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If you like Pine Colada's, And getting caught in the rain, If your not into yoga, If you have half a brain, If you like making love at midnight, In the dunes on the cape, Then I'm the love that you've looked for, Write to me and escape.? We all remember those classic lyrics by Rupert Holmes talking about the personal ad that was placed as part of that song. The classifieds and personals ads have come a long way since that song first aired but the premise is the same, Rich men personal ads, women seeking rich men personals ads, older female younger male classifieds; in fact there are personal ads for just about any type of relationship a person can think of. With the arrival of various forms of personal interaction, such as we've seen played out on television and print media in recent years, rich men personals are gaining considerable attention, especially on the internet.

Rich men personals ads have become quite popular as more and more women want to enter into a wealthy dating relationship in which they can explore a more lavish lifestyle and possibly see and do things that they would not have ordinarily been capable of, using the traditional dating approach. These wealthy men crave companionship as well, and the thought of a beautiful, young, and vibrant woman accompanying them to various functions and travel is enough to direct them to place an advertisement in the rich men personals found on the internet and in select papers worldwide. Women too are taking part in this non-conventional style of dating as they find that going out with rich, prosperous and powerful men can be quite rewarding. It is no longer considered taboo for a woman to be dating a gentleman, ten, fifteen or even twenty years her senior. With the growth and popularity of cosmetic surgery, men as well as women may look and act much younger than their actual age would indicate.

There was a time when the rich men personals ads were only found patrolling the underground newspapers located in the seedy section of your local newsstand, but no longer, they have become mainstream and going strong. This type of dating is now so widely accepted that it can be viewed on many popular television programs and movies. It seems like the age old conversation stating 'so what does he do for living' or is he wealthy found so often in many cultures, has actually become code for what they really want to know 'how much does he make and how can I find one'!