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Rapid City has long been considered one of the entrances to the West, and its cowboy and Native American culture and heritage, are the result. This is the second largest city in the state, and rests amid the state's oldest mountain range, the Black Hills. This formation, with its abundance of minerals and rugged terrain, has shaped much of the region's history. In fact, it's early claim to fame, came from the Hills, although it was gold rather than its mineral reserves that generated the fame.

Visitors to this city should see the area's various outdoor sculptures. Of course, there is Mount Rushmore, but also the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial. This will be the largest sculpture carved in to a mountainside in the world when it is finally completed. Can you imagine if there were a Rapid City dating site or matchmaking service in this era! Among this city's numerous local attractions are the scenic Black Hills, several nearby cavern systems that offer guided tours, and the South Dakota Air and Space Museum.

Trout fishermen will enjoy more than 300 miles of streams including Rapid Creek, which gave the town its name, that wind its way through the Black Hills, as will hikers, mountain bikers, and rock climbers. Browse this best rapid city dating site to find someone special to share it with.

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