Hey guys,

I have been on here for no time and I am going to cancel my membership with you today as I have really found my soulmate on here. We have fallen for one another in a big way. I joined SD as one of my friends is getting married in July after meeting her fiance on here and she recommended you and hey hey, look at me now! Thank you for helping me find my soulmate.

Many thanks,
Sonia G.
I wish I knew 50 different languages to say thank you in because I don't think one thank you is enough to describe how much I appreciate this site! I found a GREAT guy. Of course I was a little skeptical, but hey what did I have to lose. I have never been on a dating site were there were so many classy men. After being on this site for only one month, I met a guy who I would have never crossed paths with. But thanks to this site, I think he is really the one for me. New York's number one sugar baby.

Thank you again,
Sandy R.
Sugardaddie.com has been online since 2002 and was the first to deliver such a concept as matching wealthy singles. I was made aware of this dating service when it was featured on The Dr Phil Show. I am a testimonial of success on sugardaddie.com. I found the man of my dreams here on this site. He is attractive, smart, funny and soft-hearted. The greatest part of my story is that I would never have found someone so perfect for myself if I had not have taken the risk. I thank sugardaddie.com for providing me the opportunity to meet such a wonderful person. In essence there is no reason for me to have this profile anymore, other than to remind anyone out there looking that what they want is right around the corner. I had a successful experience with this site and I realize that everyone may not, but that doesn t mean that the right person isn t out there waiting to find you just the way you are looking to find them. Good luck and thanks Sugardaddie.com!

Thank you!,
Katie O.
My experiences on this site have been so positive. I have tried so many other sites and they are such the same old thing, wasted my money, and wasted my time with no real success.I've been there done it and got the certificate really!! But this site? Well nothing compares! Excellent, well done and many thanks spot on!!! I'm absolutely loving it. You know I may have just found my Mr. Right. Thank you Sugardaddie.com for the rest of my life.

Sondra M.
This is what every dating sight that was ever created should have been. Everyone is so up front and outgoing. I don't know exactly what makes it so different, perhaps people that are full of it are not here because this site is beyond their leauge and it leaves room for just the good apples. You're never getting spammed, just more attention than you're used to from other sites. If sugardaddie was on Ebay it would have 100% feedback score.

Thanks Guys!,
Michael S.
I met Cat in July 2008 on your site after several messages we decided to meet up to see how things went. We have been together as a couple since this date and are planning to get married on 22, April 2010 and thought you would like to know. Many Thanks for giving us a site where we could meet. Having both tried other sites we feel that yours had proved to be the best.

Kind regards,
Justin and Cat
It's been over a year now since I met the man of my dreams on your site and we're still in love and going strong. In fact that's why I renewed my membership... we had such success, that we suggested this site to a friend and I've been checking things out for him ( I live in a different province so made it necesary since I couldn't just look over his shoulder at his computer). He's very happy and meeting some wonderful women. Your site has given men and women with higher standards somewhere to go. A person once said to me, after finding out that I'd met my boyfriend on your site, that they were surprised I was looking for a sugardaddie. I explained that although there were people on here interested in a more realisticapproach to dating, that the reason a lot of women come here isn't to find some one to take care of us. The thing is... a gentleman who has aquired a lot of money is generally educated, not lazy, intelligent, more tolerant and well travelled as a result. I asked her if she'd rather be with someone who has been places, and can share life with her... or someone who's never been anywhere or experienced anything and content to sit on a couch and watch t.v. all weekend. I wanted a man who could inspire me, fascinate me and whom I would look up to, and I found him here on sugardaddie. So thank you and good luck to all the people still searching, don't give up.
Emily P.
I just wanted to say thanks for your site. Although I’m by no means wealthy ($120k a year) I was able to find on your site an amazing, beautiful, kind, bright and tolerant woman who is 14 years younger. We have been together for about 10 months. We just learned a couple of weeks ago that we are going to have a baby! We already have a puppy and are forming a family. I even bought a 4 door car! We couldn’t be more thrilled. Anyway, Thanks again.

