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Are Casual Relationships Beating Out Committed Relationships

Published on 01 Oct 2014 with 0 Comments

Is a Casual relationship beating out Committed Relationships in Modern Society?


In today’s society there seems to be a lot of debate over what is or isn’t a committed or casual relationship. The definitions can be completely different depending upon whom you ask and what their understanding of his or her current relationship is.  Just a few decades ago committed relationships were thought of as those with long-term potential possibly leading to marriage, but today it seems more people are considering themselves in casual relationships than committed.

It’s also important to realize that we are talking about relationships, not just hooking up with a person you met at a club for a one-night stand. Friends with benefits would be closer to what we are speaking about than just hooking up. To have some manner of a relationship usually involves a certain physical or emotional connection but doesn’t necessarily carry with it any pledge of commitment or exclusivity.

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We have just used the word “exclusivity” in a discussion about relationships, but does a committed relationship automatically denote an exclusive relationship? In today’s society many people consider exclusive to mean just having the physical end of the relationship with one person. If that is so, does committed mean that the emotional part of the relationship is exclusive but the physical may not be?  Sex, or actually what happens after sex seems to be what really changes the classifications between casual and committed relationships.

Casual relationships are not platonic relationships either, as an intimacy without a deeper emotional bond is basically sex for the sake of sex with little regard for anything beyond that aspect of being together. There is no demand on time or emotions and any expectations are kept to a minimum. Just a reminder that casual sex can be thought of as no expectations of any kind and a repeat performance is neither required nor expected. We are talking about relationships. Casual relationships or “Friends With Benefits” are in fact relationships and there is some expectation of mutual support beyond the bedroom for some period of time, but one can be in several of these types of relationships simultaneously.

A committed relationship brings with it some mutually agreed upon code of conduct. It may involve physical or emotional exclusivity, as it’s a commitment between two people to be equally restricted in some fashion for the foreseeable future.  Stability is a key concept in this type of relationship along with mutual respect.

It may seem that in the modern world the fear of commitment seems to push more people towards the casual relationship allowing them to leave their options open to other possibilities. Sometimes people are hoping for the bigger and better deal such as the richer man or the better looking woman, but what it really comes down to is overcoming the fear of missing out on something. Most who are in casual relationships are committed to one another in some fashion. Imagine that you claim you are in such a relationship and your partner is out on a date with someone else, how would that make you feel? Casual relationships aren’t really beating out committed ones; it’s more like those involved are too fearful to admit they are in one.

Surprisingly Common Dating & Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

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Surprising Reasons Leading to Most Relationship Mistakes

We have all been in that relationship in which we wished that we could have seen something coming sooner or have thought if we only could change that one thing everything could have been different. Relationship regrets are something that anyone who has been in a relationship has felt at one time or another and most often come after that particular relationship is over or beyond repair. We are going to take a closer look at several of these common relationship mistakes that seem to be the most frequent dating regrets shared by both men and women.

Not Trusting your Gut

This is by far the most common relationship mistake as almost each and every person who has been in a failed relationship has experienced a specific point where their instincts told them something was wrong and they failed to listen to it. Some may have felt that if they ignored this feeling it would go away while others were blinded by unwavering

devotion to the other person.  Not trusting your gut instincts commonly leads to an inability to express your feelings and talk about potential problems finally resulting in relationship failure.

Not Talking About Problems

Failure to discuss problems is a very common relationship mistake that not only speeds up the collapse of the relationship but affects your self-esteem as well. We always hear how communication is the key to a healthy relationship but it seems many of us have no idea how to communicate. Waiting too long to make your feelings known can result in disaster. Emails and texting are no substitute for sitting down with someone and discussing those things that concern you.

Not Learning From Your Past

Relationship mistakes are just that, mistakes and as such you should learn from them. Just like sticking your hand in a flame and getting burned, you should learn not to place your hand there again. So why is it that so many of us continue to either date the same kind of people or conduct themselves in the same manner that caused the previous relationships to fail? Relationship mistakes are often patterns that seem to be more like the movie “Ground Hog Day” where Bill Murray relives the same day over and over. If you can understand the pattern you have a better chance of breaking it.

Relationships can be difficult and recognizing the red flags will greatly diminish the amount of pain you may need to incur. Take your time and be honest with yourself and the other person about what you are looking for and what you are offering. Don’t be afraid to make your feelings known, as most of us are not mind readers.  Fear can be either a great motivator or something that can stop you in your tracks, use it to your advantage. Take things slow and make decisions based on healthy desired outcomes and you should be able to navigate your way through the most common relationship mistakes.