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Sugardaddie.com on Dr. Phil

In October 2006, Sugardaddie.com catapulted into the public eye by placing two members of the site onto an outstanding Dr Phil show. Dr Phil is renowned for excellent television viewing and is a recognized figure in the world of relationships. The show was an outstanding success and delivered the growing brand of Sugardaddie.com to millions of households across the USA, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Since this show was aired, Sugardaddie.com has now contributed to another Dr Phil show, both of which have been aired, globally many times.

The Gallery
Sanjay is a successful surgeon who met Jacqueline on Sugardaddie.com. Their relationship has been a great success.
As you can see, they are pleased to have met each other and with thanks to Sugardaddie.com, this became a reality.

Sugardaddie.com is committed to the success of its members and will always go that extra mile to ensure that quality people are members of this site. As you can see from our media page, we are very well covered by the world's press, radio and television. This comes as a result of our commitment to your success as well as ours.

Our Dating Site Featured On another Dr Phil Show