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Frederick is a city steeped in Civil War history, and most visitors plan a trip to the Monocacy National Battlefield where the Confederate soldiers made their last major advance to the north in 1864. Doesn't sound all that romantic? You'd be surprised how many attractive singles have found each other (with the initial help of the #1 Frederick dating site) while looking for romance, right here in Frederick!.

For those visitors to this city who like history and architecture, be sure to see the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum which is the oldest building in Frederick, and an excellent example of the mid 18th Century German architecture. It was built in 1756. For those that appreciate beautiful architecture and great company, consider packing a picnic lunch and taking in this historical site while basking in the company of an attractive single you met on the #1 Frederick dating site! Who knows; the two of you could start out as friends but end up looking for romance.

Interested in visiting some of this city's parks? Be sure to visit Cunningham Falls State Park and Catoctin Mountain Park. These two parks offer its visitors scenic hardwood forests to explore through hiking, biking and camping. Also, there are numerous preserved ruins dating back to the city's early settlers, providing a picturesque, historic backdrop for any attractive singles looking for romance through the personal ads on the #1 Frederick dating site.

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