Gordon G.
Dear Sugar Daddie:

Ok, so I have been with the site for quite some time and then -- what an experience! I met the most incredible woman. I fell in love and so did she. Our relationship hit us both like an earthquake -- but in a great way! We have been attached as if we were meant to be together from the moment life began for each of us. We have so much in common and she is without a doubt the most gorgeous, funny, exciting, fabulous woman I have ever met in my entire life. I am writing this to just say thank you SO MUCH. Your site brought me so much more happiness than I ever dreamed possible. I should add that she found me. She contacted me on the site even though neither one of us had a picture posted. She was straight forward and absolutely honest from day 1. If she hadn't taken the first step I would never have fallen in love.
PS . To the men out there on the site. I am telling the absolute truth and this is a totally unsolicited response. My Sugar Baby is stunning. When I drove to see her ( she lives 254 miles from me ) we arranged to meet in the lobby bar where I was staying. When she walked in to meet me there must have been 50 men in the room and the room went silent -- she is that beautiful. While I had seen her picture (and not on the site I might add), no picture could have done her justice. My lady is a 6 foot super- model. She is brilliant, funny, exciting and now my best friend and lover forever. We had dinner again last night and everywhere we go men and woman stop to stare at her . My experiences with her are like a dream -- a dream only for us. I wish you all the best. This site works! And did I mention she is the nicest and sweetest woman I have ever met. We are living proof that miracles can happen.

Eric S.
I honestly in my widest imagination could not have expected the kind of response I've gotten on this web site! Today is my first day and I have received in excess of 40 quality responses and I've got a date this evening with a beautiful girl in my area. Quite simply this is amazing! I've tried other match sites with little or no luck or quality matches. Your site is without question the absolute best, my hat is off to all of you for putting together a site where wealthy men such as myself can come to meet beautiful women!!!
Craig H.
Success! Thanks SD! It is with no regreat at all that I remove my profile from your site after meeting the most amazing woman I have ever met in my 30 yrs. of bachelorhood! Which may soon be over. She is simply fabulous and I couldn't ask for more in a life mate. We both flew into Vegas to meet and couldn't stop talking for 3 days as comfortable and smooth as if we've known each other forever. Great service, had a fun time but now it's time to shut'er down and start our new life together. She wants to send you guys flowers so I thought I'd send the note in advance!

Simon G.
I guess the subject bar tells all. This site is great. I never even knew there was a site like this anywhere. I've been wasting my time on sites with regular Joes when I should have been here associating with people of my liking. Thank you. I thought I might get some kind of forum or something. Not this. So thanks a lot.

Much thanks!
Randy C..
I just wanted everyone to know that I had success on your site. I tried many other sites with no luck at all. I saw your site featured on Dr. Phil and thought I would check it out. It was something I figured was a joke or totally stereotypical and probably a long shot in finding anything real. Boy was I wrong! I met a great guy in December and we just got engaged. My 12 year old and I will be moving to his area next year after my 17 year old son graduates. I never thought this could really happen. The man I met is so wonderful and everything I ever could have dreamed of or even thought was possible. My children and family really like him. My life is going in the direction that I always wanted. Who would have known that an episode of Dr. Phil and your site could have changed my life.

Thanks again!!!
Patrice W.
I joined out of being bored and nosey, never expected to get the respose I did from the male members. I've had great fun, made some fantastic friends and now thanks to you a great man!! We are both hoping this is the beginning of the rest of our lives together.

Mandi W.
You are a class organization, which is why you are the only dating service that I am involved with anymore. I could tell you some nightmare stories about some others I have used if you're ever interested.

Thank you so much!
Gina B.
I have found an incredible wonderful girl that is everything one could hope for. This site really does work if you know what you're seeking. Found my princess and she is awesome!

Barry M.
Dear Sugar Daddie Team,
First of all, thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk to the wealthiest guys from all over the world. I think this website is a great idea, I recommended it to my girlfriends, who also became members.
Rhonda F.
Just like to say congratulations, your website is fantastic, good layout and very attractive ladies! I have been on other singles pay sites before, but since your site I have cancelled all the others. Keep up the good work.

Rob K..
Whomever you are,
Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site. I just finished an amazing eight month relationship with a woman I met here and have a deep ongoing friendship with another. Being on here has also lead to some wonderful times with girls who already knew me before seeing me here.

Well wishes,
Tony B.
I can't say thanks enough and if there is anything I can ever do to help, financial or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to ask. Keep up the good work and wish me luck on my next relationship. Life keeps getting better everyday and I can't wait to see what's next!

Max H.
I am retiring from this website. I have found the most amazing, fabulous woman on SD. It's like I've been struck by a bolt of lightning - I've been in a daze ever since we found each other. She is beautiful, intelligent, passionate, and my heart skips a few beats every time I think of her. She is a dream come true; I have to keep pinching myself to confirm that I am in fact not dreaming. I never expected to fall in love here, but it's happening. So I just wanted to let people know that it truly is possible to find the person you are looking for. Just be yourself and open yourself up to the incredible possibilities. You will be blissfully rewarded, just like I have been.

