Why Women Never Ask Men Out On a Date

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In the annuls of relationship stories we always hear the romance of how some gentleman finally got up enough nerve to ask the woman of his dreams out on a date.
We rarely if ever can understand why women never ask men out on a date. This one sided approach has been the subject of increased scrutiny in recent years yet the answer is still very uncertain. Men traditionally have been seen as the breadwinners, the more assertive and the better providers, so it only seems natural that they should also be the ones who initiate the mating rituals and take the lead in this area. So when asked why women never ask men out on a date, we always seem to fall back on these old standard reasons. Well, the times that are a changing and it is now perfectly acceptable for women to make that all important first move and many of them are damn good at it! Women have always been able to make that first move, it's just that some were so good at it, or so subtle that that the male never knew what hit him! He fell right into that the trap that the female of the species had set up for him. Some women are so good at their craft is one reason why women never ask men out on a date, why should they when they can get the gentleman to do most of the work. Have you ever seen a woman standing on the side of the road holding a tire iron and staring at a flat tire? This is a tried and true method of inducing the male to make first contact. I bet 99% of the time if we took the tire to the service station we would find that there is nothing wrong with it, merely someone has let the air out. Women are incredible at stimulating the male instinct to provide for the female. Decades ago, there was never a moment on television, on some show or sitcom where a woman would casually saunter by a gentleman and accidentally drop a handkerchief, this is the same approach. In today's society it is perfectly acceptable for either men or women to initiate contact in hopes of developing a dating or closer relationship. With women controlling most of the world's assets today it is no wonder that the answer as to why women never ask men out on date is irrelevant. The answer is now because they don't have too! If we now bring in the explosion of online dating sites found throughout the Internet, men and women may merely place a photo profile on a particular website and let the naturally curious nature of today's men and women do the work for them.