman reading this profile. In between the jazz make certain you offer key facts about yourself such as occupation, children, etc, but not enough that it would compromise your security.

Okay, the responses to you profile are now beginning to trickle in…what now? Well, first of all if you wrote a good dating profile that gets noticed you should be getting more responses than you know how to answer, so pick a few that intrigue you to get started.  Messages that get read have some common elements, they tell something about you, they are amusing and they are brief, perhaps 2-3 sentences. There will be plenty of time to get to know one another in greater detail later, but for now opening a continuous flow of conversation is what you should be shooting for.

Writing the initial messages is not difficult but there are certain rules that should apply if you are to be successful and the first of these is learning how to spell.  Many women have complained that men who use common Internet abbreviations or or make a substantial amount of spelling and grammar mistakes are really conveying that if they don’t care enough to write properly they probably will not care enough in a relationship. Another turn-off to many women is when a man immediately compliments some physical attribute. “Wow! I think you are really hot! translates in woman-speak to the probability that you are not and are just hoping someone falls for it. Saying something more like “ I was browsing the profiles and your eyes just grabbed me!” is a much better way of breaking the ice.

Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, you better do it right! What you put in the subject line of the message can make all the difference between getting read or getting thrown out with the trash. Imagine eating a piece of plain toast,  writing “hello” or “hey” is kind of the same thing, its boring and does nothing for you. Be imaginative and make the recipient want to see what’s on the inside and then dazzle her with wit while letting her know that you may have things in common.

Getting your message read is only half of the equation, getting responses to your messages completes the mission. To be successful in online dating you must combine all the above mentioned tips and suggestions and make it feel as if you are not behind a keyboard and monitor but sitting across a table from an attractive woman, letting your true personality shine through. If you have no personality and the best line you can come up with is “Hey babe, wanna get lucky?” Then just sell your computer and buy a dog!

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7 Clever Ways To Ask First Date Questions

Where To Meet Black Successful Men

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I was recently asked by a friend of mine who had gone through a string of fairly unsuccessful relationships why she can’t meet a black man of substance and stability. She wondered if it could possibly have something to do with race, since she was African-American. I looked at her for a good 10-15 seconds and by then she knew she was in for a lecture. I began by asking her where she was meeting these men? Already knowing the answer I delivered to her in my best elderly Jewish man accent…AHA!!!!!

There are many places to meet black men but she specifically said she was looking for a successful and stable black man, I told her to look for them the same way you would look to meet anyone of quality regardless of skin tone. You may be looking in venues that cater more towards single African-American men but the concept is the same. Stop hoping to meet your Mr. right in clubs and bars, there is a better than average chance that those you meet there are looking more for the short-term adventure than a stable relationship that could lead to more.

The black dating scene is no different from any other ethnic group, and the types of women that black men date are also looking for something special and quite often find that the Internet is a great place to look. Women that are searching for a successful man tend to gravitate towards those online dating sites that cater to those enjoying an above average lifestyle and for black women to meet rich black men they should not only look on mainstream dating sites but especially on those catering specifically to an upscale black customer base.

If online dating sites are not for you then figure out where single African-American men congregate and spend some time there as well. Believe it or not churches are considered a good place to meet upscale and stable people as those with a sense of faith and responsibility seem to be drawn together there. Many of my married friends say they met their future spouse while engaging in their interests outside of their careers such as as cooking or scuba diving classes.

If you are looking to meet successful black men, it also pays to spend time with successful black women as well. People who have reached a certain level in life tend to hang out with those in similar socio-economic groups and many of them have friends or relatives who are also in that circle. Let it be known that you may be available to date and let others who may know you and your interests play the matchmaking game. You never know what can happen!

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Where To Meet Friends And Have Fun Doing It

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Not all interactions between people have to end up in a dating scenario, sometimes it’s enough to just go out and make some new friends. Learning how to succeed socially is a key component of understanding how and where to meet friends or just make some new acquaintances. For some people this is easier said than done as many people have trouble with unfamiliar situations and learning how to get socially adept is very difficult for them. If you are one of these individuals, never fear, this article will give you a great idea of how to start making friends and influencing people, well, at least getting friends.