Best to you!,
Gary S.
This is a fabulous online website and a wonderful vehicle for professionals who are culturally and intellectually attuned, to correspond and possibly meet. And why not? Twain once said, WHY NOT go out on a limb, the fruit is out there! And I agree.

I finally found the woman of my dreams...I hope you find the one for you as I have. This site really works. Don't give up and you will find the right one as I have. Thanks!

Than you!!,
Brad B.
I have found my best friend and my true Love. I have found my match on this site. It was an instant connection. Thank you SugarDaddie.com. Good luck to all who are looking for true and real love, I am blessed.

Best wishes and success to your site!,
Jessika W.
I recently joined SD and can truly appreciate the design of this web site. I used to own a web design company and we specialized in interactive site design. After being on a few other cumbersome, tedious and confusing dating sites, this site blows all others away with its simplicity and focus. It's a numbers game and you guys nailed it!

David D.
I came across the most amazing man. You know who you are baby!! I wish all of you luck. If you can find someone half as good as what I have found you will very happy.

Laurie R
I have found the woman of my dreams. I wish you all luck and love. Just remember that you get what you give.

I love you,
Chris P
A friend of mine had success finding a wonderful man on here whom she is now engaged to. When I asked why she had signed up on this service, since she wasn't actually looking for a sugar daddy, she said, Because the guys on there actually have jobs. Can't knock that reasoning! So, here I am.
Lilly W..
I have found a wonderful man to adore in the same way he adores me...I wish all of you the happiness I am feeling right now. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
Cindy M.
Good luck to all my great friends from this site - and I have been so blessed to have formed many lasting relationships/friendships on this site over the past couple years! I wish much happiness, love and peace to you all! I just recently got engaged! Yep, it's true. Met him at the race track - he is a stunt driver! Go figure! Would love to keep in touch with all my friends! So I am leaving my account active and hope each of you will shoot me a note with your email address!

Love and kisses,
Michele R.
Site recommended by friend who had an outstanding relationship that evolved from here.
Mark J.
Found a wonderful sugar babe. Hope it lasts a long time! Best of luck to all!

Thanks for the site!,
Emilio H.
To all of you wonderful men--- I have met my match....Good luck to all of you...
Lisa N.
What I've been looking for is someone who can give me the passion I've never had. A relationship that excites me on a daily basis. And I think I've found it. I have to be very thankful of this website. Had it not been for SD the chances of my meeting this guy would have been very very slim. Good things come to those who wait. :)
Joyce D.
I have married the man that has my heart and loving every minute of it!!! I've got everything that a woman could want!!

Thank you Sugardaddie!,
Barbara S.
Joe S.
Monique C.
A couple of my girlfriends, who are in the same situation as me, have recommended that I give this site a try as they have had great results.
Rosie M.
I have met my Prince on this site and he has asked me to marry him!!! We married on May 12th and we are expecting a baby Jan 2007! Good Luck everyone I hope all your dreams come true too!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!,
Carmen R.
My Dating Status: I have just met the most wonderful woman from this website. Of all the places to meet I never would have imagined that I would find someone so smart, so beautiful, a woman with such depth of character, and so perfect for me. I thank her, and the people who created this website.

Joeseph S.
Sue K.
Good luck guys. I found the chemistry I was looking for. I’m outta here!
Kellie B
Just wanted to say, loved your interview on The Richard Judy show this week. I think you stood your ground very well, and came over in a wonderful professional manner. If it wasn’t for your site, I would not have met some of the most wonderful gentlemen who have treated me like a queen.

Thanks a bunch!
Kim A.
Sorry ladies. Not looking any more. Found my true love here on Sugardaddie.com. Best wishes and good luck.

John H..
Fortunately just after joining I talked to a guy that today is driving me crazy. This site worked for me and I hope it will work for you.
Janis M.
I'm no longer looking, I've met a wonderful man on this site and he is everything a girl could ask for, kind, loving, gentle and generous! Who would have thought you could find real love on a site like this...it's you SLC.

Be Blessed
Millie J.
I believe I have found a genuine, wonderful person! Thank you to all the great people I have known through SD, and good luck to all of you!
Kay P.
Hello Boys... Thank you for looking at my page. I just found someone who is really cute and I cannot wait to spend more time with him. I will keep you updated....lol... So, good luck with your search too! Thank you, SD website!

