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Can something as natural as dating and romance be improved upon if there is money involved. In other words, is a wealthy romance any better than a romance that is penniless? I guess the answer to that question would depend on the two people who are involved in the relationship. Stress is not only a killer of health; stress is also the number destroyer or relationships as well. The number one reason dating couples part ways is due to money pressures. Wealthy romance relieves some of this pressure.

For some people, romance could be as simple as holding hands while watching the sunset. As far as I know, watching sunsets and holding hands are totally free but other people may require something a little more extravagant. Watching that same sunset but from an exotic location while sipping expensive champagne can be considered or associated with a wealthy romance. Which is more meaningful? Which would we rather have? Although, much of the feelings are dependant upon that special someone a person is sharing these magical moments with, it may be difficult to experience such instances if one is not in an extremely financially sound place in their life that will afford a person the ability to take the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Another example might be giving a lady a rose just because a gentleman was thinking about her. I think we can all agree that giving a flower to a woman is a very inexpensive way of making her feel special. In a wealthy romance, a man might give a woman a dozen of the finest roses money can buy. So once again, which is more meaningful, which would a woman rather have? These tips are not necessarily stating one method is better than another, it is merely meant to do is give the person something to think about.

What it all comes down to are values and the reasons behind someone's actions. You can have all the passion in the world, but if their isn't any feelings for the person you are with or if there's no love involved, chances are the quality of that liaison will not have much meaning at all no matter how much money is being spent. Again, it comes down to putting in the time and effort to develop a relationship. A dating relationship that is built on a shoddy foundation, or merely a financial basis, is usually more difficult to endure.

Keep in mind it is possible to have it all. It is possible to be a couple that has romance, love and money. If this is desired, then an option for you might be to find a wealthy sugar daddy. Finding a wealthy individual is something every woman can obtain if that's what she truly desires. But, like in everything that is considered worthwhile in life, a person will get out of it as much as they put in. So keep in mind that if one is willing to work at finding and building a solid connection, the benefits can be overwhelming. If it's love than is truly wanted, just make sure the person has a heart of gold and I'm sure every sunset will be a special one.

The average Joe and the extravagant millionaire may have many of the same thoughts when it comes to courtship, but only one of them can actually put his plans into action. Going out to dinner may seem simple enough, but there is a world of difference between dining at a local brew pub and dining at a favorite French restaurant in Paris! Although it does take two to tango and there must be some manner of chemistry for a casual spark to turn into a blazing inferno, the fact remains that if looking for an upscale relationship, one must set their sights on those who are best able to provide what is desired.