Where to meet friends is always a question that comes up frequently, especially for those who may have just relocated due to a new job or family concerns. If you are trying to figure out where to meet friends in a new city then just think about what you may have done in the last town you lived in, chances are the same types of venues or gathering places are available wherever you are. If not, then think about broadening your areas of interests, learning new things, visit new places.  As you expand your social horizons it will be inevitable that interactions with others will take place. Just let the natural flows of any conversations guide you.

Making friends is not difficult; if you have just relocated you new job should be a prime area for meeting new friends. It just may take a bit of a feeling out process to determine which of your new co-workers may have similar interests and worthy of your time. If your friendships tend to turn into more than just friendships be careful as many companies may have policies about dating in the workplace.

I actually find that I make most friends when I am least expecting it. Chance encounters at any number of places can lead you to making friends as long as you are open to the idea and do not have the attitude of a complete ass. Chance encounters encompass a great many venues and they also are the way most people meet.

Chance encounters that occur at places you actually are hoping to meet other people are really not by chance occurrences. The movies or the supermarket are more of a random coincidence than going to an art gallery or taking a cooking class. By taking classes and going to cultural events you are in fact expanding your social circle and therefore increasing the odds that you will meet others with whom you share interests and may want to get to know better.

Meeting online is a fine way to meet new people, but knowing where to look can make all the difference. Knowing how to succeed socially is basically about understanding how to get social. Figuring out where to look and then how recognize when to interact. Online forums and groups are all over the Internet, just pick the ones that interest you and then a topic within that forum that you can either ask or answer a question about. That’s pretty much all it takes to get started meeting people online. Just let things progress at their own pace and before you know it you will have many more friends than you ever expected.

How To Dress For A Date – And Stiil Feel Comfortable

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There really are few things worse in the dating world than meeting your date for a long anticipated wonderful evening out and the seeing that person dressed completely inappropriate for that evening.  Suppose you are a woman expecting the gentleman to show up for a planned dinner at an elegant restaurant and he shows up in Sneakers and a tee shirt. It’s not going to make you giddy with anticipation. I once picked up a young woman for just such an evening.  All seemed great when I met her but after the door opened and what looked like the Queen of the Damned appeared in full Goth mode, I realized that even when you tell a person where you will be going for that date, you may want to politely mention attire for the date. This is done in a subtle way of course.

The key to pulling off a great evening in terms of how to dress for a date is not to be someone you’re not. If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, there will be a bit of an uneasy feeling throughout the date. You can dress elegant and still be comfortable, there is no law that states you need dress in a specific way, only that it fits the occasion.

If you are a woman or a man, you should dress properly for the evening but do something that stands out just a bit. Dressing for a date also means setting yourself apart from a crowd. This does not mean having a new hairstyle that looks as if it were done in the finest salon in Transylvania or wearing a tie with pictures of fish that begin to sing when you touch them. Looking special does not mean having taxicabs afraid to pick you up.

So far we have assumed that you are planning on going to nice restaurant, so nice shoes would definitely take precedence over running shoes, but lets say the date is not one in which you go out to dinner. Lets assume you have found someone with similar interests and you decide to do something you enjoy…together.

Where is this date going to take you, the beach, hiking or a long drive in the country? Even if this date is just to go see a movie, there is a proper way to dress. Do not dress in a way that demonstrates you don’t care very much how you look. It just stands to reason that if you don’t care how you look, how can you care much about the person you are with, of course you may not see it that way but they might.

I am not trying to dictate style to you, the colors and fashion you choose are and should be an extension of your personality.  What is important however is to dress for a date with a certain amount of taste. Wearing hiking shoes and a tee shirt for a day on a favorite walking trail is fine, where the problem arises is if that attire is something that your local Goodwill would turn down. Dressing for your date is about more than wardrobe. Heading to the local beach where everyone is wearing board shorts and you show up wearing a Speedo, two sizes too small will surely make your date want to open an artery and run screaming into the ocean hoping a Great White is swimming nearby.

Clean, tasteful and date appropriate are the buzzwords for understanding how to dress for a date. Even if you are not the most fashion conscious person, just understanding this will at least allow the person you are interested to stay interested, and perhaps another date might be a shopping trip to enhance your sense of style!

Find Me A Date Tonight

Find Me A Date Tonight | Successful Dating

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Another lonely night at home, watching your goldfish laugh at you when he knows he may get some later from that fancy tail hanging out on the other side of the water filter? Well, whose fault is that? Just give it a little bit of thought and dig up a bit of courage and you too can be out on the town saying, “lord please step in and find me a date tonight.”