Good work!
Melissa B.
Thanks to you all who have expressed an interest. At this time I am going to take a break and spend time dating with the man who has met and exceeded the descriptors below. Ah with a long SY I draw my breath and praise the SD clan for this.

Thank you,
Sally D.
I am writing this because I feel compelled to. Nine months ago, I met a wonderful man on here. It was the first time I joined and I had no idea what to expect. I was at home, bored, lonely and dreaming of love. So, I found Sugardaddie.com and joined. ed. ed. A few days later, I met a man. We exchanged a couple of emails about what we do for a living, and how long had we been on this site, nothing too in depth, just a couple of questions. The gentleman then called me on the phone and we talked. We agreed to meet for a one hour coffee date and it went very well. He was a perfect gentleman, we laughed, talked, listened to eachother and the best part is he made no physical advances on me, and after the hour we left. A perfect first meeting. He then emailed me at my regular email the next morning, and thanked me for a nice date and we both agreed to continue on for a second date. It also went very well. The first three dates all went well, they were very light, fun, and just general getting to know who you are type dates, and enjoying eachother's company. I had some rules about being physical and my date gladly respected those rules. The rules went way beyond just a few dates, and this man was a complete gentleman as far as respecting them. Time went on, we formed an incredible relationship. This man helped me with my business and guided me into my finances and helped improve my life immensely. He treated me with respect and very well. He shared his life with me and helped restore in me a lot of hope and faith again, that it is possible to be happy, secure, and proud of it. We became a serious couple. Some people that were in my life prior to me meeting my special friend here, found out about how he and I met and are trying to chastise me and the special bond my friend and I have formed. They are implying we have some type of dishonest relationship and trying to attach some type of shame to it. I'm very proud of it and I'm very grateful for him in my life. I'm glad that at some time in November '05, I was at home browsing dating sites and found Sugardaddie.com and joined out of curiosity and open mindedness. I found love and I found a wonderful man who I wish to know for the rest of my life. Why is that such a shameful thing? Why should I feel bad about that and why should I not thank Sugardaddie.com for existing. I do, and I urge many many people who are curious like I was to join, make friends, be safe and allow yourself to be real with members who join this site. If you don't like the site, go away, but just remember, everyone has a right to be happy and find what they might be looking for. Sometimes we find things in the most unexpected places.

Jenny T.
To The Staff of Sugardaddie.com
I want to thank you all for the wonderful times that I had on your site. I am going to have a military wedding on the XXth of Xxxxxxxxxx. I have met a wonderful woman through your site and I wish that you would be here to join us in the ceremony. It will be taking place in the Bahamas. I would like to send you a copy of the invitation so that you may come. This was a wonderful and exciting time while I was with Sugardaddie.com. Thank you so much for everything and I have told my friends to come and join your site.

Mr. and Mrs. Craig N.
A year later, but I wanted to tell you within 24 hours of joining your site, I connected with the most incredible man. And the great thing is that neither one of us was looking for a Sugar; anything ...we were looking for someone who we really connected with! Best regards
Carol L.
Thanks for the great site. I met lots of great guys and had fun. Now I've found me a permanent sugar daddy (I didn't meet him on this site, but as a result of people I met through dates from this site.) I recommend you to both sugar parents and babes. Keep up the great work, and if I ever become single again, I'll sign up again. :)

Tiffany E.
After meeting one of the members of this site and discussing an arrangement it became increasingly more apparent that the arrangement had become a relationship. As we sit here this morning at home married, we would like to thank you for your site which afforded us the opportunity to meet one another. Without Sugardaddie dot com this would not have been possible.

Justin W.
This is the best and the most advised site I have ever joined. This is the first time I have ever felt safe to actually date on-line. Thank You for caring and being so careful.

Melody T.
Marcus W.
I think I have met the perfect man. I'm flying down to see him tomorrow and wanted to thank you for this site. It's really hard to find, educated, respectable, young, successful men and I believe I have found him. He's funny and we talked for almost 3 hours the first night. Thanks so much!

