Avoiding Some Classic Dating Mistakes

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After all the hard work that went into meeting someone special that you perhaps, would want to get to know better, it would be a shame if you blew it all on a poorly executed date. Join
It seems that although two people may get along great on the phone or online, the real test comes when they get together and spend quality time on a date. This is where the game is either won or lost and if a person makes some of the most common dating mistakes, they will more than likely not get a second chance to make amends. Here are some common blunders to avoid.

Remember this is a date, two people getting together to have fun, so don't try to hard! This is a sure fire way to tell the person that 'I have little confidence' and must make up for it by attempting to be perfect, another of many common dating mistakes. Unfortunately, it is usually only one person's version of perfect and the other is thinking that someone should lighten up and have some fun. The opposite of trying to hard maybe not making plans, every moment of the evening need not be planned or accounted for, but have the basics such as dinner reservations or movie times taken care of beforehand.

Other common dating mistakes that I see frequently is not having enough cash or credit on hand to enjoy the date. I have so often seen the ATM's busier than many of the restaurants on a Friday night when those who have failed to take the necessary steps to ensure they are covered for most eventualities on a date. There is nothing that spells loser more than having to stop at a bank machine to replenish the cash supply just because you wanted to buy some flowers for her on some street corner.

Lastly, this is a date, as stated before have some fun. Being to stiff or forgetting what a sense of humor is will make the date seem more of a prison sentence than a great time with a great person. Tell some jokes; laugh at unusual characters walking by. There is always something to comment on and people watching is a spectator sport enjoyed by all.

Assuming most of these pitfalls and common dating mistakes have been avoided, and the date has gone well, and you feel certain there will be other opportunities to spend time with that person, don't drag the time out and squeeze every last minute of this date out to the final drop. Sometimes, less is more so always try to end the date on a positive note. You may have seen a great movie and had a great meal, there is no reason to wear each other out going from one bar to the next to make the evening last. Tell the person what a wonderful evening it was and how much you are looking forward to doing it again. In this way, it shows your date that you enjoyed his or her company and think there might be a possible relationship or at least a new friend in the future. By avoiding these common dating mistakes one will have the best chance of a repeat performance.