One of the first things you need to decide upon when trying to find a date is what you actually want to get out that date. Are you just looking for some pleasant company for the evening and perhaps getting to know someone a bit better or are you looking for a hot passionate night with little or no regard for the future. The answer to this question and the ultimate goal of successful dating will determine what approach you may use to find a date tonight.

No matter what you are looking for, you will still need to be appealing to the person that you may want to ask out. So when you do begin looking for your date, keep in mind that you want to entice them into getting to know you better, not chase them off screaming.

One of the best methods for successful dating is to just go about your normal daily routine, but with a keen eye open for any potential dating material. I have actually found that merely walking up to someone in a casual but friendly manner is a great method. Of course you still need to have some conversation starter that doesn’t make you seem like a stalker is vital to your success and can really help if you eventually need to go to court.

The grocery and outdoor cafes are great for this approach. The vast array of online dating sites is a tried and true method of finding a date for tonight in the most efficient way possible. Not only can you search thousands of profiles but you can also pick a specifically themed website to look for someone that you already know has similar interests. It’s also a much quicker way of finding a date as you already know the people you meet via an online dating site are also looking to date.

This is the foundation for everything that comes after, whether it’s an ongoing relationship or a visit to a motel that charges by the hour. If you are on a favorite dating site or at the corner grocery store you still need to approach someone if you have hopes of finding a date tonight.

Successful dating is not rocket science, just realize that other people want to go out on a date too, so it is just a question of getting those two people in close proximity either in person or at the other end of the Internet and hoping one of them is confident enough, or desperate enough to make that inspiring and well known…first move!

7 Clever Ways To Ask First Date Questions

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couple on first date asking questions

You have planned everything down to the goodbye kiss. You have scripted everything about how the first date should go, when you will pick her up if you are a man, and what you will be wearing if you are a woman. You are now prepared for any eventuality. The date is going well but then something inside you blurts out a question that could have you both scrambling for cover. It seems that everyone who goes on a first date wants to know answers to many of the same questions, and quite often these questions are asked. The method of delivery however is another story as how you ascertain the answers can make the difference between a pleasant evening and a fork in the eye!

Its important to keep conversation and questions on a first date light and easy, there is nothing worse than someone giving you the third degree about everything under the sun. You are trying to get to know someone so don’t make him or her feel like they are filling out a mortgage application. Phrase your questions that will lead to the answers you seek, but without directly challenging the other person to give a quick and definitive response. So, lets look at some of the ways we can ask first date questions without making it seem like an interview.

In addition to chemistry, dating is really about strategy. Each person is attempting to determine various things about the other; some people are just more obvious than others.
But if you want to ask certain questions here are some clever ways to ask those first date question.

Sarcasm, this has always been a fairly useful tool in the questioning process. Sarcastic humor such as “I work 40 hours to be this poor” is a great way to open a conversation about finance, wealth and employment.

Humor will always be the greatest of all icebreakers, especially for difficult topics, and when used to elicit a response it can tell a person a great deal. Get into a conversation about movies and then mention a funny movie that has religious aspects to it. Now you have a method to move into a light discussion that can help you determine if your date is a religious person or not.

Semi-Direct questions should be tempered with smiles and lots of wine. If you want to know about the stability of a person and their career direction then phrase the question as a direct one but without asking it exactly that way. “If you could choose your dream job, what would it be?” Again, this opens the door to expand the conversation in direction that will give you some answers.

There are two other clever ways to ask questions on a first date but the person asking has to be a quick thinker and possess the ability to change direction quickly. They are Self-deprecating humor and confrontational. “I’m in shape. Round is a shape, right? This is a great example of self-deprecating humor and can be useful in a conversation about whether or not you eat healthy or go to a gym. For the confrontational approach, let us remember we are on a date so confrontational does not mean aggressive, it may just take the form of a contra point of view, “I can’t believe you would actually pick this movie over that one!”

When it comes to emotions you need to tread lightly, but it is important to ask certain questions when you are trying to determine the emotional baggage a person may be carrying around. Compassionate questioning works well if you already know of some break-up or issue in their lives that gives you concerns about the long-term potential of this person. “I heard about what you had gone through, I recently went through something similar” and then let the process continue from there. This is a type of question where you may need to back it off a bit if you see too emotional of a response, but its also perfect in that it give a good indication of their redness to move on.

