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Although it is primarily a part of NYC, Brooklyn is a city in itself, and maintains a distinct culture and lifestyle, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage unlike any other, as quite a few neighborhoods are inhabited by various ethnic groups and cultures, and with cuisine befitting them. These distinct and unique neighborhoods themselves, make up major attractions and the finest Brooklyn dating site shows the cultural diversity as well. Visitors should explore the historic Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights areas which include some of the most gorgeous residential areas in the city. Stroll along exquisite brownstones in this region and Prospect Park, and unbelievable old houses with stunning Manhattan views on the Promenade found in Brooklyn Heights.

Travelers should see the Prospect Park area of this city, as it includes some major attractions, including the Zoo. This area may best be known for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. If possible to visit there in the autumn, there is an incredible walking tour during the peak of the fall foliage vibrant change of color. Nearby is a wonderful Museum, which is simply incredible. This museum showcases art from various cultures and regions. This area is a state of mind or lifestyle more than anything else.

A must see attraction for all who are visiting this city is the historic Coney Island amusement area. It includes a three mile beachfront boardwalk, an aquarium, and Key Span Park which is the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones. And, of course, you must have a hotdog with everything on it at Nathan's Famous, a Coney Island landmark, and take a ride on the historic Cyclone rollercoaster which will surely make your Brooklyn dating site experience one you'll always remember!

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