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It seems as if the double standard of society has caught up with women over the past decade as women have finally broken through the 'glass ceiling' and are no longer seeking a millionaire to marry as they are occupying many of the top executive positions once held only by men. Join
These affluent single women are now earning substantial salaries in addition to bonuses and can now be found throughout the lists of the world's wealthiest individuals. No longer is it necessary for a woman to be seeking a millionaire in order to advance her station in life, however that is just what a vast amount of single females (and occasionally males) are attempting to do, even though there are now numerous opportunities for them to become self made individuals. If one is not among the lucky ones to have had an Ivy League education or inherit a family company or even work the way up from the mail room into a seat of power and prestige, a person may endeavor to be seeking a millionaire and thereby elevate them self to a position in which they can enjoy the lifestyle that comes along with substantial material wealth. Women looking to enter into a dating relationship with wealthy affluent men now have numerous methods in meeting them. The tried and true method of meeting such affluent and wealthy individuals is discovering the places that those individuals frequent and go there. If someone has a great personality and is amongst the ranks of the better than average looking, it should be only a matter of time before they are approached by a wealthy individual with whom they can engage in a witty repartee. It is during this verbal jousting that one will discover not only this person's intentions but their financial status as well. Remember, just because someone says they are wealthy and educated does not always mean it is so. You should always do your due diligence when seeking a millionaire and before making a serious commitment to a dating relationship. You always need to do your homework on current events or the latest business trends as even a beautiful woman will not be taken seriously if she has the IQ and demeanor of an eggplant. The newest trend in meeting a single affluent millionaire is to date online via the Internet. A key feature of using the world wide web as a dating tool is not only the speed at which communication can take place or the expansion of the geographic dating area, but also the sheer number of potential dates that can be engaged in conversation during a single online session! There seems to now be a specific online dating site for each and every desire or fetish in the dating world. The key is to create an honest and accurate profile of your wants and desires along with a truthful representation of yourself. It's important to remember that you may get inundated with responses to your online profile when seeking a millionaire and you must be able to distinguish the honest responses from the insincere ones. This will come with time and online experience.