All these possibilities are merely what I like to call probing hints.  They open a line of conversation without making you seem like an idiot or trying to stick your nose where it may not belong. The best first date questions never actually seem like questions, they are more like subtle nudges, directing people to those answers you’d like to have.

Of course, some people have no filter and may blurt out the most offensive questions. This is Volume questioning in which they will ask very blunt and often insulting questions to many people on many dates in hopes that somewhere along the line they get an affirmative response. This is quite often used by men when trying to determine if first date sex is a possibility before continuing. A good example of this might be “are you going to sleep with me, or do you want to split the bill?” Have fun and date safely!

Rich Men Dating Younger Women Is known As Sugar Daddy Dating

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Dating is not a spectator sport so it is correct to presume that an individual will get out of his or her experiences what they put into it. Those middle class individuals may not have the same goals or abilities as rich men dating another well to do individual, who also has above average means, and therefore may be looking for someone who currently shares a comparable lifestyle. The interesting combination occurs with the rich dating a person of significantly lesser means, who is then exposed to standard of living much greater then they have been accustomed to. Once a woman experiences this change in lifestyle it is extremely difficult to go back to a middle class existence.

For a wealthy gentleman dating very attractive younger women has been given the terminology of Sugar daddy dating, this implies somewhat more mature men interested in beginning a mutually beneficial relationship with younger attractive ladies for the purpose of showing them a more affluent lifestyle.  The affluent dating beneath their socio-economic position does not mean that more of a traditional type of relationship would be not be acceptable, and this quite regularly can lead to a long term relationship and perhaps even marriage.

When a young woman enters into a relationship with a upscale gentleman it can become an educational experience. This schooling is not in the traditional sense, but more in the way of enhanced life lessons.  In the Sugar daddy dating experience, the young woman will be exposed to a level of affluence that she may have only dreamed of, or seen on television, but will now get actual exposure to this lifestyle. It is how she reacts to this new and fascinating way of life that could very well determine her future.

It especially needs to be understood that with the middle class, lower class or the rich, dating is based on respect and understanding, combined with shared visions. If these elements are not present it does not matter whether it is the rich dating the poor, or the middle class dating the middle class, a relationship without these basics is doomed to failure.

Women date wealthy men to gain better life experiences

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sugar daddy with Young Women on Yacht


Ask typical single girls what they look for most often in a potential date and they will likely answer with one of the following things, “he has to be handsome and he should have a nice smile.” Other women will respond with something to the affect of “he should like animals and children”, while still others will resound “he should have money”. ‘Money’, what does money have to do with how attracted a woman may be to a man? Well in this day in age, a lot.  Beautiful, single girls are attracted to wealthy men not only for the material things he may be able to offer, but also because wealthy men tend to be more confident and generally more outgoing.  Wealthy men can give a single girl the option of staying in and watching a movie at home or traveling to a tropical getaway for the weekend. Unless she is specifically looking for wealthy men in her search, this is not something single girls are accustomed to stumbling across in the mainstream dating scene.

Wealthy men offer gorgeous single women a different view of the world; one in which they are catered to, and made to feel special.  Unless she has dated wealthy men before, this could all be very overwhelming for a beautiful single woman, particularly a younger one.  In the wealthy dating scenario, many things change from the average relationship. When a young woman begins dating, it is more than likely, someone from her own peer group and also more than likely someone close to her own age. Unless this young woman comes from an affluent family, her dating pool will more likely consist of friends or others from within her socio-economic group, and therefore she is probably going to have experiences that are both inexpensive and geographically closer to home.

When a young and attractive woman begins to date wealthy men her exposure to the world broadens and she begins to gain experiences that are not possible without the substantial resources that wealthy men possess. Her physical boundaries are now greatly enhanced as it may be just as possible to fly to a city to see the opening of a new play as it was for her to have driven several hours to go hiking or to the beach.  This is not to say, that wealthy men would not want to take a trip to the beach or go camping, as these activities are loved by most people. The major difference would be in the comfort level experienced by the young woman dating a prosperous man.  Someone in her own peer group may be happy just to own a car, whereas wealthy men would more typically drive the finest in luxury automobiles. Needless to say there is a huge difference between flying economy and those enjoying cocktails in the first class section of a major airline.

