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The city of Lafayette is referred to as the unofficial capital of Cajun Country due to its strong Cajun and Creole cultures. If you are a lover of food, a must for enjoyable things to do here is eat! Pickup some great French or spicy southern food, find a quiet little corner with some wifi access and start browsing the personal ads of some incredibly attractive singles on the best Lafayette dating site. The restaurants In this area offer among the best in cuisine in the country. This city is located about 35 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by marshes, swamps and forests, it is a hotspot for the outdoor lover, offering terrific fishing, hunting, and of course golfing. With the #1 Lafayette dating site, it's never been easier to find a golf partner or other matchmaking needs for the local area. So pickup those clubs and get out there!.

Catching crawfish from swamps and bayous is a favorite pastime here. One very popular event and tourist attraction in this city is the Crawfish Festival held in May; a must for any gourmet. During this huge festival, pounds and pounds of swamp bugs are cooked in every way imaginable, dances are held, there are even crawfish races. Pickup your crawfish bucket and plan on heading to this widely attended annual event. Between this and finding a new friend via the personal ads on the best Lafayette dating site, your trip is sure to be one to remember.

There are a few visitor attractions in and around this city, and a good place to explore is the Acadian Village. This recreated village is a great way to see the history of bayou life and how the state's original settlers once lived. If you're a history lover, this is one area that must be seen. In the event one decides to go solo, and hasn't yet indulged in Internet matchmaking to meet friends from the largest Lafayette dating site around, be sure to pickup a guide for the area from the local tourism center. Spending a day exploring this city sounds good, doesn't it?.

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