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After many years, the city of St. Louis still thrives as a popular vacation destination for attractive singles and is one of most notable cities in the Midwest. You'll find a large number of residents on this St. Louis dating site. Whether you come here looking for romance and upscale dating, or for a vacation, be sure to travel to it via historic Route 66. Given its prime location, this city has something for anyone and the number of successful and attractive singles makes if a lot of fun too! Although this city has abundant attractions and history, probably the most recognizable is the Gateway Arch, the city's landmark, in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, a unique place to partake in some upscale dating, no? Being the tallest national monument in the United States, the Arch can be a great spot for those looking for romance that have met through the personal ads, whether one chooses to make a connection on the #1 St. Louis dating site, or totally on their own, attractive singles flock to this city.

Another popular attraction in St. Louis is the 79 acre Missouri Botanical Garden founded in 1859. The Garden offers scenic landscaping and elegant structures, a tropical rain forest, and Japanese Garden. Given the dramatic features, this would be an ideal place to bring a new friend from the #1 St. Louis dating site. Looking for romance but haven't yet been on the site? Chances are, you'll find plenty of attractive singles interested in upscale dating at this National Historic Landmark.

Located not too far from St. Louis is the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, said to be among the most popular city attractions, especially with beer enthusiasts. You can be sure to find plenty of individuals out looking for romance here at the brewery, and if not, arrange to meet someone through the this St. Louis dating site and its numerous personal ads. Another attraction is the thriving nightlife. Visitors interested in upscale dating can enjoy numerous bars, dance and jazz clubs as well as riverboats, both as tours and terrific dinner cruises.

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