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Rhode Island is appropriately known as the Ocean State, for wherever a person may be in this 1545 sq. mile tiny state, you are always less than an hour from the ocean, and so the state's beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, are always within reach. During the summer months, the beach is always a popularly visited place to go for those who love the sunshine lifestyle. Golf enthusiasts adore this state in that there are nearly 60 golf courses, and heading in just about any direction will place a person near by to one, although most are located in South County, and which is where the best beaches are also located. The best Rhode Island dating site should definitely help find a partner in crime for golf or the beach!

Make plans to visit Newport. Here, you will enjoy its magnificent mansions, and the most elite country clubs, including the prestigious Newport Country Club, where the lifestyle is a bit upscale. The club was founded back in 1893 by the same wealthy and affluent families who originally built these mansions. This state offers varied terrain and the extensive Heritage Hiking Trails make good use of that, as they seem to be everywhere. Enjoy historic hiking in the Blackstone River Valley, where you can stop and explore numerous fascinating museums along the way, and which is the most popular trail. Sound too strenuous? Well, there is the 3 1/2 mile picturesque Newport Cliff Walk, for those wishing to take an "urban hike" and a more city dweller lifestyle, but which will also cause a sweat.

As with the majority of the New England states, visitors tend to find that shopping, and sight seeing are the main attractions that they enjoy most during their stay. This state is well known for its antique shops. Visitors seeking a chance to pick up items dating back to the colonial period of the nation's history, then there are few places where you are able or likely to find them for sale. If you want to begin enjoying a better than average lifestyle then the premier Rhode Island dating might be the answer.

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