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When it comes to the city of Moab which is located in the state's eastern region, there are numerous adjectives that can be used when attempting to describe it. Not even the greatest poetry writers of all time could do this area the justice it rightly deserves.

With mild winters and delightful summers, mountain biking has become the city's premier recreational activity aside from the fnest Moab dating site and it's matchmaking abilities. Annually, in the month of October, this city hosts the 24 Hours of Moab. This is a weekend mountain biking event that attracts hard core bike riders from all over the world. Let it be known that these competitive events are not the only way to enjoy mountain biking in this city, as it offers numerous trails that range from easy to difficult.

Those seeking a rise in adrenaline will enjoy some amazing whitewater rafting. A rafting trip may take you through the spectacular 12 mile long Cataract Canyon of the Colorado River, or the scenic Desolation and Gray Canyon's of the Green River. For a match made in heaven, the Moab dating site is truly a matchmaking marvel and should help you combine a desire for romance with the beauty of the outdoors.

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