While it may be true that it is just as easy to fall in love with wealthy men as poor men, it is also true, that the journey to eternal bliss need not have to be down a long, hard and bumpy road, when a Ferrari can get you there in half the time!

Free Divorce – Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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Should I stay or should I go, has come to mean more than just a popular song by a group called “The Clash.” Divorce rates are climbing into the stratosphere while more and more men and women are weighing their options when it comes to getting out of ill-fated marriages. Those who decide to file for divorce are quickly finding out that there really isn’t such a thing as a cheap divorce as the emotional and financial consequences of ending a marriage may be significant. But then again, its difficult to understand what are the real the costs of staying in a bad marriage?

Divorce costs should not be the overwhelming factor when deciding to end a marriage, but they do come up as a topic of discussion. But what would happen if there were ways to get a free divorce? Would the availability of a inexpensive divorce cause more marriages to end or would the lessened pressure of getting out of a marriage help keep things a bit more civil and amenable. The popular upscale dating site was curious about some of the not-so-obvious reasons people wanted to get divorced and recently offered to cover the monetary divorce costs for three of its members if they could give a unique and interesting reason for it.


Money issues are usually one of the major contributors to the skyrocketing divorce rates, so a free divorce should alleviate some pressure and allow  the couple to carry on as quickly and painlessly as possible in their search for individual happiness. Let’s face it, sometimes even the hottest flame grows cold, but this doesn’t mean that two people can’t have some resemblance of respect for one another. Life goes on and so must divorced people, and with the end of one part of your life you are now free to begin the next. The reasons for divorce are varied and often either very amusing or very disturbing and usually good for some great conversation around the holiday table. Just remember that the end result of divorce is Freedom.

This promotion by the well-known dating site was its way of having some fun, assisting a few of its members and celebrating the fourth of July by way of helping a few good folks in their quest for freedom! We all know that just leaving a marriage is not a guarantee that the rest of your life will be filled with joy and happiness. However, a free divorce for those who may otherwise be trapped in a purgatory of hopes and dreams gone bad can perhaps begin on a new course towards love and romance with someone better suited to for them. And of course the finest online dating site for upscale individuals, is on hand to help them begin their journey!

It is said that marriage can be thought of as a three-ring circus, first there is the engagement ring, then comes the wedding ring and then finally comes the suffer-ring!

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What You Really Need To Know About Dating & Relationship Books

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Those of us at would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a great friend of this website and his latest accomplishment. Noah Van Hochman who has assisted us with complex business strategies since our beginning has now taken the vast amount of knowledge gained though his experiences in life and at to create a dating and relationship book currently being offered on

The book entitled “Dude! What were you thinking?” is about all those little things that take place during the dating and relationship process that for someone that has the brain capacity just a bit higher than an eggplant should be obvious. Those little things that are usually obvious to everyone BUT those involved in the relationship. Mr. Van Hochman puts these seemingly common sense concepts together in such a way that will have you rolling on the floor laughing while scratching your head wondering “Why didn’t I think of that??” as you ponder your own relationships.

According to the book description on Amazon “Noah Van Hochman’s unique, nonstandard perspectives on life, the universe and dating are said to be due in part to the interesting cocktail of his massive intellect, boyish charm, fading good looks and of course, a colossal ego!”  He presents his views with a perspective and approach that seem to be more like equal parts Doctor Evil and the Dalai Lama, rather than an Adventurer with an MBA, his alcohol-induced opinions will surely entertain and inform those involved in new relationships and out in the modern dating world.

Have you ever really noticed the assortment of peculiarities that exist at the beginning of both the dating process and the start of a relationship?  Having an understanding of what to do in various situations can really save you a lot of time and aggravation. The types of people that we are drawn to are not always the ones that are the best for our continued sanity. This book on how to best navigate the treacherous waters of the dating process is basically a very humorous “how to date” manual, taking into consideration the most common mistakes made by both men and women. It is written as gender neutral to best give both the male and female perspectives.

Online dating brings with it a whole new set of concerns that men and women need to be aware of.   The explanations of what it takes to be successful among thousands of others competing for the most valued profiles is really great advice, as well information as how to avoid those individuals who may be, how shall we say it? “Undesirable!” Whether you are actually looking for that little bit of extra insight that will improve your dating and relationship survival odds or you are just looking for a great summer read, you might want to take a shot at “Dude! What Were You Thinking?” a common sense guide to dating and relationships.