Thank you *kisses*
Tina A
Dear Sugar Daddie, I just wanted to tell you that I met the most loving, wonderful woman on this site. I am a 65 year old white guy and she is a 39 year old Creole/African American woman and we hit it off on the first time we met. This is the happiest we have been in years and we want to thank SD for bringing us together. Thanks again,
Martin P.
At last I have found a site with class and taste and with the kind of members that are a cut above the rest what a relief !!!!!!! Thanks for having the foresight to know there are people who need this sort of service and appreciate it. Sincerely,
Kristen N.
This site has changed my lifestyle 100% for the better, thanks for eliminating the time consuming courtship rituals and focusing on the more sought after prerequisites in most relationships. Keep up the outstanding service.
Brent K.
I really am impressed with the quality of people I have met on this site. You guys are doing a great job, keep up the good work and have a great Holiday Season too!
Deanna W.
I can't think of one single thing that I don't like about this site...it's extremely user friendly, very easy to navigate and quickly find what you're looking for. I've been on numerous dating sites and this one is the BEST! The one thing I especially love about this site is that it's not an automatic renewal on my CC - whoever decided to do that made a very wise decision because it just makes me mad to see charges on my CC because I forgot to cancel! I love this site and will recommend it to any and every one looking to date. Thanks!
Barry S.
Thanks to you I will celebrate Christmas with someone I met 3 months ago. No idea where this relationship will take me and I don't know if he is the perfect match but I have a lot of fun. I guess there are lot of nice people on this site.

Thank youm
Vivian I.
I am an ER doc and I heard one of the nurses talking about your site one night. She showed it to me. I must admit, I was a little hesitant at first. I have never used internet dating before. But with my work schedule, I have found it difficult to meet the quality of women that interestd me. I am 48, but I like younger women. I am very active and I like to do active things. The nurse who used your site before told me it would be easy to find the right match. Thus far it seems to be working. I have had a number of hits on my profile. It seems to be working great.

Wish me luck,
Donald C.
Just wanted to share with you our successful match from your site. Jim and I are extremely compatible and wanted to express our thanks for such a wonderful site you have. Which we both are members of and how we met through your site. We both have enjoyed our experience of meeting someone else out of our own areas and matching up as a couple now. I would have never met him if we both were not on your site. For us we are heading into a long term relationship which is what we both wanted.

Once again many thanks...
Sherri R.
Yes ladies, this site works if you know what you are seeking and realize that it is attainable. I have found what I desire and am probably one of the luckiest guys in the world for having done so! :-)
Mitch P.
I just want to say that I think that this is a very classy website. I respect the fact that you screen profiles and photographs. It not only ensures individual's safety, but it maintains your high standards. Online dating has been stereotypically low class and frowned upon. You have set the standard for professional people who want to meet likeminded individuals they won't find in bars!!

Thanks SD.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this site. About 5 years ago, I met guy on a church online dating site, we had emailed back and forth a few times, but lost contact, as we were both going through divorces at the time. The day, I signed up with your service, I did a search on men local to my area, to my surprise, the man I met 5 years ago had a profile on your website, I emailed him, we've rekindled our relationship and we're both REALLY excited about finding each other again. We just spent the last few days together and it was love at first sight. Without your website, our paths would never have crossed again. I've never been so happy in my life.

Big Kisses and Hugs!
Veronica A.
Thank you SugarDaddie.com for this site. I have found my SD and he's FABULOUS! I found the needle in the haystack and we are VERY happy together. Thank you again for helping us find each other! XOXOX.

Maureen H.
I just wanted to thank the genius behind this concept! I met a wonderful man about three months ago and we are inseparable! I have never been so happy or in love!

Thanks Sugardaddie.com!!!
Nicole K.
No longer looking. I found my princess after only 3 days on here. I didn't know that I could be so fortunate to find someone so sweet and so real here on this site. I guess wishes do indeed come true. Regards,
Irving R.
I've been putting off paying for a membership to this site because there are so many other sites that are free for women. Finally I thought I'd give it a try. I'm VERY glad I did. I've only been on it for about 24 hours and I'm having FUN! The guys have more class on this site than the other sites. I'm sorry I put it off for so long.
Cindy M.
You guys have the greatest site! I love it...I am meeting so many men of quality! I refer your site to ALL my friends!
I have met my match so not looking at this time..thank you. I am taking this opportunity to say that I have met some lovely people on this site and would recommend it to my friends and would also suggest it to my girlfriends as well as many men on here are gentlemen who are interested in meeting a lovely gal.

Thank you so much!
Miriam G.
I just wanted to say a big big thank you! Through your site I have, against all odds, met the woman of my dreams. We have known each other for two weeks only but are passionately in love. I have to honestly tell you that I considered this to be a 1 in million chance. As much as I enjoyed being on the site and the attention I got I have to say I hope I will not have to return.

Once again a warm thank you, thank you, thank you.
Melvin G.